Nutella MugCakey

Omg this is so awesome.
I made this Nutella Mugcake this morning for breakfast within like 10 minutes.
And best part is, there no need for a baking oven! Microwave oven will do!
How awesome.

Anyway I got this recipe from Pinterest:

I microwave it for around 2 minutes.
And I don’t have whip cream or chocolate syrup but it still taste great.

And you need to really use a huge mug if not its gonna overflow.
Well I use chocolate milk because I ran out of the normal milk but it taste just fine.

And 4 tablespoons of Self Raising Flour is a little too much and will make the cake slightly dry so I’ll suggest maybe 3 & a half or 3 tablespoons.

Awesome. Best for last minute guests or when you’re really poor but wanna serve fancy dessert to guests. Haha.

So gonna make this for my girls for tonight’s sleep over :D



Yay I did it!

Made tiny mistakes here & there but okay, taste good still.

Bacon bitsy!

Sumptuous dinner tonight! ❤❤


Everything taste awesome with bacon bits & onions!

So stock them up.
And smoked salmon too.
Oh smoked salmon….

Another home-made!


Another of my rojak-salad creation.
Lunchie for today!



3 Potatoes
4 Eggs
2 Onions
Feta-cheese (crumbled)
Pinch of salt & some pepper

(2 servings)


Okay I cheated because it’s not entirely using all-that-I-have-in-fridge.
I bought the potatoes.

And I should have used 4 potatoes instead of 3.

So may you always have eggs & onions because they can save your life (or tummy).

Some bacon bits would be awesome though!

So that’s lunch for today.
I love Saturdays 😊

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