The worst part of bedtime is setting of the god-damn alarm clock.



Oh wait.
I take that back.

The worst part of bedtime,

Fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml.

Kopi please


For my Monday.


Watching all-time feel-good – FRIENDS – while chatting with my sis about our credit card woes. Watching it helped us to sooth our nerves. Though it didn’t help with the credits at all.

So dreading next week as it’s the last week of my company’s financial week (whatever that means) & have lots to do about the stocks & well, sales budget :(



Fuck this shit.
I’m having the truest bluest Monday.

So, Monday.

It’s a crappy Monday.
My make up’s all messed up.
My outfit doesn’t match & skirt has a slit so high up that I think I’m overexposed but only realise that when I reach the office.
Legs not shaved & it’s all spikey.
Hair’s a mess! Curls failed.

Hate Monday.

I wanna go home :(


End of weekends.
Time to start work again.

Every Sunday night is a repetitive routine of moans & groans.

Tonight I was planning to read it off, until my @tootookueh started our little bitching session which lasted throughout my entire reading time.

So I thought, what a much better plan to keep my mind off Monday :)

Wonder how to wake up on time tomorrow.


Damn it’s Monday again.
Why why!

And it’s a busy Monday too.

I feel so guilty then during weekend, I can totally block out my work stuff & then start worrying on Sunday night, minutes before I turn in & open my eyes to Monday.

And then will suddenly realise what a shitty week I’m gonna be expecting. And feel so guilty that I should have been doing some work instead of watching my Taiwan drama.

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