Meet Walrus

Also, affectionately called as Wa wa.
She is the joy of the Tan family.
She belongs to my boyfriend’s younger sister, and she’s a wonderful dog.

I have never been fond of dogs. Or should I say, I’ve never known dogs, never had any close encounter with dogs.
From what I know, dogs are attention craving little pets that accompany you when you’re bored (such a major wrong impression, I know).

The only other time I had encounter with dogs was when I was at my friend’s huge house for the first time, and his two golden retrievals just look so mad happy & came dashing to me with such joy on their faces.
I’ve always fondly remember it as the only time when a living thing is so happy to see me.

So from then on, I love golden retrieval which I never got to meet any again.
Until walrus!

I was afraid of her & I was shy. But she was even more shy than I am.
But slowly she got to know me, and perhaps, remember my scent or something, and soon, she’s able to recognize me when I’m at their house.

She’s the most adorable dog ever. I’m not exaggerating. She’s a bit like me, but much more adorable (of course) and is soooo manja (which I am too, but my manjaness is greatly restricted by my boyfriend). It’s like you can never say no to her. She really has those puppy eyes.

And she’s quiet, she never barks.

Anyway, point is, after knowing her, I’m actually beginning to love dogs.
I was a cat-person. I prefer their laziness & meanness & their proud aura. I felt that they’re quite similar to myself, the meanness especially. And my friends all agreed on that.

But now, I’m a convert. You just can’t deny a dog in your life. They really love you from the bottom of their hearts & they do.
Now I do understand what do people meant by characters attributed to the dogs like “loyalty” & “best friend”.
The loyalty for their owner is a whole new level, not anything like loyalty to your country or whatever.

Well I still love cats.
I guess when I thought that I was never an animal person was solely because I’ve never had any interactions with them. Any of them.

And I never used to understand people going to adoption drives & just picking up a dog or a cat.

I told myself I’m definitely getting a bulldog because they’re the cutest!
And I thought those people who adopted are crazyyyy noble.

But now, with my whole new level of understanding towards dogs, I definitely feel that actually, any dogs will do.

And I get so mad when I read about animal abuse & stuff.
I don’t think I’m turning into this whole “protect animal” “love animal” kinda person, it’s just that I feel that I’ve opened up my life to a new area & it’s an amazing discovery.

Good night all.

I knew I shouldn’t watch season 7.
It knew it’s gonna be a sobfest!
Damn it Michael Scott. Why did you have to make us love you & then leave us.



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