My last day in Singapore before I’m off to shanghai for 3 weeks.

Spent it in such dreading gloomy moody pissy tantrumy horrible bitch.

Just like the weather.

The only thing I am looking forward is me in my coats & boots again.
They’ve been hidden under my bed for the longest time. That’s my only consolation.

I wish 3 weeks will be gone like a breeze!
And I hope I don’t cry at the airport tomorrow T_T

But pretty sure I will haha because I’m such a big cry baby shit.

Shanghai! Here I come!






It’s just so damn funny because well, there’re so many people passing by, so many people living in your life, but not one of them can you trust, not one.

I don’t think it’s about luck. I just think it is what it is.
And I think that’s sad because everyone’s just gonna live the rest of their lives not being able to trust anyone by themselves.

How inconvenient that is.
How inconvenient.

You know the truth, so don’t come crying.


I know the truth is “you’re only human”, but let’s not focus on proving that.

It seems like the entire universe is focusing all her energy on explaining to me how the fuck a human is like.

Chill the fuck down universe.
I got your point.

I’m gonna go into some social hibernation.
Which is gonna be pretty easy seeing how I’ll be sent to china for 3 weeks.




Pretty upset when I look at my old pictures from a year ago.
I was so full of live, I was bright, I was full of myself, I was at my prettiest, I was at my prime, I concluded that.
Because it seems from there on, it was downhill slope.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna wear my bright red in-ya-face lipstick & see if I’m really over my prime.

I blame him. I blame complacency. I blame the constant traveling. I blame my new job. I blame stress. I blame the food. I blame my laziness.

Ahhhh. It’s a lot not sadness to know that you’re going downhill.





Visited the South East Asia Aquarium at Sentosa.
Man, I want a pet stingray. I’ve decided. No dogs or cats or rabbits. Stingray.

And a jellyfish.
And also starfish Patrick.
Cutest thing ever.




I’m back baby!
Had an awesome week.
Awfully tired. Jam packed schedule. And still so hangover from the drinking, the fun, and of course the less loving – flight.

Can’t battle the bloatedness & tiredness of traveling.

Loving Taiwan so much that I swear I’m gonna be back soon. Love the weather, the people, the food, etc.

I didn’t get a chance to experience any touristy stuff because the trip was too short & too packed with work related schedule.

It’s basically a sleep at 2am and wake up at 6am sort of schedule.
And endless drinking. I really mean endless. You can’t even have your dinner because you have to keep gam-behing every minute, no joke.
Glad that I was alcoholic-trained.
See, the young trashy nights were useful.

No photos except for the one taken during the bubble bath.
I was seriously intoxicated but determined to have that bubble bath at 2am.
I could have drown :/


Came across this. And thought real hard at it for a few minutes.
How many of us are actually living our dream life?
A handful. I bet.

And I started thinking what’s my dream life.
Then it hit me. I don’t have one!
My dream life just kept changing and changing.
One day, I’m like I wanna be a housewife and cook all day clean all night nag everyone into despair.
And the next day I’m like I wanna be rich & powerful with killer heels and sky high ego.
And then the third day I’m like fml let’s just marry an old but rich guy and be a prima doña.

All in all, life keeps giving me different opinion and I can’t keep one down.
At least for now?
Maybe it’s not a choice, it’s an inevitable event. That you don’t have a choice but to become a tai tai. Or a housewife. Or a Wonder Woman.


Oh why oh why.
What a gloomy & cold Tuesday morning.
And you knew that I hate Tuesday morning the most but why add on to my pain?

And I washed my car last night. Hand washed! By none other than yours truly! For the first time! Scrubbed the shit out of my car and feeling uber pleased with myself for all the sweat & effort but damn! It had to rain this morning.

Tuesday please be over soon. I don’t like you, I think you’re worst than Monday because you’re not given a reason to be blue unlike Monday.


What is friendship to you?
It is not just a word. If anything, it is like a relationship. A lot of efforts needed to keep a friendship going.
It’s not something to take for granted that friends will always be around.
It is not just a name or a title or a status.
It is more than that.



That’s Rob Thomas in the stage singing to me (and a thousand more).
Delighted that they’re finally here in Singapore. He can sing live like nobody’s business.

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