You know, I gotta say, my mom was born to be a mom.
She’s so good with baby! (I know she often brags about it and I can’t stand that but I gotta give it to her)

She can really sing to the baby and all her songs are always very soothing that will magically send the baby to her sweet dreamland.

Me? I’m never soothing enough.
Twenty minutes into twinkle twinkle little stars and she’s still looking at me with her eyes wide open giving me the “wth are you singing” look.

And then I try another approach of singing songs that I sing.
Like “Payphone”, or Rihanna’s, nope, not even Adele can put her to sleep.

And then Usher kinda makes her more excited.
So, nope, not gonna be a successful mom.


Here’s something interesting:

When I read it, I was like GASP! The author must be my soul mate.

But seriously, what if all those spoonful of sugary consolations were just out of convenience?

Things don’t happen for a reason, and things are not gonna miraculously “fall into places” yaddah yaddah.

Because honestly speaking, when is the end? Death? When you’re on your deathbed, it doesn’t even matter how your life turned out to be because you’re dying anyway, you should be worried about “after-life” or maggots chewing your cheeks.

Anyway, just a food for thought.
Pretty intense topics for a pre-Friday night huh.


Overwhelming need to express my gratefulness for all the friends who have been there for me through & through.

Last year, I made a conscious decision to do something irrational, to commit a taboo, and I knew that I was gonna be responsible for any consequences coming my way.

I know that I was gonna be judged.
But I’m grateful for all that stood by me. All that did “tell me so”, but still stood by me.

I felt that they were waiting for me to fall, all ready to pick me up.
Everybody knew what the outcome would be, but none of them lecture me about it, none of them gave me their “I told you so” speech, and none of them let me go by myself.

I’m so grateful because non-judgmental friends are hard to come by. That’s one lesson I’ve learned in the recent months.

It is like when people say that they will be supportive of whatever decision that you make, and you wonder how is that even possible, but it indeed is possible.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I don’t know if I can ever be able to reciprocate this awesome friendships but I will die trying.

Seriously when I’ve forgotten how to laugh, I know who to turn to.


To be kind to others is to be cruel to yourself.
And to be cruel to others, is being kind to yourself.

Pick a seat.




Tonight I’m gonna be tweeting :

“Hah, so 27th June is not that difficult after all. Easy peasy.”

Sleep now.


I was going back & forth about getting a diamond inked when my tattoo artiste texted me.

I’ll take it as a sign.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

When they tell you it’s addictive, believe it.


Sums up everything that’s been going through my mind recently.

I had to repeat couple times of how if I could go back in time, I would still make the same decision I made months ago.

No regrets man, none.
It’s not my stubbornness or refusal to acknowledge my regrets, it’s just that to me, regret is a term used to describe the sad feeling that people experience, it’s not something that actually happen.

It doesn’t exist.
And nobody lives in the past. At least I don’t, neither do I live in the future where I try to prevent regrets from happening. That’s just dumb.

So long, my friend.


Happened in an instant this morning when I had to do a business Skype conference at 7.30am.

Boy were they punctual.

I sure hope no drool stains or eye-shit, or that video were not of HD quality.




I woke up from a pile of mess, to raining ice in the west (not talking metaphorically fyi).

This brief period of fatuity has proven that indeed, everything happen for a lesson or two.

We should all heave a sigh of relieve for me, I am indeed getting overwhelmingly stronger.


Because, because, I just heard it. I heard it, and it’s ridiculous! I mean, you’re married. You’re-you’re married and it’s just ridiculous, and it’s like, it’s like when said it, I sort of like, I floated up out of my body, y’know?
And, and-and then I heard myself say it and then the floating Rachel was like, “You are such an idiot!”


Why does it always feels better to be the one leaving?
Shit happens.


“A precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.”

I’m yearning again…


Okay I’m fairly done with this week, at 9.53pm.
I need it to move forward. 

Whatever that’s gonna come my way, I’m in no position to halt the mechanism that’s in control of such destiny.
People think that it’s so easy to control your own fate, to control what’s gonna happen, like they have a choice. 

Yea we do have a choice, but that option only comes after the occurrence – the option to choose, the time to make decision that may steer the outcome – but not prior to occurrence itself.

Before the occurrence, we’re all lifeless paper dolls, waiting for destiny to strike us into melodramatic life-form. And then we’ll go, all pumped up with blood, adhering to the changes, and making irrational/rational decisions.

No we can’t do anything now can we? We’re all paper dolls now. I am a paper doll now. 

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