Got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
Fast enough it’s hard to hide
Sometimes I want to disappear


Stepped on my weighing machine today, worst choice ever.
Too dumb.
Obviously, gained weight.

And then when I open instagram, saw this and got even more depressed.


How friggin’ hot!

Birthday suits

Realized that lyn wouldn’t be able to celebrate her birthday this year, so I guess all my themes are not gonna happen.
But, I think just having a picnic would be great too!
Like not for our birthdays celebration, but just an outing around our birthdays. Sounds good? No? Wait till you see these.



I’m sold. Totally.

Boots boots


Too cute. I need this.

The proposal


One of my favorite movie.
He’s hot & she’s hot.

Burn up

I was so desperate for a bitching audience that I bitched to my parents.

Of course, parents being parents, will only say “just ignore it” or something along that line.

I wonder how many bitches/jackasses have they met before to be able to “just ignore it”.

At 24, I can’t.

Thing is, it’s so weird because I have no expectations of how my audience should react to my bitchings.

I don’t expect them to add fire to it because it’ll make me more piss & ending up speechless because I don’t wanna add on to (what became) their fire.

But I don’t expect them to give me a “okay just ignore it” because it makes me feel like I’m over reacting & I’m being childish & well, a bitch.

I shouldn’t bitch.

Anyway, can’t wait for Sis to be back so I can totally bitch to her :(


Why why why.
Why do people walk into obvious traps?

My Monday ended with durian & kimchi pancake.
Oh my god I had the best lunch.

I’ve been craving for Korean food since Saturday and finally finally had it today.
Such a good feeling having your desires satisfied.

And now my room & my entire body system stinks of durian.

So why do people like walking into obvious traps?
Like why?
If there’s a hole, you should jump over it.



You mean they know about this!?
Oh my god.



Mmmm sexay.





So pretty!





Messy bun


Seriously. Much easier to do a neat bun.



Me when I see those mega MNC sales reps.
No idea why they have such bad dress sense.

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