old old songs

been back for a month but have yet to upload any photos. not that they’re not nice (they’re lovely i tell you) but im just too lazy and there’s like 1000 over photos. and i really really really miss melbourne. love that place so much that i think i will move there after i finish my bond. well, just a wishful thinking on my part. probably won’t have that courage and money to go out there.


had a great 21st birthday bash. something like i’ve dreamt of. niceee…



hmmm.. life comes as a package, you can’t escape anything, anything at all. all emotions included, events, etc. a few of my friends got married recently, few of them gave birth, few of them got pregnant, many many events. and seeing them in that stage of their life, makes me anticipate my stages too. like how will i look in a wedding gown etc. and God, its terrifying that i’ll never live my own dreams. things may not end up as they are, right?

i don’t have many dreams. being a nurse is one of them, and probably one of the biggest. and then will be marriage, then will be babies then will be good life. thats really not much to ask for isn’t it. but seriously, i don’t know what is it that i really want. i envy those who can happily settle down and live life as they come. nothing to fight for nothing to rebel against. life comes as a flow of river for them, just the different sceneries that come along the way.

oh god life is so damn unfair.


anywayssss, i lead such a boring life now that i have nothing to write and i have lost all my writing inspirations. hmmmmmm…


till next entry then.

forget society.


Give me the song and I’ll sing it like I mean it
Give me the words and I’ll say them like I mean it

Cause you got my heart in a headlock
You stopped the blood, made my head soft
And God knows
You got me sewn

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