2013 YO

HELLO 2013!

Bitch be prayin’ that you’ll be nice. (Bitch been nigga-talking lately)

In 2013, I’ll be 25. Freaking 25.
Mid twenties. Truly mid twenties & I’m trying not to freak out.

When I was young, 25 seems like an age that I’m supposed to be settled down & being a mom & all.
But yes I’m very far from that and I’m thankful for that in many ways.

So this year, I’m gonna embrace myself, it’s gonna be all about me.
And this year’s motto would be TO STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.

I spent 2012 changing myself, stepping out of my old self, transforming into who I am today.

I’m not saying I became extraordinary or anything, but I’m saying that I really love who I am now, and that’s very important.

So I’m done with self-discovery blah blah.
This year I’m gonna step out of my comfort zone & transform my life.

    Here goes:

1) I wanna be financially stable

This is my top priority this year because I’m 25 & I think it’s time I take charge of my spending & change my lousy spending habits

2) Achieve targeted weight of 45-46kgs

I’m greedy and this was my weight when I was 13. I can never forget that. If I do achieve this, I swear I’m gonna real happy. This is like my ultimate dream!

3) Pick up a hobby

Dancing, yoga, swimming, killing, whatever it is, I think I need a hobby. That’s one thing lacking in my life at the moment.

4) Go for a trip myself

Kind of like a Eat Pray Love thing but it’s not just that, it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

Go somewhere quiet & beachy, just eat & read the everyday. Oh my god I can’t wait already.

I think it’s gonna be so awesome.

5) Get a tattoo!

I know this is crazyyyy but it’s a childhood dream & I wanna fulfill it.

No better time than at the prime of my life to do this.

I’m gonna regret if I do it, but I’m gonna regret if I don’t do it too.

So now, I just need to find the perfect tattoo. I’m most probably gonna do it on the side of my ribcage.
So excited!

6) Have better control of my temper

I’m really hot headed & short tempered.
This is something that I really really need to change.
I can’t still be hot headed at 25. That’s not cool.
I can’t make impulsive decisions anymore, I’m too old for that.


I know it’s impossible to not drink. Impossible to not touch liquor.

In 2012, I got super blackout drunk thrice.
That’s 3 super embarrassing incidents & 3 major hangover.
It’s bad for my image it’s bad for my health it’s just real bad.

This new year, I’m gonna make it ZERO. No more super black out drunk. No.

8) Hit all my sales target

This year is my career year. I feel that I need to be concentrating & really fight for my career.
Being 25 really forces you to be responsible.
And seeing that I’m gonna need to be financially stable, I’ll need to really work on my sales & hit all my sales target.

And my manager, who’s like my mentor now, has got so much confidence in me & has been teaching me so much. I can’t let her down.

And instead of finding a man who has a stable career, women should be aiming for that themselves already.
This is no longer an era where women wait for men to “rescue” them & give them happiness/financial stability/etc.
We women need to step up & work hard ourselves.

So, yes, 8 resolutions!
I feel so empowered already :D

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