Persian kitties

Happened to come across this instagrammer @mawin_hope with the cutest Persian cats!


To die for please.
Look at their huge eyes & their cute faces!


5 Moments To Hate To Be Single

5. That time you’re at a big family dinner and your cousin Julia is like, “What about you, are you seeing anyone?” and you make a defensive joke while your mouth is full of food.

4. That time your friend’s boyfriend gave you unwanted tips on how to be more appealing to guys (e.g.”You just gotta be more chill”).

3. That time you’re browsing perfume and body products on Valentine’s Day and the cashier asks you if you’re “just doing you” this Valentine’s Day.

2. That time you talked to a dude with a long grey ponytail for an hour at a bar about how some guy wasn’t texting you.

1. That time some guy wasn’t texting you.



Today is one of the day where I came back home & truly wished there was someone on my bed waiting for me to cuddle.

I was so beat. I can hardly walk another step. Feet were sore from the whole day work.

Came home to see a pile of clothes waiting for me to iron. Mom has decided that she won’t be ironing our clothes anymore. Just adds on to the frustration I already harbored deep down in me. So what? Now she’s on strike? Okay, fine.

And my back was so damn aching I need a massage.

All in all, I need someone who smells nice & is very clean, big size yet small enough to squeeze with me in my tiny single bed, doesn’t apply gel on his hair, very warm body with huge arms & biceps, don’t need a face, to cuddle me to sleep tonight.

That would be awesome.
And tomorrow morning, automatically disappear like he never existed. So I won’t have to entertain him or make him breakfast or anything.

I can a man-doll.

Oooh I’m feeling like my PMS is comingggg.
Damn emotional.

Today Nawal asked me if my PMS is the emotional type or the angry type.
Without thinking I immediately replied angry type.

Which was kinda true to some extend. But I think this month is gonna be more like emotional kind. Which I truly hate because it sucks.
At least if I am the angry type, I can throw some plates or kick some balls. Being emotional means taking the anger out on myself.

Imma read to sleep now.
Oh dreading Friday’s trip.

Aku cha-kap Malayu

Don’t understand title never mind.
I understand can already.

As I was saying, was complaining to my current-shrewd-wife-best-buds Adrian about how disgusting the male-lead is (muthafucking ask the wife to sign divorce papers when she was hospitalized after a car accident! Bastard max!), was typing his name “Ruifan” when my iPhone auto-corrected to “Ridwan” which was an epic LOL moment.

It’s as if like I’m so in the Malay mode (everybody knows I’m gonna marry a Malay someday) that my iPhone is auto set to the malayu mode & typing of any chinese names is not allowed by the phone itself.

Okay let’s welcome Wednesday.

Was telling Adrian that I’m not gonna watch The Shrewd Wife tomorrow as its gonna get me so mad (I got so mad that I rage-dialed Adrian [“did you see that!! Did you see him asking her to sign the papers!!!”] when I merely saw the preview for tomorrow, imagine watching the scene itself.) and was telling him I’m gonna watch “Hangover” instead on Ch 5.

But he convinced me that I should watch because after this episode it’s gonna be uphill & the wife’s gonna plan her revenge (WHAHAHAHAHA!) so I should watch as its the climax.

So I’m very troubled because Hangover starts at 10PM too.

And then suddenly realise….


Omg I’m turning into Bridget Jones.

Omg I’m gonna be eaten by my cats when I die.

But yet still thinking about said sad problem!!

Okay gonna switch in between the 2 channels.
CASE CLOSED. *insert satisfied grin*

My next big problem is gonna be what color socks to wear tomorrow night.


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