It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow!
I wish I could be at New York tomorrow, counting with Ryan Seacrest, right in the middle of Manhattan, and kissing someone at the stroke of midnight.

I mean, once you’ve witness the beauty of that brilliant city & all the bright lights of the streets, you can never forget.

I was watching New Year’s Eve, the movie featuring a lot of stars namely Aston Kutcher, SJP etc, and they were showing the scene of NYE at midnight.

Oh it’s so brilliant. And the hotel that I stayed was just right there.
Makes me miss New York so much, something that I never think I would.

Anyways, I have work tomorrow. 3 places to rush within 4 hrs. How ya like that for my NYE :(





I actually saw the real Statue of Liberty today! After so many movies & cartoons.
But it was closed. But still.


At my front porch playing with the left over snow in my new boots after sending Jess away in the cab :D

So fun & nice. I’ll never forget that moment.




Right by Macy’s!

Oh my I’m so excited.
It was so amazing I really wanna cry when I came out of the train station today.

It’s my first snow! At 24!
And it’s right in NYC! How awesome & what a memorable first snow :)

Mad happy.
But I’m really sick. Running a temperature now & was stuck in the wet snow for hours shopping & grabbing all the last minute souvenirs.

It was so cold! Both my feet were cold & numbed despite wearing boots already.

It was 0 deg c & really so cold.
I wasn’t prepared for that at all.

That’s right in front of my apartment!
It was really really beautiful!
And there’s a frozen scarecrow from the neighbor which is just too cute already.

I hope it’ll be much more beautiful tomorrow morning.
Can’t wait!

It’s like Christmas came early for me!
Mad happy.



This is the second last day of my stay in USA, and I have, inevitably, reluctantly, came face to face with the huge bugging issue of, buying the damn souvenirs.

I mean, c’mon. This is technically a business trip. It is.
But yet I feel so so so obligated to buy souvenirs for everybody.
Like literally everybody.

The last time I travelled was Jan 2011. So it’s been a really long time, and within these 22 months, many many people have travelled & came back with all sorts of souvenirs for me.

I have co-workers buying me souvenirs from Bangkok, girlfriends buying me from like Korea & Bangkok & what not. Sister buying from Bangkok & Hong Kong. Other friends buying from god knows where.

I’m like….. Whyyy.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate their gesture, but i mean, this goes on & on. It’s like a vicious cycle.

So this time I’m in USA, which obviously require even better souvenirs.

I sort of classify the quality of the souvenirs according to the distance traveled.
I don’t know why.

So it’s like:

Bangkok / 3 hours journey / coin pouches / sanitary pads pouches / bracelets

Korea / (?) 7 hours journey / beauty products / make ups

And then I am like

USA / bloody 24 hours journey / crowns / VS Lingerie

I can’t be buying cheap items isn’t it?

And I started to count the number of souvenirs I have to buy (in relations to the number of souvenirs I’ve received):

Bosses – 3 (it is a business trip & they paid for my tickets!)

Office girls – 3

Office guys – 4

Girlfriends – 4 + 2

Cousins – idk. 4

Family – mom & sis

Am I missing anybody out?
Thank god for no boyfriend-related-people like siblings or something.

It’s a total of 22 souvenirs to buy.
Plus a general food related souvenirs for the entire office.

There’s really no point in buying cheap useless “I ❤ NY” items like magnets or what not.
I’d rather not buy.

So I’m left with at least USD$5 & above items for friends & even higher amount for bosses.

How much am I gonna spend!
I can really buy a lot more stuff for myself!
I’m selfish like that.
And honestly how often do we actually use those souvenirs that we received.

Oh god.
And the more people know about your trip, the more people you need to buy souvenirs for.

So I’ve uploaded like so many damn pictures of my damn trip on FB/Instagram/twitter/blog that you have to be socially retarded to not know about my trip.



Point of entry is to tell all my friends that I hate buying souvenirs, I’m really lousy at buying them, and I’m really really broke.
Please be prepared to receive useless items like lipgloss or magnets or mugs from me which, is not very uniquely USA.
But hey we’ve got VS in SG too, and really, we have everything in SG.
I can buy you stupid magnets of the Statue of Liberty which is really, the only thing that we don’t have in SG (though we got MERLION which is much cooler. It is isn’t it?)

And hey, I survived hurricane, snow storm, & floods!
The best thing is that I’m back home safely!
If you love me, that’s all you’ll be asking for, really :D

So, don’t complain.





Such fun training.
Such high times!

It’s like beer in between whenever we can.
And the local beer is awesome & huge.

But heading but to NYC later AND OMG IT’S SNOWING!!!!
Can’t bloody wait to get my ass out of Baltimore now & see the snowing.

But it’s really really cold. Like 3 deg C.
And I’ve fallen sick, definitely too much fun that’s why. Really bad. So I really shouldn’t be out in the snow.
But oh well! Like I care about my health.
I’m gonna go get snowed on!

Two more days before I head back home & I’ve already got work piling up.
I’m a little homesick so it’s fine.


Central Park / American Museum of Natural History





So happy I finally went to Central Park after watching so many of Friends!

It was so fun, and seriously, one major BUCKET LIST CHECKED!

Central Park!

And man.. The museum rocks.
I’d never imagine the dinosaurs were actually alive.

So much fun.
Early train to catch tomorrow to Baltimore & it’s work again for two days.
Seriously forgot that that was the main purpose of my trip.

And first time taking train. Whaha.


Rockefeller Center / NY Public Library / Grand Central Terminal / St Patrick’s Cathedral






I love NYC.
Did so much traveling today & went to so many buildings.

But I’m so tired. My feet are so sore from the walking.
One more day of traveling to Central Park tomorrow! Yay.
After so many episode of Friends I’m finally going Central Park :D


Just arrived in New Jersey for training this evening.

Nope, no flooding. Probably not in my area.
No TV though :( Cus the cable is out.
And apparently my hotel is the only building around this area to have electricity & water.
The rest of the area is out of it.
And such unstable wifi in my room!
Imagine, no TV no wifi. I’m in some desert or something.

Hope everything settles fast.
Can’t wait to get my ass to NYC.

I’m so tired I’m gonna fall asleep soon.
Training starts tomorrow & I’m so lazy.

Went mall this morning.
Spent $200usd in last than 2 hours.
I’m not looking forward to NYC already.
Imagine the damage.

Anyway, here’s a beautiful picture of the Delaware Memorial Bridge taken by yours truly while on the way to NJ :)
The rep from my principal company drove a sports car. In awe throughout the 3 hours drive :O





We finally stepped out of our hotel today!
Mad happy.
Okay not exactly mad happy because it’s too damn cold.
It’s what? 7 degrees out there?
I have no idea but it really felt like my nose’s gonna drop anytime & I didn’t dare to expose my fingers for more than 5mins because I don’t wanna lose it.

Okay I may be exaggerating but I’m really afraid of cold.

It’s so beautiful here in Baltimore!
It’s like maple leaves everywhere. So romantic & beautiful. I could film a romantic MTV at every corner I swear.

But I’m leaving for New Jersey tomorrow afternoon.
And we’re gonna try to hit the H&M store (which is just 1min walk) tomorrow morning & we’re gonna knock down the doors like a hurricane candy if they’re not open by 10.

It’s too cold. I need a whole new set of coat & boots :D




My afternoon spent with chinese food & good old beer.

How come I can’t understand what’s the chinese food about? They’ve got like “Chow mien” “Shuu mien” “Foo young eggs” etc.
So cute.

And it’s so stupid to fly 24hrs across the globe to have chinese food -_-

But everywhere else is closed. So it’s either this or more room service.


Lame picture of me blowing the hubba bubba. Pink & all.

Leaving for New Jersey tomorrow & have to wake up early to pack & all.
Which I’m totally lazy about because nobody likes packing.

And I heard NJ is flooded now but we’re heading to Tenafly area & I’m sure it’s okay because the training is still going on (almost forgot what I was here for!)

So I’m up at 2am & unable to go back to sleep. Is this jetlag? Seriously?

Okay have a good Wednesday (?) all my Singapore peeps. I know you miss me already :D



So we walked over to Little Italy for dinner & drinks today.
It has such great atmosphere that I think it’s okay if I never ever go Italy.

Okay fine I didn’t actually absorb much about the surroundings because I was screaming “it’s so cold! Why is it so cold! I can’t feel my nose anymore. Can the wind stop blowing already!” all the way.

And stupid iPhone has such lousy function where you cannot take pictures with your gloves on.
It’s like it needs to sense your fingerprints or something.

But it’s really beautiful & such lovely scenery. I’ll definitely wanna come back. ( Which I am, next Tuesday. )




Barnes & Noble!
And they have the JK Rowling’s latest book! But closed due to the hurricane Sandy.

I feel like an oversized adult wearing a kid’s coat. Stupid washing machine.



Isn’t this like the most perfect picture ever?
Credits to my colleague for taking this!
(I had to take a similar one for her but failed because I’m just so lousy at photo taking)

Okay my coat looks awfully short because yes I threw it into the washing machine (gasp) & yup it shrank.

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