Seriously loving all her different hairstyles ❤❤


You know you’re enjoying way too much when you totally crashed your daily beauty routine.

Damn that.
Missed my 5 steps Pre-Sleep facial cream application for the past 2 nights.
And my face is in drought.
The late nights & too-much-alcohol is really reflecting on my face.

And also body lotion. Damn that!
Tried sneak an application yesterday afternoon only to wash it away when I took a bath as need to go out.

Dentist not gonna be happy about it.

Tonight I’ll be a good girl & do all the above.

Suddenly realise I’m pretty high maintenance at only 24.
What’s with the amount of daily beauty regime?
Can’t imagine what I’d be slapping on my self in 10 years’ time.
Some alien fluid that is supposed to help you turn back time for your skin?
Or some ill-advised drug that’s supposed to smoothen out that lines?

I don’t know. Didnt think about how high maintenance I am until I missed it for the past 2 nights.

Sock it!



Well seems easy enough I’m gonna try it tomorrow.

One of the worse thing about my job is to think of what to wear everyday.
It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

And why on earth would I schedule 2 appointment on the exact same time on the exact same day?

Why why why!

Imma pull my hair off & chew on them.

On another note, feeling very powerful as only had 4 hrs of sleep last night this morning but am surprisingly energetic. Not sleepy at all.

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