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So recently I’ve started my long eyelash obsession again & went back to my beautician (is that what they are called?) for eyelash extension!

(These are 3 weeks old already)
I stopped for a year because I got lazy & wanted a different look.
Plus it’s very hard to maintain it. So taking a break was good.

Anyway, I’ve had them for 3 years, so I’m pretty familiar with it.
Here are some facts/pointers if you are planning to get them :

– They usually last 4-8 weeks

Even if they don’t drop off, you’ll still need to go back at the end of 8 weeks because the extensions will grow with your eyelash, and it will eventually cause a gap between the extensions & your eyelid, which is not pretty.

– It will not cause any damage to your own eyelash unless you pull the extensions out, then yes, your own eyelash will be pulled out too

– Always try to wear contact lens when going for the appointment because the glue really stings!

– According to my beautician, it’s absolutely okay to swim or wash face or cry after application.
I guess it depends in the glue type.

– You can’t rub your eyes, or sleep face down, or have a pillow over your face when you sleep.
No, you can’t & you wouldn’t want because the lashes are gonna poke into your eyes!

– If you apply the long ones, you can’t even wear specs because it’s too long & the lashes are gonna poke into the specs & thus, poking into your eyes.

– There’s no need to put mascara.

– You can still put eye make up like eyeliner & eye shadow, but removing them is gonna be difficult & you may end up loosening the extension.

So bottom line is, the lesser eye make up applied, the longer your eyelash extension will last.

– For make up remover I would greatly recommend the wet tissue type, like the Biore Make Up Remover Wipes where you can negotiate carefully the area around the eyes without damaging your extensions.

And it’s much easier to use the wipes to remove the eye make up too as it’s thinner than cotton pads.

– It’s super awesome to look pretty 24/7 but comes with a price of high maintenance & great discomfort. I didn’t rub my eyes for 3 years, imagine that. (new found respect for me yet?)

– The thicker eyelash extension you apply, the lesser chance of it dropping out strand by strand.
If you opt for the natural looking type of extensions, then be prepared to get gaps in between your extensions after 2-3weeks as it is very sparse & they will not hold together. Meaning, if one strand of it loses the stickiness, it is gonna drop out. However if you apply the thick dramatic extension, even if one strand of it loses its stickiness to the eyelash, it will still stick to the neighboring extension. Get it?

– You’ll have to wash your face area the eyes & avoid splashing water directly on the eyelash because when you open your eyes, you won’t be able to rub the water away from your eyelash & they end up going into your eyes.

– It is not heavy despite what others say. It just seemed heavy but it’s not.

– And vision will not be compromised. That’s really stupid. Yes you will see the “shadow” of the eyelash on the top part of your vision but that is all.

Bottom line is, as long as you don’t pull or rub it, it’ll be fine!

My girls are gonna go for their virgin eyelash extension session this Sunday & I already have my bets on who is gonna last till the end of the 8weeks & who is gonna pluck them out by end of the first week! Whahaha :D



Braids & bun


I’m so talented.
Should just seriously consider switching to be hair stylist or something… Whahahaha

Did this in like less than 5 mins, 4 bobby pins & 3 rubber bands.



So I guess this is why I wasn’t able to finish my ppt.
#camwhore #vainpot

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