Another Huat related

While waiting for my ride.
See, red red huat huat!
I’m auspicious like that lol.


Finally settling in the mood for Chinese New Year.
I was totally in such a pissy mood the entire first half of the day due to laziness & lack of sleep.

But after the afternoon nap, I was up & ready to prosper.

Although I must say I’m not entirely ready because my car is still in such a horrible dirty mess and my nails too.

And yet am on my way to watch Robocop with boyf. I know right, I don’t really prioritize well.

But anyway, GO HORSE!

Don’t even

Something happened few days ago involving some emails & some bullshit.

Here’s the thing, I am, gonna walk away as the bigger person here alright. And I am indeed the bigger person.
So I’m gonna let this pass, and I’m gonna let faith & trust do the talking.

And you, the little one, I’m gonna see you in hell, bitch.


My life has been so boring that I hasn’t upload a picture in like 2 weeks!
Why! Shouldn’t I be at the prime of life!

This is bad. This rut has to go away.
Well at least I know my nails are still growing, I’m still alive.

I don’t even have a meme or nonsense to upload.
And this is my Friday night because I have to work tomorrow.

You ugly

See that? Even Coco Chanel says so. Some people better start working hard to beautify the inside :/
(Being a tad too bitchy here but I don’t care because tomorrow is Friday & that gives me every reason to be every kind of bitch that I want to be PLUS some ugly people just stepped on my toe this morning waking me up from my beauty sleep on the dog-pee-smelling yet nice & new bed.)

Go figure

But for some reason, I just can’t figure out what?
What are the things that are not important?


It has been overwhelming at work since I’ve came back from shanghai and after all the holidays.
Man I wish I have a more relaxing job.

Watched Wolf of Wall Street today and it was great. I don’t know how it is suppose to make me feel, inspired? Sad? Realistic?
I’m not sure, or maybe I wasn’t suppose to take home anything from the movie.
Either way, I enjoyed the movie greatly.

And having just watched American Hustle on Sunday, I think it’s safe to say it’s an absolute tie between Leonardo & Christian. They were both extremely brilliant and outstanding. Really great actors.

Yup life’s only entertainment has been reduced to movie.
Although I vowed never to end up in a rut or a settled comfortable lifestyle after I’ve been attached, work & many other commitments have left me without a choice.

But I did hit the town on Saturday to start (and also complete within 2 hrs #proud #achievement) my CNY shopping.
And I also was at Clark Quay on Friday night, but was in slippers which I also vowed never to let that happen.
I did not deteriorate, it was a sudden impromptu decided and that’s why I wasn’t dressed for it.

Anyway, point is, as much as I would like to cramp activities into my life to make it much more happening, it is not possible because I have a draining job and also a huge family responsibility which seems to weighing me a lot down in recent present.



The boyf looking happy with new pillow & our new huge blanket which will put an end to our subconscious blanket fights.
I wish we could get a new bed again though. But we can’t. Because it is new.
But because his dog peed on it. Therefore the new pillows.

And I’ve tried everything. From store bought urine cleaner to febreeze to vinegar but nothing works.
It’s like the stench is implanted into my head.
I can now understand why these little stuff can drive people crazy. It is even making me psychotic and I’m blaming all my mood swings to the stench.

I’m gonna try to get Urine Off from pet shop. Please, let it work.

Sexy back



Sometimes I just get so frustrated at situations, disappointed in people, that I end up getting angry with myself for caring about stuff so much.
I kinda eat into myself. All the emotions that I shouldn’t be having, would just repress within me & the roots would just grow deeper & deeper into me.
How bad.

Oh well

I just wanna say one thing.
There are truly so few genuinely good friend in life. So few.

I’m sad

My take on The Big Bang Theory not winning anything on The Golden Globe >;<

Ben, Jesse, Andy & Justin

I’m now watching The Golden Globe on Fox and it really made me turn into silly fan gal again.

And it made me realize how my taste has changed.

These are the guys that I’ve fallen in love with in 2013:

Ben Affleck!
He is my current number one okay.
And it’s not because of anything else but this super underrated RUNNER RUNNER (starring Justin T & Ben Affleck). He’s just so damn suave in that movie! Being the bad big boss behind all the evil plans.

I’m totally in love with him, and definitely no issue of him as BATMAN.
Christian is out.


Jesse Eisenberg AND/OR Andy Samberg

Hahaha I know this is hilarious but I kinda mixed them up. They look so alike!
I fell in love with Andy Samberg in Celeste & Jesse Forever – also another super underrated movie about this couple which really left a deep mark in my heart. And I totally fall for him in that.

And then here comes Jesse Eisenberg. Both bergs. And both look so much alike. But I’m guess I’m just kinda into their laid-back look and not being like the big shot star.

Andd of course Justin Timberlake

Because of his 20/20. I often forgot that he sings.
And for him, I was on the national radio (for less than one minute).
And to further prove my love, I recently hopped into HMV for his FUTURE. SEX. LOVE SOUND which will keep me company whenever I’m in basement carpark & can’t receive signal from FM.

So yes. These 3/4 men have made it to my list.
The god gives, and the god takes.

Christian Bale (blame American Hustle), Hugh Jackman (blame Wolverine & Les Mis). I have no regrets.

So as you can see, I’m no longer that kinda “mainstream follower” you see. Im liking the black sheep now.

Lil pumpkin


My pumpkin in Bangkok’s bathtub.
Her first trip overseas is to Bangkok during their most dangerous period.
But she’s fine, all are safe & well.

I’ve been reading xiaxue’s dayre for quite a bit today & realized just how tough it is to be a mother nowadays.

There’re so many things that you’ll have to look out for and so much pressure for you to be the perfect mom.

It’s so unlike the past.
Sigh what’s the world coming to?

Rat’s ass

Recently I posted an article on “fucks that I’m not gonna give about” on fb and was truly inspired by author.

Such a fresh new form of brutal slap in the face to all the new year resolutions blah blah.

Yes yes I’m a new year resolutions sorta person, but I’m also a realist (in line with my “thrower not hoarder” / money centered / “doer not sayer” characteristics). And I’m very much a I don’t give a fuck kinda person so let me gladly make my personal 2014 I DON’T GIVE A FUCK list:



This has got to be number one. I hate morning although I was born at 6.06am. Never a morning person. And not planning to be.
So fuck goes the “snoozing will make you even more tired” theory, the “be a morning glory”, the “more efficient if you wake up early”, the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” yaddah yaddah.

Seriously just fuck it. I’m sleeping in, I’m snoozing.


It’s just another year that I’m not gonna give a fuck about exercising & worst of all, gym.
Like c’mon.

Sorry but I know other alternatives to adrenaline rush and losing weight without having to put myself through smelly repetitive physical work that gives no joy.

I’m not lazy, I’m just smarter than most and I cheat.


I think most would see this coming.
Of course being in a relationship did contributed to this decision, partly.
But it is also the fact that I’m so sick of hating my body!
For the past 15 years I’ve been hating my body & being so critical about it, never really giving it any credits.

And I think I’m old enough to know that it is not your figure or your looks that define you, it is what you are deep inside that matters.
You can be skinny & looking perfect but that’s not gonna do you any good if you don’t have a beautiful heart.

We all know that. But we can’t accept that because we would rather conform to the society than to love our body.

So I’m not gonna give a fuck to being skinny & all.
That’s not to say I’m gonna let myself go, I’m just gonna stop being so hard on my body. And I encourage all of my friends with beautiful fat heart to come along with me & give up this fuck.

Beyoncé is curvy & hot.


Yup. I’m not into faith & religion even though I believe world is coming to an end, I’m not scared about dying so I’m definitely not seize the day.

I’ve just literally spent my day rotting on my bed. I’m not seizing. It’s overrated! Like c’mon! I’m tired.. I’m lazy.. I’m not gonna make myself hyper and try to do everything before I die.

I don’t wanna try everything once. Yes I’m not enthusiastic. I’m not that kinda person who is always brighter than sunshine.
I am selectively seizing the day. How about that?

I do what I want & i have no regrets about not getting out of my bed today.

And we can’t possibly live like we’re gonna die anytime right?? If that’s that then how about we dump all our stuff and live like a nomad or cancer patient, travel the world, get into trouble, bankruptcy but it’s okay because I wanna seize the day. And because YOLO. That’s pretty dumb.


Kinda related to previous point but yes I’m not gonna give a fuck about traveling. To me it’s about who you are with, not where you are with.
You can travel the world but if you’re all alone, with no one to share your happiness with, this is only as good as it gets.

I can be with my family at hawker eating zhi char and I bet my head that I’ll be happier than being in Italy eating spaghetti alone.
I can be with my boyfriend eating kway chap at Bedok interchange & again I’ll be way happier than being in japan watching Sakura blossom.

When I was in Shanghai, I did not enjoy a single moment of it. Because I was alone & even though it was beautiful there, I couldn’t appreciate it.

It takes experience to know all these. Or maybe it’s just me, that I’m reliant on human connections. But I don’t care, I don’t like that.

And quotes like “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” HOW PRESUMPTUOUS AND OBNOXIOUS!

So there goes the fuck I’m gonna give for traveling.


I have enough friends. I’ve had many friends, and eventually you realise how tired it gets trying to keep maintaining so many friendships and being the one out there trying to keep things going.

Friendship shouldn’t be this hard. I have a bunch of friends that I know has the lowest maintenance. I can send them a pic of a cat & make them lol for days. That’s how easy it should be. I can call them anytime 24/7 & they’ll be there. It should be that easy.

At 26 you should realise that you don’t need many friends, just that bunch of close knitted friends will be enough to last you the rest of your life.

So in 2014, I’m not gonna give a fuck about the number of friends I have. If you don’t hear from me, I guess you’re one of the friendship that is not worth my chasing after.
This has got to be the biggest fuck that I’m giving up because I like to be popular. I like to know that I have many many friends. I like to keep track of them like an insurance agent would like to keep track of their clients.

But this year, I don’t anymore. It takes too much effort & I don’t need it.

And also, maybe because so many of my close friends are getting married. And through them (and all the processes that they’re going through), I’ve come to realize that yes you don’t need to have so many friends, just those few that truly, sincerely, are happy for you from the bottom of their heart, is more than enough.


Above mentioned cat picture.


Having been placed in an environment & forcibly pushed into adulthood (I sound like those young Hollywood starlet LOL) has made me a rather hard to deal with person.

I’m very practical & very critical of others. I don’t tolerate fairy tales & dreams. It’s a part of the hidden jealous monster in me because others are allowed to have dreams but not me (I’m making myself sound like Cinderella now).

Because of how I am brought up, I do not seek for help & I’m so prideful sometimes even my own friends & family couldn’t tolerate me.

So maybe this year I’m not gonna give a fuck about being all mature & grown up & practical anymore.

Maybe it’s time for me to be a total dreamer & being taken care of instead.

I don’t always have to be mature & practical. And being so prideful has cost me quite a bit. Maybe I should not give a fuck about it this year, and see what I’ll become in one year’s time.


Hah! I had to wait till 26 to realize that I shouldn’t give a tiny rat’s ass on how people think of me. How stupid.

What matter most is how you think of yourself. And I do think pretty well of myself. But I guess it’s only human nature to want to instill a certain impression of yourself in others.

Like I’ve always wanted to set the impression that I’m power pack & confident, a little wild but also feminine. But if I really have all these characters in me, it wouldn’t be hard for others to miss them. And if I’m not, then why should I be trying so hard to prove them that I am? Shouldn’t I be trying hard to work myself towards all these?

So really. It’s what you are that matters most.

So, here’s all the fucks that I’m not gonna give to you 2014! Cheers!

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