My latest crush.
Yea I know, my taste changed.


Have I mentioned to you how much I miss my long straight somewhat healthy hair?

Towards the end of the year, when I’m gonna write a review of my year, I’m gonna devote an entire entry on the dumbest mistake of my 2012.

Nah it’s not gonna be my ex boyfriend.
He’s not even worth the title.

The dumbest mistake definitely goes to perming of my precious hair.
Of how I the hairstylist singlehandedly destroyed my hair.





Hello baby ❤❤
Haven’t seen her in 5 days & miss her so damn much.


I wish it can be like today everyday.

Wake up, cab to office, stay in office, enjoy the air-con, snack here & there, go for meeting, wait for lunch time.

Lunch time, go nearby coffeeshop for lunch with colleagues, talk crap, gossip with colleagues, eat real food, go back to office.

Back in office, do paper work, go up & down the office, slip into food coma, wake up have coffee & snack again, play songs, head back home.

Life is good. It sounds good.


“Leap of faith”



Mentally exhausting day.
Aww how I miss scrubs everyday.

Cardio thoracic hiring OT nurses.
My ambition!
Neurology hiring OT nurses too.
Another ambition!


One of the days where I think it’s best to just f everybody & throw effing huge tantrum at every single person/item/thing.

It’s a tough week.
Can’t friggin wait for the stupid Friday to arrive.

Friday evening, to be specific.

And I have such bad stress coping system.
One hit & my skin starts flaring up.
Itchiness all over. Fml.





Once again, congratulations Singaporean.
You’ve managed to disgrace our country on a 2 hrs flight.

Well done.

Well done for playing your whatever-super-noisy-TV-show on loudspeaker for the entire journey.
Disregarding the fact that it’s a 12am flight, & that you’re not alone in your private jet.

Well done for not knowing what’s courtesy, what’s consideration, and what’s manners.

Well done for irritating the fuck out of the entire plane especially me who is sitting right in front of you.

Well done for causing the two pretty Thai girls sitting beside me to hold their hands over their ears the entire journey.

Well done for proving to me that ah bengs are rude people & should be discriminated.

Well done for returning me a “you got a problem, bitch?” look when I turned to shoot you the “Shut the bloody fuck up” look.

I hope you had a pleasant journey & thoroughly enjoyed your tv show.


Can I just tell you how much I enjoy watching guys getting scolded or nagged at by the girlfriend/wife in public.

Super love it.

I’ll just stand at a corner & watch how he looks down at his shoes, looking so apologetic & scared.

I hope they still visit the grave of their testicles. Offer some fresh flower at least.

I’ve concluded that men are divided into two categories:-

1) The henpecked
2) The cheater

I can’t even decide which is better.
You’re either a henpecked or a cheater.

If you’re not a henpecked, then you’re definitely a cheater.
If you’re not a cheater, you’re definitely a henpecked.

No there’s no in between.
God bless the men of our generation.
They either don’t have testicles, or have testicles that deserve to get chopped off.


With a 6-pack beer. That’s the best that I manage to buy for this trip. Good enough.

My house smells like a new house with the new painting :D
Reminds me of 11 years ago when we’ve just moved in.

Full day tomorrow. I wanna wanna wanna die.
Including driving in the morning.
Oh man!


29 more days to Christmas!
Merry making in the process.

I wanna go to orchard road and take stupid lame cheesy pictures of the Christmas decorations :D

So fun!


Probably the only time I’ll ever read the newspaper.

At the lobby waiting to be picked up.

In fact I’m not even reading, I’m blogging.


I camwhore a lot when I’m alone.
Actually I camwhore a lot even when I’m not alone.


Good morning world.

Done with breakfast & I’m off to work.
Traffic is so bad in Bangkok.
I wish I’m going shopping instead.

I wished I didn’t stay up late last night watching AMA.
I wished I didn’t see Nicki Minaj performing, it blinded me (“my eyes! My eyes!”).


Me want Tom Yum for today.
Phad Thai too, if you will.

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