Happy birthday my dearest girlfriend.
Embrace yourself ❤
We love you!



Beauty queen on a silver screen
Living life like I’m in a dream



We had such a great time.
Yet another birthday celebration, another year passed.

It feels like just yesterday we were in school having lunch during recess.

I ❤ my girls so much.



We went ice skating!!
Gahhhh! After so long! Finally hitting the ice rink again.
And it’s the new one at Jcube, which was like a million miles away.

So happy but definitely realize how old we’re getting.
It’s like 2 hrs on the ice & I’m like okay, that’s my limit for the day. Pffft.

Anyways, Monday has fallen upon us.
Good day mate!


Sleepovers are always fun.

We hope to keep this tradition until we have babies, and we can bring the babies for sleepovers too!
Or better still, leave the babies to the husbands in the name of “continuing this awesome tradition”.

Sorry to break the hot image, but we’ve never once had pillow fights during our sleepovers.
And never lick jello off each other too.

But we do bathe together, which is awesome.
But no we don’t touch each other.
We compare & console & complain about our bodies, if you have to know.

And eating junk food takes up a huge part of our sleep overs.

Well maybe other sexy girls do pillow fights & all.
But me & my girls just, eat & watch movie.

We do talk a lot. Gossips & bitchings.
Oh yes and sex talks, too.
Like who, when, where, what, how.
Size, technique, position.

I think I may have revealed too much, but, what the hell.

And then morning breakfast. Best way to finish off a sleepover ❤❤



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