May the sun never sets in our life.



Haven’t had such a good weekend in a long while.
Thank you for that.
Feeling recharged and also re-fattened but we’ll deal with the latter at a later timing.

Thank god for the recharge because I do have a lot on my hand at the current moment, battle to be fought, and victory to be attained.

And 1st August would be the first day at my new company.
I was feeling rather overwhelmed by all but now I’m feeling like I definitely am able to manage it all.

Thank you thank you thank you.



Gahhh feeling all lovey-dovey with my girlfriends ❤❤

So many ups this week.
With the good news, the resignation, the gift for myself finally arriving, the sweet birthday surprise last night, and many many other small feel-good stuff..

This week felt so good I’m reluctant to move on to Monday where I know I’ll be dealing with abit of hell because of my resignation.

Sometimes when good things happen to me, it makes me feel like bad things are gonna happen soon :(

Not being pessimistic but more like realistic because we all know good times don’t last.


You would think that I’d be drunk & all over the place on Friday night, given all the right circumstances & right accompanying factors, couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting.

But I didn’t.

And it was a fab night.
Never have I been in two road blocks, though I wasn’t the one doing the “blow-jobs”.

Still, Fridays will no longer be the same.


Fun & laughter, not so much peace but yes lots of joy.

How long more can we keep this going?
It feels like the countdown to old age & boring life has already begin.


It’s only Monday but I miss the weekend already.




I have absolutely nothing planned and it was really an impromptu leave.
I just couldn’t go to work anymore so I guess re-energizing seems like a good option.

I’m not feeling wildly happy because last min tickets to Phuket cost a whooping $700 excluding tax.

I guess you need to be rich to be able to take last minute trips.

Anyhoo… I’m not working.
I haven’t been not working for 8 mths.


It’s a little wonder why I’m having such a major low in my work front.
All the zero motivation, zero will to communicate with team, zero will to hunt for sales.

I went in to office yesterday and I must have been wearing The Saw’s mask because everybody’s either been avoiding me or asking me what’s up with that face.

Hah. Good start. Show them the tiger.


Third tgif that I have to work.
I want my life back T_T

Other than that, I hope this weekend will be good enough to compensate everything that I’ve missed.


Good days are not far ahead.
Stay afloat, fighters.


On a totally separate note, check out my totally hot tatt…!

Totally loving it please.
Plus I think I look holy-shit-damn-good here. Whahaha.



We had such a great time.
Yet another birthday celebration, another year passed.

It feels like just yesterday we were in school having lunch during recess.

I ❤ my girls so much.


Suddenly feeling very lost after finishing Secret Garden.
No more hyun bin to fuss about.
My life is suddenly without a CEO :/

Am just gonna read my day away.
Sister suddenly brought back all the Haruki Murakami’s short-story books.

Ecstatic to re-read all of them.


Tonight I’m gonna tell you what I know about DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is not crying while watching Korean drama. Not crying when evil mother-of-rich-son tries to break up the relationship between the son & the poor girl.

Discipline is never to still imagining that my “CEO” is gonna appear soon & I’m gonna marry him & live happily ever after like in Korean drama.

Discipline is not to order McDonald’s breakfast when the clock strike 4am and your tummy is coincidentally grumbling.

Discipline is not to scratch your healing tattoo when all you want to do with your long fingernails is to claw your skin out.

Discipline is not to stalk anybody/bitches/ex-boyfriends/ex-vixens/eye-candies/new crushes on Facebook.

Discipline is not to squeeze the annoying pimples on your face in an attempt to make it “disappear”.

Discipline is not to put Hyun Bin as your wallpaper.


The “awww” moment when you receive messages from overseas, feeling happy that they are putting in the effort to keep in contact with you even when they’re traveling ❤❤

Reminds me of all the times when I was with my ex-boyfriend who was an air steward.
I would be checking my hp all the time, hoping to receive a message from him.

And checking the Whatsapp’s “last since online” timing, and feeling incredibly sad when it says that he was online but I did not receive any message from him.

And then hoping he would find a wifi area again.
Wow those were such crazy moments, and definitely not worth it.

But today, no wifi, but I still receive messages. That’s quite something to cheer up my boring weekend :)



We went ice skating!!
Gahhhh! After so long! Finally hitting the ice rink again.
And it’s the new one at Jcube, which was like a million miles away.

So happy but definitely realize how old we’re getting.
It’s like 2 hrs on the ice & I’m like okay, that’s my limit for the day. Pffft.

Anyways, Monday has fallen upon us.
Good day mate!

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