Kindle surprise

I’ve been happier, because I received kindle as a birthday present and I’ve been resuming my favorite past time.

I’ve been reading a lot, but I haven’t been adventurous! I’m such a coward when it comes to reading. Just really staying in my comfort zone, reading only books that I know I’ll enjoy.

So that’s a lot of Haruki murakami. Re-reading, that is.
He’s the best and definitely irreplaceable. And I always know I’m gonna have a good time reading.

Other than him, I’ve ventured out to Mindy Kaling’s, mainly because I loved her on The Office and have been following her on Instagram. So I kind of know what I’m going into and I really appreciate her kind of humor. My type. Very Bridget-jonesy.

That’s a good read.
Oh and also Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” because I’ve seen her on Golden Globes and she’s just fantastic. I didn’t watch Parks and Recreations but I’m thinking maybe I should.

I have also been youtubing a lot of Saturday Night Live ever since because I really wanna watch her in it. She’s really crazy about comedy.

And then there’s Orange is the new Black, which I thought would be a comedy read too cus of the new sitcom but it’s not and it’s actually pretty cool read.

So I’ve finished all the books that’s on my priority list. Now is time for the next list:

Mainly self-improvements like “how to win friends and influence people” – a popular recommendation for sales folks, almost through with it but seems only good at influencing friends, not customers. Maybe I am really not a good sales rep.

Next, I have few from Mitch albom. Really wanna catch up to his books after Five people you meet in heaven. Was really a fan of all the books. Tuesdays with morrie etc.

And then since I’ve started playing ps4 with my boyfriend, we’ve been really digging this Dynasty Warrior, about the three kingdoms in China. So I got really interested in the three Kingdoms history. See, who says nothing good comes out of gaming?

But the real reason why I’m writing all these is because it’s 11.40pm and I’m alone in bed and I’m one quarter through Stephen king’s The Shining and I just really wanted a distraction.
Such a bad idea for night time reading.

Today I bought a weighing machine. A cheap one, hoping it would be less accurate.
Well I hoped it was.

So I’m a whopping 56kg now.
Like a total fml 5 kgs more than Mt heydays.

So I’m gonna start the health thing. But that was before dad bought chilli crab home.

What a holy great way to start my healthy diet :D

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