Such fun training.
Such high times!

It’s like beer in between whenever we can.
And the local beer is awesome & huge.

But heading but to NYC later AND OMG IT’S SNOWING!!!!
Can’t bloody wait to get my ass out of Baltimore now & see the snowing.

But it’s really really cold. Like 3 deg C.
And I’ve fallen sick, definitely too much fun that’s why. Really bad. So I really shouldn’t be out in the snow.
But oh well! Like I care about my health.
I’m gonna go get snowed on!

Two more days before I head back home & I’ve already got work piling up.
I’m a little homesick so it’s fine.


Central Park / American Museum of Natural History





So happy I finally went to Central Park after watching so many of Friends!

It was so fun, and seriously, one major BUCKET LIST CHECKED!

Central Park!

And man.. The museum rocks.
I’d never imagine the dinosaurs were actually alive.

So much fun.
Early train to catch tomorrow to Baltimore & it’s work again for two days.
Seriously forgot that that was the main purpose of my trip.

And first time taking train. Whaha.

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