There’s a chinese saying that goes “there’s never a party that never ends”.
And it’s a saying that I hate so much yet found much consolation from it.

This is my batch girl.
We entered theatre together, trained in general surgery together.
We had different preceptor.
When I’m in OR 7, she’ll be in OR 8.
And we’ll exchange tips & guides to each other’s theatre, or cases, or surgeons.

It was really hardship. We would console each other, complain about the seniors/surgeons to each other, and encourage each other.

And we only had each other to rely on.
Learning about the instruments, the operations, the surgeons’ preference, the arrangement of instruments, etc.

And then proceeding to become seniors. Having a lot of fun in the theatre, skiving together, talking all the time.

She’s a really good scrub nurse.
Really good.

Next week is her last week in Singapore.
She’s going back to China for good.

I’m so gonna miss her.
Can’t believe that I may never get to see her again, and this makes realize how I’ve been taking her presence for granted.

Such a great friend.
I’m so grateful to have her during my years in the theatre.



Honestly, I don’t know what I feel about the little speech made by one of the Members of Parliament.

Something about saying that our foreign workers are here to replace the low-skilled jobs such as healthcare etc etc.

Well that got a me a bombastic red flamed Facebook newsfeed. Because a lot of my friends are nurses. And they’re very very angry with it.

I am a nurse. So I know exactly where this rage came from.
There’s nothing more insulting than saying that our noble, live-saving career, is just a low-skilled job.

But it’s not something new to us. In fact, when I was in school, we had a whole module just for this topic – Are nurses considered professional?

Professionals are said to be a group of people trained with a special set of skills.

While it is true we devoted 3 years of our lives getting the diploma, and we are indeed very specialized.
But it isn’t something that a maid can’t do. And part of our job is actually to teach our skills to the care-giver so that patients can receive the same care when they’re out of the hospital.

It is really nothing new to me.

And whether or not, nursing is perceived as a low-skilled job doesn’t really matter does it?

Once again, I must emphasize, you do not join nursing for the fame & glory.
You join nursing because you want to be a nurse & save lives.

And you should know very well that patients & relatives are grateful of your presence, of your hardwork.

We have a day dedicated to thank nurses, which other profession has that?

And yet nurses get angry because of that one comment.

It is not something that they don’t know isn’t it?
If government & society perceive nursing as a high-skilled profession, will our starting pay be $1,600.00SGD?

Does it sounds like the starting pay of a HIGH SKILLED PROFESSION?

I’m not siding anyone, neither am I trying to accept this insult, and of course I do not agree that nursing is a low skilled job.

But I just want to say that, nursing has always been a “grey area”.
And every nurses should know that.
You do not become a nurse for any fame & glory. People are not gonna worship you like superman. You will not be getting a high salary.

If you’re prepared to be a nurse, you should be prepared to receive such comment. C’mon it’s not new at all.

But it shouldn’t matter to you because that’s not what you work for.
Society-recognition, appreciation etc.
No. If you’re a nurse, you work for the health of your patients.

If you’re not ready to work hard in the shadow, DON’T BE A NURSE.
Go be a pop star or something.

C’mon it’s not something that you don’t already know.
Take a chill pill.

Brain / heart


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