Girlfriends time

Last Christmas!

It’s been a year! Can you imagine!

Anyways, this year we not gonna do the yearly Ascott tradition (much to my unhappiness!) but we’re gonna do potluck instead and have a stay in with dvd & mahjong. No pillow fights though, we’re not cheesy like that.

And it’s tomorrow!
Belated Xmas but advance new year, still all good.

I miss my girls. I haven’t seen them since I came back from stinky land.
We’re gonna have so much fun tomorrow I swear!

Lol moment


Favorite Xmas

To quote my dear friend, “dinner with my favorite people”.
And spot the newly engaged couple!
So happy for them.

Blessed Christmas this year, couldn’t be more thankful for that.
How often do you get to have a party with your boyfriend, his friends, and your girlfriends at the same time?
Unfortunately, no photos to capture that moment.

But yes, so much to be thankful for this Xmas 😊

I am so not ready for Xmas this year.
As it turns out, I’m a little behind my schedule.
And also, sudden increase in number of presents to buy.
Anddd, very unfortunate timing to fall ill. I’m missed a day.

Whether I recover or not, I have to get everything done by tomorrow.

Xmas wait for me!!


I’m back! I’m back I’m back I’m back!
Ooooh you cannot imagine not happiness.
So overwhelmed by all the love! My mom my baby niece my cousins & my love all came to fetch me at the airport, the only missing thing is the huge banner that says WELCOME BACK Candy! Lol.

I was in the car I was talking to the trees that I love how green they are, I was talking to the clouds telling them how clear & nice they are, I was talking to the air complimenting how clear & haze free they all, I was a little screw loose but oh my god I’m back.

And finally finally got my life back to the norm, Xmas shopping in crowded local mall, eating local food without any suspicion or doubts about quality, drinking TAP WATER, and of course, slept on my tiny bed with my rock hard pillow and finally had my neck support! Hate those feather soft pillow from the hotel.

Great start to my Sunday too.
Celebrating mommy’s birthday today :)

I’m sure you can feel from my words how happy I am to be back.
I ❤ my tiny island.


Life is totally a bitch.

Just when you thought you’re gonna look good for the festive season because anti-dog-meat diet is going on pretty well and you might have just lost 2kgs, you get a break out, all over your face, and you realise it’s better to be fat than to have visible flaws.


Again, I’m blaming the country. It has got to be the horrible haze, dirty tap water (so hard for me to accept that only Singapore’s tap water is drinkable), dirty oily food etc.

I could feel the dirt just underneath my skin, really to pop into yet another nasty pimple.

BUT, lucky me, this is the last day that I’ll be here. Catching a 8am flight tomorrow morning at Pudong airport and expected to arrive in Singapore by 3 in the afternoon. (that is only if the haze doesn’t cause any flights delay or *gasp* cancellation!)

I’m soooo done here.
I nearly had to amputate my feet because it was 0 degrees out there.


Oh yes!
3 more days till I’m back to sunny island.

And I’m gonna announce, I’m never coming back to china ever again.

Ever since I chance upon the dog meat soup, I’ve been nauseating & rejecting any form of meat. I’ve been unable to eat any form of meat served during my meals, all just because all of the meat just freaking smell like dog meat.

I just can’t accept it.

And I hate the doubts & suspicion I have when I’m served with any food. Even bread, you’ll doubt the realness of flour or butter.

Seriously, I’m gonna be vegetarian soon. This is how nauseating I feel towards dog meat soup.

I just, don’t wanna be back here ever again. 3 weeks is enough.

I’m coming back soon!!!


I’ve come to the point where I’m no longer interested in any other human, only myself.

Like a form of social retardation. It’s not an isolation, isolation is voluntary. Retardation is beyond my control.

3s a crowd

Thank god for the awesome company :)



I miss her so much 😔
I mean the baby. Not my sis.
Okay la I also miss my sis a little.


Hello Singapore!
You’ve been greatly missed.

I’ll be back in 6 days and I just can’t wait already.

I know someday I’m gonna miss this period of extended stay in a foreign country all alone, but right now I just wanna be back.
Maybe it’s the festive spirit.

This is my last weekend here in shanghai but I’ve been in bed the entire day.
I know I know what a complete waste but I’m nursing some tgif leftover. Nasty.

And it’s getting really chilly here.

Hope it’ll go by soon & I’ll be back asap!

12 more days!
I’m really counting down.
And I’m not even half way there.

Can’t wait for Xmas can’t wait for CNY!

I hope this year’s festive holidays, I’ll be much happier than last year.

Test again tomorrow boohoo.


Shanghai… Is… Less than I expected.
You would think that it’s so city, all modern & nice.

But unfortunately, no!

The toilets always has a surprise for you. It’s either shit stain, or pubic hair, or pool of urine all over, or horrible shit-stained toilet paper, or unforgiving blood stained sanitary pad for display.

Like wtf.

And my nose has been bleeding since yesterday. It started with dried blood until this evening it has turn into fresh red blood and I’ve been stuffing tissue into my blood then entire evening.

Not forgetting, what I thought was “misty” as informed by the pilot when we landed, was actually a PSI of 300 air pollution.

And teppanyaki platter turn out to be chicken heart & chicken stomach & hotdog stuffed with suspicious dog-bone.

I am soooo thankful, I love my country & I’m never leaving Singapore.

Because when you’re cold & bored, you cut your own fringe.


Hello from shanghai!

Yes it’s chilly here.
Life has been pretty boring. I feel like a student again.

Everyday I wake up at 6.30am, prepare for school.
7.30am buffet breakfast at hotel lobby.
School bus comes at 8am.
Arrive at institute and start my class at 8.45am.

Lunch at 12.30pm. Continue fighting drowsiness.

5.30pm class ends, school bus send us back to hotel.
Unpack in room and head out for (most probably Korean) dinner.

Back to room by 8pm.
Bathe & lie on bed and watch various Taiwanese variety show (thank god for that! HBO has been incredibly crappy).
Falls asleep mid way through Kang-xi at about 10.30pm.

Seriously! But okay I’m kinda getting comfortable with this routine.

And yes tomorrow is Friday!
We’re gonna try going to the city this weekend for some shopping.

Ah I miss Singapore. Strangely, I miss the heat! The warmth & the late sunset.
The sun is down by 5.30pm here. It’s like wtf.

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