Fun night!
Finally am able to get my hands on the drinks.
And am able to drink more than one pint and not worry about road blocks or my friends’ safety.

I love the weekend so much, if I could, I would marry him and spend the rest of my life with weekend.


To say that you’re only mid twenties is an over statement.

Anyways, good to be not trashy.

Good tgif. Not so good Long Island tea tolerance. It’s been more than a year since I last downed two LIT in one night.

The last that it happened, I blacked out & never came back to life until 2 days later. Not exaggerating at all.

Today, would have slept through my afternoon if not for the damn drilling & hammering right outside my window.

It only starts when I’m asleep.
And stops when I’m awake. I was beginning to think that it was my hallucination.

Good job construction worker. Good job.


Pardon me for the emotional entry that’s coming up.
For I had too much drinks.
A couple of jäger misters to tequila to gin & tonic to champagne.

It’s ladies night. What do you expect from a hot lady? Free drinks all around ;D

I’m craving hot soup (instant noodles or ba kut teh) like I always do after a night of drinking.
And dear daddy is still awake when I got home. He’s waiting for me & he loves me, I know. So I let him stay awake.
He’ll worry if I cook instant noodles now.

So, craving for food PLUS couple of that shots, I’m all set for misbehavior, sluttiness to a certain degree, and emotional feelings at the end of it.

So first accomplishment, I checked off a resolution that I secretly wish to accomplish this year (still): QUEUE CUTTING & FREE ENTRY (for two some more!). Proud max.

Initial reaction when approaching bouncer alone: “Act innocent, act blur, act bimbo, act! Just act”.

Hah! Worked like wonder.

Next, free drinks. CHECKED.

I’m still 20. I’m good.
Happy ladies night! ❤


We ate, we counted, we drank, we danced, we partied.




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