Walk the talk

Harder than it seems isn’t it?
A distraction within a distraction.

How do u defeat that?

It’s true, always always always easier to be a guy than a girl, in any circumstances. True story.

I’m so tired but it’s only Tuesday, can you believe it?

Though it’s Ladies’ night tomorrow and I’m supposed to go like “WHOOHOOO” but I’m not. I’m not.

I’m thinking more like groggy Thursday morning, intermittent retching, deafening pounding in my head… Etc.

I’ve brought the drinking too far haven’t I.

You’d watch it all transformed before your eyes, the euphoria pulsating through your veins, the dancing shadows bewitching you, but when you wake up, you’ll realize, it’s all but the flaming lambo.

Tonight, I’m just gonna snuggle up here, warm this bed up, and read my desire.

After Dark ;

*My apology. My writing always gets a little “trying too hard” when I read Murakami. Can’t blame me.


YOU will be glad to know that my FB has been disabled all thanks to the sneaky chicken coward YOU. Thank YOU very much for creating this trouble for me on a rather busy day.

Oh yes how do u know my name is fake! My real name is


Thanks for exposing.
Nice try but better luck next time yea?

I’m trying not to be piss because it’s against my 2012 resolution and I don’t wanna be playing such games with silly people but to think that us at 24 and still doing that. Such sickening shit.

Anyway I hope it’ll be up n running again soon. Otherwise I’ll be more than happy to open a new account and get rid of all the jackass in my friend-list. The much procrastinated FB CLEANSING.

It’s a rainy Tuesday and I don’t wanna leave my office because it’s all wet out there. And I hate to walk in the rain with my new heels.

My tummy feels weird constantly these days. Mmm. Like there’s something inside. Like butterflies.

Anyway, company’s CNY dinner last night :)









Satisfied but really fattening.

I “lo” 3 lo hei this year. Much more than last few years! I think I might be very huat this year :)


You would like to try something new, Libra. You are very thorough when you embark on a new venture. This is usually a good thing, because you usually know what you’re getting yourself into, how it will go, what the odds are, and you also know what to expect and how to plan. But you may be trying a bit too hard now. You can’t know everything with your current endeavor, nor can you control everything. Learn what you can, manage what you can, but also allow yourself to have faith for what you can’t control. It will all turn out well in the end.


Okay roger that.



Loving this photo so much.

Mourning Monday

Every Sunday, i wouldn’t wanna do anything, just so that I can mourn for the arrival of Monday.

Seriously, whoever invented Monday, deserves to go hell.
But then again, if Friday is the beginning of the week, meaning like if Friday were to replace Monday and comes after weekend, we would all hate Friday too.

So what you gonna do.

I wonder what’s in for this week.
I wonder what’s in for tomorrow.

Well I do know I have a date on Ladies’ Night with my girlfriends.
We gonna club-hop! Thats so old school dude! I can’t even remember the last time we did that! I think we were like 18?
True story.

Lol okay too much 9gag already. Needs to stop.

Because it’s Sunday!


And I say we go make up less bra less conceal less lens less bath less!


Am I too old for the game or has the game changed?

I’m too old.

Why, at only 24, we have to ALREADY lie about our age? I’m old? I’m old? Am I that old!

I was 23 yesterday. Happily 23. Today I’m freaking 24.


Once you’ve lost faith or trust in something, it seemed like you are never getting it back.

True story.

I don’t like how I feel right now being all scaredy and like a total coward. But things like these happen all the time and well I just gotta play by the experience I had.

So listen up, if you lose my trust, you are never getting it back.


Wheeee CNY was so much fun! Dressing up walking around in high heels fussing over make-up and being paid for all that!
How awesome!

So dress for CNY DAY 1:


Super loving this dress. Love the color so much!



Super love this dress too! Fabulous cut and this was a last minute purchase on Saturday from Guess. My sis bought it too. One size down though :(

Anyway I spent so much this cny. Both dresses are like over $150 plus the heels plus my hair. Unbelievable.

But good thing is that well I think there may be an increment in my ang pow collection this year. Haha.

Totally over-eat this year. Been eating so much. I feel like I’m on a holiday. Lol.

First day we went Soup Restaurant and ordered so much! Then 2nd day we went the Korea Restaurant for dinner and ordered even more. Boohoo. Such a fat ass now. Pre-cny dieting was a total waste!

So sad that it’s over! It’s another cny. Need to wait for the entire year again :( Sigh!

Love cny and all the happy moments with family. And everybody is fussing over the new baby!

Baby Logan!



He is totally such a sweety pie! Everybody wants to carry him and he didn’t cry the entire day! He was so calm and steady. Super cute. Plus he is the first baby for my mom’s family so everybody really adores him.

Makes me cant wait to have a baby too! Awwww!








Okay! So happy!

Now I’m so lazy to work. Seriously lazy! Gosh. It feels like the holiday has been cut short abruptly and we are all forced to go back to work in the middle of the holiday!

Anyway I’m very sure this year is gonna be bad luck all the way. It’s my ruling year n everybody says its gonna be bad and also I cried on the first day of new year :(
So bad luck all the way~


Sometimes I get so tired of this world, so fed up with this world, that I just wanna disappear.

Yes I am too opinionated. I have so much to say, so much to comment on, so many disapprovals to hate. But that’s just me, imperfect.

I wonder if god wants to create us, why did he create such imperfect beings? Why make himself so tired watching us grow into such imperfect and then praying to him with all these silly requests. Why?

And I get so tired being with all these human beings too. So damn fucking tired I feel like its not worth it at all to stay in this fuckshit world. Everything is just so imperfect. Its just not worth it.

Every human being is wrong. They are created wrongly. Right from the beginning. What’s the point? Seriously.


Finally, it’s my ruling year.


It’s finally here and I’m finally 24. I promised myself that I’ll live for myself this year but things are slowly breaking apart. I am trying to hold it all together, barely but trying to.

If I’m unable to, if I break apart, nobody should judge me. You are not me. And I don’t judge you.

I feel very powerless despite being my ruling year. I feel left out among all the other dragons with much more power.

Okay okay. Enough.

Happy visiting everybody. I know it’s gonna rain tomorrow because everybody has been saying so. Well let’s just hope not to get wet and everybody be safe!

Hope I won’t fall over in my stilettos and hope I will be happy. Hope family won’t pressure me with shit questions about failed relationship or my weight issues during the visits or I might just break down. I might.

They say we are not supposed to cry during cny if not it’ll signify that we’ll be crying throughout entire year. Sounds bad ain’t it. Goodness.

And I’m pretty sure I’m having PMS at this very moment. And also some dragon baby fever.

I’m gonna sleep it off.

Once again, happy lunar new year everyone.
Have fun!



Feeling joyous because of cny :)
Otherwise, I think I’m supposed to be sad.

Lots to do today. Need to clean my room one last time, sweep away all the bad luck, change my mattress to a new pink/red one, try my outfit on for the final time, have reunion dinner, watch awesome tv program, pray to my ancestors, countdown to CNY and then stay up to 守睡!

I think I definitely over spent this month for CNY. After calculation, I may have spent over $600 for this cny. I’m gonna kill myself next month when the bills come.

Just did my hair yesterday and it’s awesome. Well it’s not exactly the color that I wanted but it’s the darker version of it. Guess my hair is unable to absorb so much now :(


Yay can’t wait for reunion dinner later.

End of Sunshine

It’s Monday again, no matter you like it or not. It’s Monday again, no matter you are ready for it or not. It’s Monday again, no matter it’s raining or not.

The only consolation we can have about this particular Monday is that it is the week before chinese new year and we are all supposed to be joyous.

Instead of dreading and worrying about all of this week’s shits, I might as well let loose and not think about them.

It’s mid-jan. One mth away from horrid valentine’s day.

Let’s rot.


Recently, all my sleeps have been rather uneasy. And I have been having bad dreams. Mostly related to work. The stress of Tuesday and Wednesday’s cases have been overwhelming. Mainly due to the stock issue.

I just wish that it’ll be over soon and I can finally enjoy my cny.

Cny shopping with my girls today. And then our annual Reunion Dinner.
We are going to the Canto-I at Ion. Been there once and it was quite unforgettable. Yum.my!

Woke up too early today. And then spent the time worrying about work and the cases. Not easy. Not easy.

Good Sunday everybody.


“But I didn’t understand then. That I could hurt somebody so badly she would never recover. That a person can, just by living, damage another human being beyond repair.”
― Haruki Murakami

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