Mmmmmmm. Interesting article.
Seems legit.

15 Reasons Why You Should Make-out With Someone.

1. Because he or she is really hot, and you can forsee telling your friends “Oh, we made out once.” with extreme pride.

2. Because the conversation isn’t actually that interesting. (Or because it’s so interesting that you could just kiss them.)

3. Because they smell really, really good.

4. Because if you wanna know how he loves you so? It’s in his kiss.

5. Because you actually believe in your friend’s ability to not be weird about it the next day.

6. Because you think they might be famous one day, and want to make out with them just in case.

7. Because they’re moving away and you’re never, ever going to see them again.

8. Because you happen to know your ex is on a date right now.

9. Because you had a huge crush on them in high school, and your 15 year-old self wouldn’t want you to squander the opportunity.

10. Because you had a few drinks, and you’re feeling happy, flirty, and bold.

11. Because you feel like making out with someone, and they are someone.

12. Because you just need to remind yourself that you can make it happen.

13. Because he or she just put the absolute best song on the jukebox/beat you at darts/ordered a whiskey neat/is wearing a Battlestar Gallactica T-shirt.

14. Because you’re a really good kisser, and when you have a talent you should share it with the world.

15. Because you just had the best date of your life, and think this might be the start of something serious.


Well whatcha waiting for?


It’s kinda funny when your horoscope tells you that “you are gonna meet some one out of your league”.

Well it actually says im gonna meet someone I thought was out of my league but is not.

And the entire day, I’ve been looking around & categorizing guys according to:

– I’m wayyy out of his league
– I’m out of his league
– In my league
– Out of my league
– Wayyy out of my league

It’s really interesting to be judging guys this way.
Finding it really entertaining.

And I begin to get so mixed up & confused as to which category do they belong to?

Like for example:

Sat beside a “body builder” in the train.

First impression, good looks with awesome, albeit too muscular, body.
Really seductive cologne I must say.


However, he is really massive that he’s taking up 2 seats instead of one.
And seriously, not embarrassed about it at all (since reason for massiveness is due to muscles pffft).
Which seems wrong to me that an obese person has to feel embarrassed & sorry for taking up 2 seats while a body- builder does the same & felt proud of it.

And also, drinking throughout journey. Quite sure it’s some Protein-body-building-milk though smells like soya milk to me.

Inconsiderate & smug much?

Final verdict: Well definitely IN MY LEAGUE or even I’M OUT OF HIS LEAGUE.

Anyway this is how my entire day went. Really got me thinking what kind of person is out of my league/in my league.

And then I got angry at my horoscope app. Who the hell is it to decide if anybody is gonna be out of my league?

Please call me Emma.

Last name Stone.




At the salon.
Normally I’ll look horrible sitting at those salon chair but this one’s not bad!

It’s red, red.
And now I’m scared as to what will my bosses’ reactions be. Shit.
Clearly did not think this through!
I mean, it doesn’t look that professional does it?

Anyway what’s done is done.

Got home super late & lazy to take photo of it.
So, sneak preview!


It’s really red especially the fringe part. 😏. I would be totally happy if not for my job related worries.

Anyway I think my salon’s not too bad. Been going back there since my my rebond session. The price is good too!
My hair length is $140 for just color. Pretty cheap ey.
And they uses Schwarzkopf’s product, which is not bad. Comparable to L’oreal or Shiseido.

They are located in Liang Court, which I like because it’s kinda isolated yet not exactly out of the way.

X’pect Gallery

177 River Valley Road #02-18/18A Liang Court, 179030, Singapore

Spent a bomb!
Came across this shop at Liang Court LALU which sells pretty decent clothes. I don’t wanna talk about it.
It’s a mistake to walk in.

Anyway was at the bus stop waiting for bus home and saw a couple of kiddos’ alighting, clearly going to Rebel/Zirca.

Very jealous. Wish I’m 18 again.
Reminds me very much of the excitement back then, alighting & walking all the way from Clark Quay station & queuing up at MOS, all excited & dressed in tube top & jeans/pants (that was my standard clubbing attire back then!).

Nowadays there’s no way I’ll be taking public transport to club.
Nah, nope, not happening.

Anyway, excited about hair!

Hair woes

本小姐 needs a new hair color.
Although just cut my hair, felt that it needs more update.

In search of new inspiration for new hair color!


Im really considering dark colors like chocolate color or even black!
But can’t do that to myself again.

So maybe a red.

Bored of never being able to achieve desired color.


Hk drama



Well of course it’s not my Tony Leung, if it’s him I wouldn’t have been able to be here typing this post as I’ll probably be in jail for frantically sexually attacking him.


(also known as Liu Ching/Sean Lau)



And his wife 😊

He is very handsome!!
Got the super celebrity feel!

He was sitting in the alfresco area in the dark with his friends & wife. The table was just a normal table in the midst of the hundreds of table but I was just so able to spot him!

See, celebrity x factor. Awesomeness!

And yes he is really good looking.
My type.
Dark, tall.
And really, not fat! I don’t know why he always looks fat in the movies but he is not. Kinda muscular if you will.

I think he is in town for Tod’s.
When I told my sister, we totally came out with the most awesome scenario involving entire cast of Infernal Affairs with Zheng Zhi Wei trying to shoot him & both Andy & Tony betraying everybody & etc etc.

And I’ll be there washing my hands.

Anyway, bucket list checked!


Been so crazed!
Oh my god hardly had time to relax.

Anyway, been a tourist yesterday!
Well, was bringing my business associate from NZ around yesterday & realise how little I know about SG!

And how un-singaporean I am.
I didn’t even had chilli crab before & couldn’t answer when he asked if its any good.
Also, haven’t been to MBS Skypark before (he did on his previous trip here). And I couldn’t any of the political/historical questions about SG.

Ah I’m an embarrassment.

Yay that’s 本小姐 at Skypark. Awesome breezy feel I must say.

Finally a job that needs me to drink during work! Woots!
A whole lot of drinking actually!




Damn amazing view!
And wow I must say I am an awesome photographer!
Ya alright it’s the apps but still!
Love all these photos 😊


Seriously good seafood at Long Beach.
Well my boss always goes to Jumbo but I think Long Beach is better!

And the crabs & lobsters are seriously crazily huge!



Had an awesome day with Mark 😊
Always love it when he comes.
I get to be all touristy & also tour guidy!

Already got him thinking about what to have for his nxt trip.
And it’s so damn funny with his “bloody hell!” & “Jesus Christ!!” with the hot weather in SG.

Office torture

Realized just how many freakish photos I took in my office today.
Really reflects how “stuck” I am in my office.






Okay la I’ll admit I uploaded them because I look AWESOME in them. LOL.

Anyway funny story.
I bunned my hair up today (new record of 2 bobbies!) & went to the office where everybody start telling me how much more professional I look & I should continue.

I was like fml I just wanna do it for one day eh.

And really, nobody realise I was doing a Zooey Deschanel. Everybody said I look Korean. Damn. Epic fail.


Officially handicap.

Nail broke, tragically.


Typing with forefinger sucks!
I’m so unhappy that my nail broke & I have to become so inconvenient.

And guess how I broke it?
I fell down AGAIN.
Fml I’ve fell down so many times that I don’t feel a wee bit of embarrassment anymore.
Just “oh shucks, fell down again.” & get up.
The guy behind me even panicked & ask “are you alright?” & I can easily brush it off as “nah I’m okay”.

Seriously not good at wearing heels or what?!


But anyway, spent an awesome evening with Lewis, Korean BBQ at Katong, good “Hite” beer, fun car rides in his funny little vintage mini-cooper, blasting songs throughout & singing all high.



Ending the night with a final farewell to my old sweetheart.
Lewis was so kind enough to send me to his house to pass him the leftover boxes.

I gonna be honest & tell you that I’m totally sad.
But at the same I wanna congrats myself for this final good bye & really start afresh.
I couldn’t even look at him when I handed the box to him.
Maybe a mixture of guilt for my cruelty & cold-shoulder towards him. But also I think I might just let his sneaky ass creep in again if I do look him in the eyes.

I AM OFFICIALLY SINGLE & will be for at least one year.

Typing with my forefinger is really tiring me out.
Plus need to meet my business associates from Japan tomorrow.
Had an emotionally tiring night.

Good night folks.



Obviously too in love with my make up for today. Thus the multiple photos uploaded.


Held in place with 5 bobby pins. Hairstylist says too messy. Tsk.

Indeed too many bobbies. Only managed to retrieve 4. I wonder where did the 5th one went.
Petty convinced that it’s somewhere in my hair or head.
Should have done a swab/sharp count before & after.

Bad night people.
You should never talk to your ex-bf when you are already unstably floating in mid-air. It’ll cause a whole lot of hyperventilation. And perhaps, lonesome suicidal/murderous risks.

But good thing I always have a friend with me


Look! My one-&-only limited edition lovely custom-made wallpaper!!


Made for laoniang & only laoniang can use! Hehe. Major sweetness.

Night dollies!!!

p.s: may you rot in hell.




I know right.
But I can’t just get enough!



Colorful Monday everybirdy!!
Wore my red sweater over my dress because yup, I don’t like my dress anymore.

Ma Boyfriend


(Ain’t he looking good? Seriously this boy is growing up!)

Good news dolls, his new album “Boyfriend” is out.

How do I know?
Because, well, once again, my twitter was flooded by his tweets & RTs. The girls are going bonkers! And such intriguing album title. Those girls must be thinking that he dedicated this album to them because they are his rightful “Girlfriend” (oh well kinda sound like the relationship I’m having with both Ryans & etc).

But anyway, happy Bieber day!

Heading to work now.

If you wanna change your luck, start thinking like you’ve got it. That you’ve got luck. That good luck is already with you.

**but if you do miss that train/bus/step on dog shit/fell down the stairs/rip your pants/ETC, then maybe your time is not here yet. Nevertheless, keep it up! Keep thinking you’ve got it!

Can’t let it happen again.


Oh god. I’m doom.

You evil sweet mother of god. Please don’t let me be sucked into this hairdo inspiration again.

It’s C.a.n.d.y!

Don’t let the sunshine fall from the sky
Just find the sunshine in your own mind
You’re a lollipop, no second prize
An apple somewhere, in somebody’s eyes

Hey girl, whatcha doing?
Hey girl, where you going?
Shot in the arm, a twinkly eye
She could have fell, fell out of the sky
She could have fell right out of the sky
Who’s that girl?
Who’s that girl?


Midnight glittttt


#wkndmani :)

Seriously loving the midnight blue with the awesome glitters.


A literal rendition of my current mood would see me pacing up & down the corridor outside the operating theatre, in style of k-drama.

That’s how panicky I am.
How helpless I could be for myself.

Seriously, can’t stop pacing.
The mystery of this is out of my context, or perhaps my way overdue context.

Have I been out too long or have I not been watching enough SATC?
What would Carrie Bradshaw do?

Nonetheless, it’s a holy Sunday & I ought to get my ass out of this bed because time didn’t stop in view of my tsunami. Time, in fact, blew me off & gave me a figurative middle finger that clearly says “fuck you bitch.”.

The main objective here is to clearly highlight my outstanding imploding issues but yet I find them detestable & despicable, so much so that I couldn’t in fact, look right through them & give the satisfactory, truthful, much needed answer.

I was held at hostage with the inner consciences at the trigger. No joke, no joke. I could have swore that I’m not ready to run but yet clearly, unwilling to be held by that shotgun.

This Sunday is clearly wrong. So was the Saturday.

Oh sweet lord what have I done.

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