A drink or two

Most of the time, life is like drinking at the bar.
At different hour, there’s different crowd. Sometimes it’s so full of people, all over, sometimes it’s just a cat or two.

Sometimes you drink so much you swear you’re experiencing the highest of highs, but sometimes, you get the lowest of lows no matter how much you drink.

Sometimes you just wanna have a martini, just sit & watch the crowd. Sometimes, you wanna be the one leading the dance floor.

Beautiful little fool


Happy Horse Year

Happy lunar new year to all.

It has been a fruitful happy cny.
Fun packed with activities, as compared to the easy peasy last year.
Dizzy with jam pack schedule for the first two days. But i was definitely having so much fun.

I love all these festivals. I love family time.

May everybody have a fruitful & prosperous horse year.

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