It’s been 5 years since I last went bangkok for a holiday.
Past few times had been for work, and really just work.

I had hell lot of fun this time round.
My bangkok colleague brought me around, had such a great time!

Can’t wait to be back next month.

The PH Bitch

Happy holiday everybody.

There’s something awesome about not working on Tuesday.

Like a sexy bitch that rudely cuts into a long ass queue and there’s nothing to do but to let her cut.
And she always has got that triumphant smile with her that says “UP YOUR

Love Tuesday PH.

Busy week ahead. Sales meeting tomorrow morning!
Im so dreading it. So damn dreading.
Like a 2nd interview of sort.

And business trip to KL.
Thankfully just a day trip. Cannot imagine sleeping in foreign hotel alone right now after reading the Haunted Hotel posted on FB.

And then it’ll be weekend! Hurrayyyy.
This weekend is Cheesecake weekend if I don’t get too lazy.

Just bought a book!
Love how cheap books are as compared to say a skirt or a dress, but yet keep me excited & happy & satisfied for quite some time.

Not trying to be a studious bitch here but it’s true.

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