Sisterly time

WHOOHOOO. Went out with bestie sister last night for dinner and some shopping. Was supposed to get my clubbing outfit for tonight but couldn’t find anything. That’s why I hate shopping for dress last min! I can never find it.

But good news is both of us already found our CNY dress :) Both entirely different style. Totally excited about it! I love my dress but not gonna reveal until the day itself! Whahaha. But it’s awesome! I love love love it.

Also, need to buy new heels to match my dress! Hehe. Excited!

And realized that my entire festive season has been eating non stop. I seriously gained like so much weight. My face is permanently swollen. Sigh!






Ya I know I have a love hate relationship with her. Haha.

Anyway, happy long weekend!


Photo taken in office because well its Friday and I don’t wanna work! Hahahah.

Okay okay enjoy yourselves everybody!


Oh gosh was so busy celebrating all the festive season that I totally forgot all about the new year’s resolutions! Gosh. It’s okay, I’ll do them tomorrow. I think I did mine on 1st Jan last year too.

Totally excited to review this 2011. Well it wasn’t one of my best year, but still, I think there has been some good things, not all bad. It’s just how you look at it. And well, im never a optimistic person, but maybe I should try to be.

Anyway, BIG COUNTDOWN TONIGHT! Oooh totally excited. But I wanted to think of it as just a normal clubbing because the more I’m excited about it, the more I won’t enjoy it in the end. And the recent clubbing sessions had proved to be rather unhappy for me. So I’m a little scared about tonight. I surely hope history will not repeat itself again and I’ll be able to enjoy myself to the fullest. Seriously. No more taking care about people, no more worrying about my girls. I think its time I myself enjoy a little too!

Okay that’s for all now.

Have a happy countdown with your loved ones everyone!
Let’s just hope 2012 is as good as it sounds.

The King & I


Love my cutie pies to the max. They are the sweetest human being ever. I still remember the first time I carry them, and all the growing up periods, their first step, their first word, etc.
Can’t believe they’re all grown up now. Time flies.

It’s been ten years. What have u learnt?
What have I learnt?

It’s sad to see time flying pass us. Leaving us with no room for innocence. We’re losing out so much. So much. I don’t wish to go back to the past. I don’t wish to go forward too. And I don’t wanna stay in the present also. What am I left with? Is there a 4th dimension that I can go just for a little while.


This time, annual spring cleaning, is gonna take much more effort.
I don’t know.

Feeling really sad. I hate doing this. I hate packing things up. I hate opening up boxes to see these endless of meaningless memories.

Big sigh.

Anyway, 1st Jan. 5.30PM. That’s it.

A billion of unwillingness.


Billion. Zillion.

I don’t wanna close that chapter.



Love this :) Love us :)

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There’s always gonna be someone better, someone prettier, someone slimmer, someone smarter, someone more successful, someone taller, someone who’s got it all. But that shouldn’t matter because you are who you are and you are perfect being who you are because God makes no mistake.



Don’t you hate it…

When your menses decides to surprise you mid-day and you have no pad with you?

Well tts exactly what happened to me today and I had to run to the nearest convenient shop and shamefully buy the smallest pack of pad which is of course a major 10-packs.


It’s thick it’s bulky it’s so where do I put them? Obviously, my small compact bag is impossible to fit it the rest of the 9 pads. And when they get packe together, they become as thick as a brick.

And I was on the way to see a few doctors, and the plastic bag that the stupid shop gave was as good as transparent.

I wish they would sell like individual pad or have the pad dispenser in every toilet. I mean I am very sure this happens to all girls at least once a year. Seriously!

Okay enough complaining. It’s just me and my bad menses cramp and the hormones doing the sins.

It’s been quite long since I had menses cramp. I feel like a teenager again! In a bad way.

Too Many Apps!

Can’t decide which one is nicer!!



Love this photo! Not only because I look cute in it but everybody looks good too!

Food for Thoughts

“If as a child, the person did not receive much attention from his parents or his peers then he may grow up feeling neglected. Those feelings will then be the main drive behind the person’s attention seeking behavior.

Abusive parents and parents who are always absent usually make their children feel that they are overlooked and so the child may grow up becoming an attention seeking adult.

Sometimes adults seek attention because of jealousy. When someone finds himself threatened by another person who takes all the attention he is supposed to get he may respond with attention seeking behavior.

Lack of self worth can be another cause for attention seeking behavior. Some people think that they are overlooked and so they think that the only solution to restore their balance is to bring back the lost attention. The attention they will get in this case will provide them with reassurance and will help them think that they are worthy.

Arrogant & overconfident people may seek attention because they have the feeling that they deserve to be in the center of attention. Because they aren’t mature enough they still think with their inner child’s mentality which makes them believe that they are the center of the world.

Usually the child thinks that he is the center of the universe around which all other objects revolve. If the child’s way of thinking didn’t mature he will grow up thinking that he is the center of the world and so he will be an attention seeking adult.

Narcissists are also attention seekers. They consider this attention a good source of narcissistic supply and so they strive to get it. If you ignored a narcissist he will definitely hate you especially if he was hoping to get some attention from you.”



Ditching the old red nails and my 4days old French tips for this awesome nude color. I think it looks great and mature! Whahaha. Of course I think I’m gonna bling it before new year countdown this weekend.

Oh God I’m gaining weight at an incredible speed. I don’t know what to do with it! And theres nothing that I wanna do with it. I just think, again, we should be confident and love ourselves no matter how we look or how fat we are.

So, love yourself. Love myself Candy.


I’m so happy to see my progress. I remember exactly one year ago, I was in such miserable state that nothing, no presents or any event or any festive season was able to cheer me up.

Wow just had an awesome Christmas with my girls yesterday, cooking, talking, taking photos, exchanging presents, complaining, bitching, eating, watching movie etc!

I love them so much and also appreciate how much they love me despite being my horrible self. These are things so damn hard to find that some people spent their entire life searching. So glad to have them in my life.















It’s so happy to receive presents that are on your Xmas present list!! So happy.
Thank you my Favourite-Cute-Santa for all the three presents! Have a safe ride back ti North Pole:)

From my list I think I got most of them already. So happy!

Next up is of course the New Year Countdown! I hope it’ll be awesome. Not too many people, fantastic DJ, just the right amount of liquor with nobody getting mad drunk etc. I just wanna celebrate and be happy now.

I just wanna be selfish now.

Merry Christmas everybody. I sincerely wish that everybody will be happy and merry all the way till next Christmas.


Omg I’ve been so busy! With both work and personal life! I don’t even have time to write anything or even just to update my status.

I think my health is finally frustrated with my unhealthy lifestyle that it’s gonna rebel.

Seriously need to stop partying and drinking so much. Im kind of feeling like Its getting harder for me to get high now. And I hate to be the one being all sober.


It’s XMAS EVE :))

And I’m now packing my bag, getting ready for our annual Xmas celebration. Awesome! So excited though it’s raining and it’s like terribly late. Haha. We girls really do know how to drag time!

Here are the Xmas gifts that I’ve received so far! Both are awesomely good especially the Organiser cus it’s the exact one that I wanted and it’s on my Xmas list! Never kills to have a Xmas list :))



Royce chocolate from boss who is away on vacation. I haven’t tried it but pretty sure it’s already half gone by now.

I’ve given out most of my presents, mainly:

-the company’s secret Santa’s Crabtree & Evelyn lotion & shower gel
-my sister’s Marc by Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume Balm in Ring
-my mom’s Chanel lipstick
-the kids’ 4 presents – diary and gun for biebie, pencil case and nail polish for meimei.

This year I really feel the joy of giving. I never used to understand that phrase because I never think giving present would be so joyous. I always hate the fact that well I’m not the one getting the present!

I think this is growth! Haha. I really do feel the joy of giving! And also this year I’ve put in a lot if effort and money on buying the gifts! I guess quality present does give you quality feeling too! Haha.

Anyway I have about 3 more present to give. The girls’, Amber and Aerilyn.

So fun!

Okay got to go celebrate Xmas now!
Have fun everybody and have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

Last breath

“For death begins with life’s first breath And life begins at touch of death.”

Just found out that my colleague’s mom just passed on today and she’s still in total shock because it came all too sudden.

And it starts to make me think and feel really scared.
You could be looking at your parents today and thinking that you still have another atleast 20 year with them but what if God has a different plan? What if God just decides that oh it’s time?

I don’t know man but this truth really scares me, that the more we grow, the nearer we are to losing people to death. And its something that we can’t control and we can’t predict and there’s really nothing that we can do about it. It’s just so sad to know that.

Why must people grow old?
It’s just not fair that death happens and the person will completely vanish from this earth. Not even a once a year visit or whatever. Nothing. Just disappear into thin air.

The more I think about it the more afraid I get.

It’s totally different from, say, moving to another country. This is like disappear.

I dont know. It’s all too depressing.


Whew busy week!
But glad to say, I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping already! Bought most of the presents already and also my mom’s for her birthday this coming Wednesday.

Oh and I went for Terumo’s Christmas party at Sentosa ONE 15 Marina Club. Such a birds-don’t-even-lay-eggs-there place omg. But wow what a nice place to stay in! Can totally smell the riches.

The theme was Retro and I think we were the only ones who dressed up for it. Totally shit can. But it’s nice to be dressing up together :)



That’s Junichi-San, boss of Terumo Singapore. Giselle and I both agree that he must have looked dashing when he was young. Like some Japanese superstar. Haha!

Anyway went shopping with Xinzi and went to Wild Honey, which I must say, is again, totally awesome. I always say that I’m gonna try other breakfast the next time I go, but I always end up eating the English Breakfast again. Mmmm.




So exciting! Just one more week to Christmas! Im already so in the mood I don’t think I can get any more festive than this. Lol. Seriously merry.

Got all my presents done up. I spent like a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot more than what I should but I kept thinking “To hell with it! It’s Christmas and everybody deserves a present! Who needs money!”

Well of course, I need money.

Anyway the damage is done in exchanged for all these awesome nicely wrapped + nice baggies presents!


So happy. And also gotten a present of myself, a bag from Aldo! I know I really shouldn’t but I really need one! Okay this one didn’t really fit what I really need, but i think it’s okay because that’ll give me another reason to buy another one :))


Mine is in black and gold buckle and all. Can’t wait to use it on Monday!

Stay fabulous everybody!

Vit C

Need to load up my immunity supplements omg. Why am I sick again? This cough is so stubborn it didn’t leave me at all but hide inside me for the longest time making me think that it’s gone and then coming out for a sudden attack 11 days before Xmas.

Was listening to The Muttons today and they were saying that actually we are facing a serious shortage for Chocolate because there aren’t enough cocoa trees to continue the demand.

And researchers predict that in 20 years, a bar of chocolate is gonna cost as much as caviar!

Oh I’m so gonna stock up all the chocolates. It’s gonna be doomsday man. What are we gonna do when we need this sweet charge-up? What are we gonna do when we are having PMS?? What are we gonna do when we have strong craving? What are we gonna receive on Valentine’s day? What are we gonna do when we get our hearts broken? What are we gonna do when we wanna get some of that famous Amos!

Omg I can’t imagine life without chocolate :(
I’m so sad.

And according to The Muttons, its actually because of the China. Because they were so late in the chocolate market. Because they don’t originally eat chocolate because its a western culture. So when they started eating it, they fall in love with it so much that the demand raises above what the cocoa tree can produce.

So, awww! No more chocolate. In the meanwhile, we need to stuff ourselves with chocolate. Seriously treasure it while it’s still available n cost $1 per bar! Stock up! Stuff ourselves!

Okay weekend is ALMOST here. And then it’s the Xmas week. And then the new year week. So yay. I feel like taking 2 weeks off just to completely soak up this festive season and really celebrate life.

But I can’t.

I know I’m happy but somewhere in me, deep down, a little corner, amongst all the every other things, I feel this tiny little emotion that’s been bugging me. Like appearing out of no where to remind me of its presence. Everybody knows what it is, I know what it is, but I think if I could just ignore it and not acknowledge its presence, it’ll just give up waving hand hysterically in the air, and retreat to a dusty corner where it’ll rot to death.

I’m tired. Needs to sleep!

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