Oh my god I’m so tired I feel like it’s school days all over again.
I think it’s been months since I last had only 5 hours of sleep! My brain is obviously not ready for this kind of activity. And my body is aching.

Have got a case starting at 9.
Wish me luck. I need luck. Good enough that there’s no jam through the expressways. Good start. Good start.

This is not even a contest


Because the winner is so obvious.

One’s saying “premium chicken thigh, half price off! Grab it now! Hairless raw chicken thigh! Best for thanksgiving!”

Another one says “I’m fabulous.”

Okay I promise this will be the last post about Angelina and her hideous right leg.

Braid me


Happily braided for Tuesday :)
Have a good day everybody!


Whoa I’m so tired. I’ve been I front of the laptop ever since I got home, just changing my theme and everything.

I did not expect to change my blog appearance but since I’ve got a new address, might as well change everything.

And I’ve had that pink color theme for the longest time. It’s time I change.

And I’ve got so many ideas yet no idea at all.

I’m happy with the background but not happy with the font.

And also not that happy with my header but just too tired to continue photoshopping it already. So I’m just gonna leave it as it is now and do some final editing again some other time :)

But I love the colors!
So bright and colorful.



I’m so so so glad for her. Although I haven’t watch it yet, I know it’s gonna be awesome.

Can you believe she’s 62 already? It’s so scary. I’m so afraid that this might be her last Oscar already :(

Please god don’t let this be her last Oscar!

She’s seriously one of the world’s best actress.

F the leg

I had enough of this piece of crap.



Nobody gives a fucking damn about your leg please! Nobody is envious nobody is awed nobody is giving shit to it so please keep it IN YOUR DRESS BITCH.

And I think there’s even a twitter account for HER RIGHT LEG. Yes just for her right leg.
Can you believe that?

Well at least I’m not the only one feeling it:


See see! People do want her to keep her stick inside.

Go away! Nobody likes you. And stop thinking you are perfect.

source – eonline instagram

In your mouth


This is sooo funny. LOL
It got everybody, well not everybody, everybody except the bieliebers, feeling seriously “WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!?”

But seriously isn’t this like totally too much? It’s really funny that people are buying this. Like seriously? So that you can feel him in your mouth everytime you brush your teeth or something?

I have nothing against him, I’m not anti him and definitely not a bielieber. I like his songs and I know how to sing them.

I’m not disgusted by him and I can totally imagine how I’m gonna fall for him if I’m to be 14 now. And I find him and Selena Gomez a rather cute couple. At least cuter than that Kristen steward and my Robert.

But his popularity is really getting too much! Toothbrush! What’s next? Shampoo… Shower gel.. And everything else.

This is hilarious.

Best Dressed

Oscar’s 2012 Best Dressed – F3 Facebook

Okay she is definitely, in my opinion, THE BEST DRESSED ♥

Source – JustJared 

Look at her! So stunning. The red tone really really suit her. I love it.

Maybe also because I’ve always liked her, so, I’m being baised. But I love Natalie Portman too but I don’t think she looks as good.

Oh my. I would give 5 7 years if my life just to be there, standing in one of these  ♥

I don’t even need to win an Oscar. I don’t even need to be nominated okay.

Paris Rendezvous


Title is not irrelevant!
It’s the mode of this photo editing app for the photo above.

Must download! It has the best food mode and always make them look so professional :)

And best of all, there’s no need to crop the photo into a square unlike Instagram. So you can have all the original photo size.

And it also has got other modes for self shots etc.

It’s Lunchtime at Vivocity. You can’t imagine the amount of people here on a dull Monday afternoon. What is this? School holidays? Is the whole world going Sentosa for that sunny-breezy-sandy fun?

Come to think of it it’s been a long time since I step into Sentosa.

Was so unlucky this morning. Was at Alexandra Hospital and I missed the prof by just 1 minute. Apparently he just stepped out of the clinic when I reach.

It’s not the first time that I missed him. Seems like I have seriously no fate with him omg.

Anyway heading to SGH after lunch. Clever me, anticipated the admin-lunch-time thing and will only go after 2pm :)

Happy Monday!

WordPress VS Tumblr

One of the reason why I changed my blog address was because I had an initial plan to leave WordPress totally and move to Tumblr.

First of all, I’m sick of being boycotted from all the social websites such a FB and YouTube.

There are easy, fast, straight forward links to and fro YouTube or FB. If you wanna share a YouTube link, all you need to do is to click “Share” from the video and there’s an immediate link to your Tumblr.

But there isn’t any direct link to WordPress. And worse of all, WordPress don’t even recognize YouTube’s ordinary URL. You have to select the “long-link” which gives you a longer URL to be able to post the videos.

It’s quite a lot of hassle.

And almost all the other websites allows you to “Share” directly to your Tumblr account. I’m just so jealous.

And I wanted a new name, so the timing of my jealousy/frustration couldn’t be better.

Until I went to google “Switching from WordPress to Tumblr” that’s when I realize I shouldn’t.

I had wanted to find out ways to transfer all my almost 800 entries to Tumblr.

The search results showed mainly the other way round – “switching from Tumblr to WordPress” – and only a few showed what I was looking for.

So I started reading all the reviews and it seems that serious bloggers were all opting for WordPress instead, citing that Tumblr is really more for people who wanted a lot of interactions, photos, videos, and minimal words.

For long posts bloggers, WordPress is actually a better choice and all the options/themes/widgets/etc are actually much easier to navigate and all.

So, I’m back to square one.

And do you know that WordPress offers so many options just to change the name of the blog?

You can actually:

1) change the name of the entire blog

– meaning to say changing ayecandy to candeely but also means that if visitors were to go ayecandy, they will not be able to access as it’s already non-existent

2) transfer the entire blog to a new blog

– which was what I did and still being able to inform visitors from the old blog about the move

3) redirect all visitors to the new blog automatically

– most awesome option obviously but need money

I don’t know what can Tumblr offer though.
But anyway since I’m actually more comfortable here, I might as well just stay. Though I must say I’m sad to leave the ayecandy blog because I’ve really maintain it for like almost 2 years.

But okay, I like the new address more :)

Okay great it’s almost 2am and I’m still so awake writing away.


I know I always have stupid, incomprehensible titles but I hate thinking up titles for every new post. Why should I do that? Ugh. So I’ll always just put any random words that pop up in my mind. Sorry for that.

Anyway, I just can’t stand myself anymore. I realise I’m so not discipline. I’m able to give zillion excuses for my laziness and procrastinations.

I can wake up on time, only to go back to sleep because “I need to”.

I can spend the last bit of my money on shopping/food because “I’m having a bad day”.

I can be late for anything appointment/occasion/meeting because “I’m having bad hair day/fat day/don’t feel good day”.

I can just take a cab because “I think my legs are gonna be tired”.

I can procrastinate my driving license for 2-3 years just because “no car anyway”.

Oh my god!

There are so many other stupid excuses I’ll give myself to do stupid things and ruin a certain plan.

So from tomorrow onwards, I’m gonna be super discipline.
Whatever time I set on my alarm, is gonna be the time I’m gonna wake up.
Whatever time I say I’m gonna leave the house, I’m gonna leave.
Whatever money plan I set for my month, I’m gonna stick to it.
Whatever plans I have, I’m gonna do it.

No more laziness no more shortcuts no more procrastinations.

I can’t be the same anymore! I’m 24 soon and have accomplished nothing. That’s not right.

Good luck to me though. My determination to stay lazy always seems to overpower my determination to be discipline. Need to empower myself! It’s me, against me.


There we go again.
Monday. Start of another week.
Another I-hate-Monday post.


Well at least this week I feel a little better because it’s pay day week and I’ll have the chance to use new bag, new heels, new dresses.
There’s always a silver lining :)

Kinda stressful week with a new case for new implant (that I have no idea about – so dead!) and another tender due on Friday. And 2 shipments to coordinate. 1 ass to meet.

And I was thinking about a haircut mid week and a massage for weekend.

That’s about it. If they go according to my plans, everything should be fine. If they don’t, then I’m quite screwed.

Have a fine week!

Serious shit


I’ll forever be trying to achieve this color, even if it takes bleaching.

This is serious cool shit that I just have some strong urge for.

One day I’ll get it. No more jet-black until I get it.


Bought this from Kino yesterday.
Happiness ; Safety zone ; Security blanket ;


I’m gonna start collecting them because I’m just so tired of trying to hunt them down from all the libraries in SG and only to say good bye to them again after 3 weeks.

This is the sequel to Wild Sheep Chase which I got for Christmas.
Was deciding between this or Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World but decided to get this instead since I’ve just finish Wild Sheep Chase and simply want more of Dolphin Hotel bizarre :)

Oh and so glad to see Bridget Jones Diary under the “All Time Favorite” section along with Norwegian Wood. Was so gonna get it but it’s cover was a black & white special edition which I’m not so keen on and already had my hands full from all the shoppings yesterday so I’m gonna give it a miss and it’s original copy the next time.

Knowing I had a collection of my favorite books there really helped me to keep calm and feel secured. Knowing that I can just grab one and fall into its tranquility made me feel so much better with whatever I’ll go through one of these days.

Thank you, authors.

Who did you fancy as a teen?


Glamour (British – March)

Oh so cute.

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