Bacon bitsy!

Sumptuous dinner tonight! ❤❤


Everything taste awesome with bacon bits & onions!

So stock them up.
And smoked salmon too.
Oh smoked salmon….

Another home-made!


Another of my rojak-salad creation.
Lunchie for today!



3 Potatoes
4 Eggs
2 Onions
Feta-cheese (crumbled)
Pinch of salt & some pepper

(2 servings)


Okay I cheated because it’s not entirely using all-that-I-have-in-fridge.
I bought the potatoes.

And I should have used 4 potatoes instead of 3.

So may you always have eggs & onions because they can save your life (or tummy).

Some bacon bits would be awesome though!

So that’s lunch for today.
I love Saturdays 😊

Whatever you have

Did a rojak-salad today, throwing in whatever that I could find in my fridge:

Smoked-salmon, hotdog, crabstick, egg, fetta cheese & a little light mayonnaise


Honestly good because I didn’t I’d be having dinner at all but turns out manage to scrape whatever I could find into a delicious meal.

Starting to think of myself as very multi-talented, very self-reliant & obviously full of inner-poise.




Nervous to pop popcorn because it always feels like my microwave is exploding.

But if you preserver till the end, you’ll get all of them popped!

Okay this brand is so-so. Kinda plain. Oh well if it gets any saltier or butterier, it wouldnt be healthy now would it?

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