My afternoon spent with chinese food & good old beer.

How come I can’t understand what’s the chinese food about? They’ve got like “Chow mien” “Shuu mien” “Foo young eggs” etc.
So cute.

And it’s so stupid to fly 24hrs across the globe to have chinese food -_-

But everywhere else is closed. So it’s either this or more room service.


Lame picture of me blowing the hubba bubba. Pink & all.

Leaving for New Jersey tomorrow & have to wake up early to pack & all.
Which I’m totally lazy about because nobody likes packing.

And I heard NJ is flooded now but we’re heading to Tenafly area & I’m sure it’s okay because the training is still going on (almost forgot what I was here for!)

So I’m up at 2am & unable to go back to sleep. Is this jetlag? Seriously?

Okay have a good Wednesday (?) all my Singapore peeps. I know you miss me already :D



So we walked over to Little Italy for dinner & drinks today.
It has such great atmosphere that I think it’s okay if I never ever go Italy.

Okay fine I didn’t actually absorb much about the surroundings because I was screaming “it’s so cold! Why is it so cold! I can’t feel my nose anymore. Can the wind stop blowing already!” all the way.

And stupid iPhone has such lousy function where you cannot take pictures with your gloves on.
It’s like it needs to sense your fingerprints or something.

But it’s really beautiful & such lovely scenery. I’ll definitely wanna come back. ( Which I am, next Tuesday. )




Barnes & Noble!
And they have the JK Rowling’s latest book! But closed due to the hurricane Sandy.

I feel like an oversized adult wearing a kid’s coat. Stupid washing machine.



Isn’t this like the most perfect picture ever?
Credits to my colleague for taking this!
(I had to take a similar one for her but failed because I’m just so lousy at photo taking)

Okay my coat looks awfully short because yes I threw it into the washing machine (gasp) & yup it shrank.


Out of the window from the hotel’s restaurant.
No cars, just police cars & not a single soul on the street.
Wind blowing real hard.


My one & only camwhore picture.

Can you imagine how much I hate myself now to only take one camwhore shot even with all the boredom that I’m having?


Bubble-less bubble bath.

I’m so free it doesn’t matter if I’m just soaking in my own filth in hot water.

I got so bored staying in the room.
We sneak out to get some groceries & umbrella got overturned & even the police car stopped to ask if we’re okay.

But damn, policeman’s too cute. Almost wanted to say yes we need a ride to the shop even though it’s just 2 blocks away.

And I got a full manicure stuff & have got perfect nails now :D
Without any cracks or wrinkles on them. Only the truly free people can achieve that – lying on the bed & resting your arms by your side for 30mins.

And it’s just eating. A lot of eating. I’m getting depressed looking at my fatness.

Happy Tuesday to the peeps in SG!
I miss them so much I’m suspecting that I’m home-sick already.

And damn! H&M & Victoria Secret is just 18m away from my hotel!

Stupid hurricane. Please go away.
And why the name Sandy?
Rhymes with Candy.


Staying in my hotel room watching Spongebob :D

It’s colder today.
And everybody that I know is asleep back home cus it’s 3am there.


view from my room

Okay though it’s just Baltimore.
And I’m dead exhausted.
Omg I didn’t realise I’ll be flying for 24hours. How did I get my calculations wrong?

I couldn’t sleep at all because my legs kept cramping but the Japanese guy beside kept dozing off even after multiple coffee & beer.
Made me so mad that why he can sleep but I can’t!

Anyway, I’m in my room & waiting for the hurricane Sandy to strike.
Cool. Heard there’s gonna be flooding too.



Jetting off :)
Finally, after the hoohaa.

I’m dreading all the long hrs & the transit & what not.
And the hurricane.
However, kinda fun.


So many changes in life recently.
Engagements, break-ups etc.

It made me realize that all you can do in life is to go with the flow.
Accept whatever that comes your way & adjust to the changes.

There’s no way around it.
Changes are gonna come whether you like it or not, maybe you wanna spend some days grieving about it, that’s totally fine & normal.

After that though, it’s the hardest part.
After accepting the change, it’s time you change yourself & fit yourself into the new change in life.

That sucks.
Truly sucks.

But hey, that’s life, if you want it to be good one.
If you wanna survive.


Oh such good hair day yesterday.
Why can’t it be good hair day everyday.

I’m so lazy for a Friday holiday.
I’m so lazy for my waxing appt.
I’m so lazy for my errands.
I’m so lazy for my packing.


Kafka On The Shore.

One of my favorite.

The talking cats & the raining sardines.
You need to read it to believe it.

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