My hump

been experiencing right upper back pain for the past month. and when i google it, one of the causes turns out to be large breast, which was hilarious.

anyway, im going Melbourne in like 5 days time (!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!) and still many things are not done yet. like, collecting my luggage from my cousin (damn lazy. need to take cab cus predict luggage would be too big for bus and am trying to save my $1000 for this trip so… been dragging), planning the itinerary (lazy. again, and he is too busy to sit down and discuss, thus, shall do it on the flight there.), planning the checklist (uh huh,  got it, lazy and didnt wanna make myself tooooo excited about it so shall plan it maybe 1 or 2 days before or i’ll panick too early) and planning the must-buys (didnt think i would have time to buy these few days so shall do it one day before the day that im buying) and lots more.

and also, feel that im busy in a way. but yet i have actually nothing much to do. like for instance, yesterday, i cleared my cupboards and shelves, which isn’t necessary at all. and today, i woke up at 10am (thanks to my sad bf who has to spend hari raya working his ass off chopping passport calling me at 9am to wish me selamat hari raya) and am online blogging away and planning to play sushi-go-round later and eat.

tomorrow am working afternoon, tue need to do my eyelash, wed planning to meet wh n val (can buy my must-buys), thu planning to meet angel (can buy the forgotten must-buys) and ta da big friday.

sat am working morning but i’ll be in mel already so after much hesitation, has decided to use my last MC. requested to do night shift this week but sister didnt approve. so shall slap her face with my MC. well, not that i really want to do that but i guess i gotta do what i gotta do.

and now im already dreading coming home. seriously! i can already anticipate the post holiday blue. damn blue its almost black. look at all these excitement that im having now, post blue will be paid ten times more. but good thing is i have my sister to mourn with me as she is going hongkong with her bf one day after i leave for mel. so both of us are spending endless nights now serenading endlessly about our excitement together. unstoppable. she is more excited than me because its her one trip abroad with her bf.

and when im back on sunday, i have to start work almost stat on monday. im hoping for a afternoon shift. but now with my relationsip with the sister, i dare not hope for anything and just have to go with what they give. damn it.

let’s just pray that my trip would be excellent and my post-holiday-blues will be super minimal:)

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