Damn I need a holiday.
I need a rejuvenating treat that will make me regain my energy & zest for life.

And I want my menses to come like right now.
FML this bloatedness & pms is really killing me alive.
I hate the blues.


I miss my girls.


There’s this saying that goes, at the end of your life, you’ll regret the things that you didn’t do, more than the things that you did.

It may just be a bullshit excuse to encourage you to do whatever nonsense your crazy mind is pushing you to, but it seems like a good enough explanation at the end of it.

Even if you regret doing it, at the end of it, you’re gonna say this to yourself, and that’s a simple consolation that most people are looking for.

It’s more than enough.


The Details.

Watched this today, such an intense movie. Really so many details.

And I love Tobey. Although he’s a cheating ass in this movie.

But it also tells me that when your wife & you are not having sex, one of you is definitely cheating.
Or both.


Sometimes it feels like I’m the one tugging onto this end of the rope, sometimes it feels like I’m actually tied to the rope.

Being very cryptic here but I don’t care.

You better be sorry tomorrow.


See what I mean…..


I can never know how those love in hair saloon ever happen.

I’ll never date a hairstylist.

Simply because he would have seen me at my worst.

I’ve never had any of my boyfriends coming along for my hair treatment session.

Because I strongly believe nobody look good during those times.

Who will ever look fabulous with disgusting pasty hair plastered against your scalp like some kind of horrible monster.

And with that, your entire face will just comes into focus. Your face will look ridiculously big & fat. It’s as if you’re naked.

Yes I feel vulnerable during hair treatment.

And guess what will the hairstylist be looking at when they’re washing your hair?
Your face. Like that of a facial beautician.
There’s nothing else to see but your huge ass face.
They’ll be able to focus on your large pores, your fine lines, the tiny mustache that you didn’t know exist.

That’s why I’ll never date a hairstylist.
My hairstylist is a lady. She’s nice & I don’t think she judges her customers :D


Because I’ve been sitting here, on this chair, for the passed 2 hours, flipped through 5 outdated magazines, read through 4 famous blogs, and going out of my mind I’m beginning to count the number of hairs I have on my arms, just to get some color for my hair.

Therefore, I’m gonna write random-nonsensical stuff.

• Men are such a nag.
I don’t know why do they always say women are the naggy ones when clearly, men are the holy naggy cows.

“Please put your P plate.”
“Please drive carefully.”
“Please return your library books.”
“Please remember to have your dinner.”
“Please take the medicine.”

• There are so many types of people. Some genuinely care for you, really concerned about you, while some just merely wanna make use of you.

There’s always a lesson behind every disaster.
And one lesson I’ve learned from this minor car accident is that really, some people don’t really care about you.

It’s not that I’m badly injured or something, it’s just that this considered something out of ordinary.

The response I get from some people are just really politically correct consolation, a line or two, and then immediately moving on to talk about their stuff.

Bitch please, I just came out of a car crash alive!

Okay that’s not the point.
The point is, it really made me realize that some people are just making use of my constant encouragement, and 24/7 listening ears.

And when it’s time for me to receive the same kind of response from them, I got none.

So there it is.

• I’ve just created a Weibo account.
Just so I can follow Xiao S.

I am so lame, I know. But guess who else is on Weibo?
Lee Hom!

I am so chinese now.

• I’m on diet until CNY.
Because I don’t wanna be the fat & ugly single younger sister.
I wanna be the 25 & rocking the world fabulous awesome younger sister :D

• I am always a nice person unless I’ve known you for a longggg time, then you should know that I snap like a bitch.


Say hello to my beautiful niece.
Sweetest little human being on earth.




You can’t teach sense, logic, & maturity.
You can only wait, & pray.

Some will take a few years to attain, some, will take a life time.


It’s midweek.
My week has been slow moving so far.

And I feel insanely weird today, waking up with no urgent appointment.
Just a couple of errands to run.

So I’m gonna catch lunch, and enjoy my day.

Happy Wednesday peeps.


I have finally grown immune to being honked at or even worst, chased after.

I mean, okay uncle, I get your point of honking, to show your displeasure of being cut into “abruptly”, despite a good 1 minute of signaling on my part.

But uncle, what’s your point of chasing after me?? Seriously are you so unsatisfied with your life that you have to burst into a humongous rage when a tiny woman cuts into your lane?

Most uncles need to have some anger management or they’ll get a heart attack soon.


I’m gonna spend $1.5k for the car repair.
Guess what, to make myself feel even worse, I’ve decided to come up with a list of THINGS THAT I COULD HAVE BOUGHT WITH THAT $1.5K:-

• Double eyelid
• Dimples
• New bag
• New wallet
• New clutch
• New rims
• New shades
• New mattress
• New bed
• Save it up, but who are we kidding

Damn you.
I’m gonna put the receipt in front of my steering wheels so that it can remind me to DRIVE CAREFULLY OR IT’S GONNA COST YOU YOUR HARDEARNED MONEY AGAIN.



It’s still raining when I wake up at 5 in the evening.

How can that be that my Sunday is already almost gone & it’s back to reality tomorrow.

Watching HIMYM, and realize that the best relationship should be like lily & Marshall’s.

It’s so nice & comfy & awesome.

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