I had the worst trip ever.
Thankfully it’s a work trip & therefore not expected to be fun.

You know what’s not fun?

Being detained at the custom.
Nope not fun at all.
Sitting there & having judgy eyes thrown at you for one and a half hours :/

And then of course, missing your flight.
I’ve never missed a flight before & let me tell you the feeling of it can definitely be on the same level as say, losing your mobile phone.

Seriously that bad okay.

Especially when you know somebody gonna be at the airport waiting for you.
And since I have not had somebody picking me up from airport for almost a year now, it was very important!

Thanks for jams & delays.

But it’s okay, it all went well in the end :)

Yet another bunch of life lessons.
All the firsts. Hate them but also do appreciate them.


This is the charming Thai singer who stole my heart.
He is impossibly cute.

I wanna go back & marry him.






It’s been 5 years since I last went bangkok for a holiday.
Past few times had been for work, and really just work.

I had hell lot of fun this time round.
My bangkok colleague brought me around, had such a great time!

Can’t wait to be back next month.


It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow!
I wish I could be at New York tomorrow, counting with Ryan Seacrest, right in the middle of Manhattan, and kissing someone at the stroke of midnight.

I mean, once you’ve witness the beauty of that brilliant city & all the bright lights of the streets, you can never forget.

I was watching New Year’s Eve, the movie featuring a lot of stars namely Aston Kutcher, SJP etc, and they were showing the scene of NYE at midnight.

Oh it’s so brilliant. And the hotel that I stayed was just right there.
Makes me miss New York so much, something that I never think I would.

Anyways, I have work tomorrow. 3 places to rush within 4 hrs. How ya like that for my NYE :(



2012 :D


My PINK Chinese Year New :D


This was Ladies Night, if I remember.


Chinese New Year visiting with my girls ❤❤


Dinner with my Dowed ladies, awww I miss them!


Okay this is very significant – My $10 mole removing experience, which technically could possibly changed my life as they say that mole (especially those on face) are very auspicious and could signify something huge in your life.

I removed mine!


Lewis and I! Strangely nice because this is the year that I started going party with my cousin, whom prior to this “reunion”, barely spoke to me, not even during CNY and is considered a rare guest in my family gatherings.

But now, he’s already pretty much as ass to me (in a good way…).

This is a significant year for my life because I fell in love with SALADDD. Something that I’ll never ever touch before this.

And this is the year that I went REDDDDDD ❤❤



My BFF Jeannie who survived all my major ups and downs with this year. We got really really close this year and she’s someone that really warms my heart deeply ❤❤

She’s the one who held my hand the entire time while I cried over a heartbreak. The one who came all the way to the driving centre to pick me up when I called her and told her that I had failed my driving test and had also found out that my (then) boyfriend had cheated on me and I can’t handle the overwhelming emotions anymore.

She’s the one who made the taxi driver turn round and round while we figure out a place that I could settle in.

And then solemnly held my hand the entire time while I sobbed endlessly and disgustingly on my bed.

Babydoll I ❤ YOU!


And here is Angie whom I caught ArmyDaze and endless movies with. She’s my sushi/movie buddy of the year :D


This is a picture that I really love of myself and felt that this period could have possibly been the prettiest I can ever be. I was definitely at my slimmest and best hair condition ❤❤


And I started baking cheesecake and tiramisu (which I’ve stopped lately due to laziness.)

This period (April – September) is the period where I was rather happy because someone came into my life. Nevertheless of how it ended, what mattered was that I was indeed happy while it lasted:






Derek Lai, you may have been a jerk towards the end, but I guess it’s safe to say, we had a good run.

He’s the first boyfriend I had that had a tattoo, that drove expensive car, that cooked really delicious meals for me, and one that actually rather inspire me while we were together.

So I would say, yes we had a good run while it lasted.


So here’s one major mistake I committed in 2012 – PERMED MY PRECIOUS HAIR. Omggggg I feel like dying everytime I think about it :(
It totally made me so ugly and totally ruin my otherwise perfect hair.

I partied, hard, as hard as all these years that I’ve been!


My girlfriend got engaged! Younger than me, and also one of the first of my girlfriend to have gottenengaged!


And I made some amazing colleagues this year! Especially Kel, who has been a huge part of my Somnotec life.



MODERN FAMILYYYYY! My new love of 2012.

20120805-120838.jpg 20120805-120816.jpg

Oh and I finally got to attend the National Day Parade this year which was fabulous and such happy event! (courtesy of Mr Derek Lai)


September: I finally straighten my hair. Mad happy that I look so much normal now.

20120921-140934.jpg 20120928-233303.jpg

September also marks the arrival of my new lovebun – Le Xuan! My little koala bear who is staying at my house until she’s old enough to go school. Such a bundle of joy. Always looking forward to come home to her crying and also little cutie face ❤❤


October! MY MONTH! It’s my annual birthday month!

This year’s celerbation was at Marina Bay Sands, which is like sooo expensive and not worth it fyi.

20121007-025250.jpg 20121008-202544.jpg

Of course, not forgetting the awesome theme – PIN UP GIRLSSS ❤❤

And then my second birthday celebrations with my baby dolls. It’s always the best when we’re all together, happy and chirpy :D

And guess whose concert we went this year! DAVID GUETTAAAAAAA!!!


And then I started curling my hair again which made me look so good but takes like 1 extra hour to prepare.


And a certain mister appeared, again.

This is also the year that I went USA! Such a major event! Flying solo all the way to the other side of the earth.

20121028-044657.jpg 20121031-023929.jpg

Baltimore, with Hurricane Sandy. I survived a hurricane! Beat that.

20121104-230132.jpg 20121104-230215.jpg

Finally visited Grand Central Terminal where Justin Timberlake did a flashmob for Mila Kunis on Friends with Benefit ❤❤


And of course, finally finally arrived at Central Park after endless episodes of FRIENDS. Really, such a bucket list.

20121106-002536.jpg 20121108-001948.jpg 20121109-015604.jpg

And at 24, I finally had my first snow experience. And it’s smack right in the middle of NYC.
I can still remember what it was like, and how fabulously beautiful it was that I literally wanna cry.


Yes Statue of Liberty.


And the more travelling for work. It’s a fruitful year I believe.


More partying with my partner-in-crime all the way till end of the year❤❤




Such major accomplishment because I wanted it so badly and it hasn’t been easy! It cost me almost $3k to get it and I just really wanna cry like boohoohoo when I finally achieve it.


Ah ha, my first car wash! You have no idea how symbolic it is!


My second major event of the year, MY BFF ASKED MY TO BE HER MAID OF HONOR!

For years, I waited for her prince charming to come. And for months, I waited for her to ask me to be her maid of honor ❤❤

Last but not least, our annual Christmas celebration – Green & Gold is our theme for this year.

I ❤ 2012!

You’ve taught me so much – to be strong, to have trust, to have faith, to survive whatever that may befall on you.


Once again, congratulations Singaporean.
You’ve managed to disgrace our country on a 2 hrs flight.

Well done.

Well done for playing your whatever-super-noisy-TV-show on loudspeaker for the entire journey.
Disregarding the fact that it’s a 12am flight, & that you’re not alone in your private jet.

Well done for not knowing what’s courtesy, what’s consideration, and what’s manners.

Well done for irritating the fuck out of the entire plane especially me who is sitting right in front of you.

Well done for causing the two pretty Thai girls sitting beside me to hold their hands over their ears the entire journey.

Well done for proving to me that ah bengs are rude people & should be discriminated.

Well done for returning me a “you got a problem, bitch?” look when I turned to shoot you the “Shut the bloody fuck up” look.

I hope you had a pleasant journey & thoroughly enjoyed your tv show.


Bye bye!
Traveling alone to BKK for work.

I’m beginning to really hate budget airline.
The queue for check in was 30 mins.
Fellow passengers are like the meanest & rudest people on earth.

It’s just very very frustrating when people cut your queue.


Transiting in Narita airport.
Omigod I cannot believe how irritatingly whiny I am when I’m sick.
Bloody cannot stop complaining but I’m really feeling so miserable especially after that long flight :(

And then had to be stopped at every custom check because I had a bottle of medicine which is over 100mls & had to be tested for I don’t know what. Drugs or bomb maybe? No idea how they test it too.

And my damn nose is so damn blocked it’s increasing my inner face pressure especially when landing and giving me such bad pain in my sinus area!

On another brighter note!

I wanna come so badly.
I wanna just go out of the custom & not get onto my flight back to SG.

Look! Just 1hr transit & I bought like so many items which are definitely way more than I can carry.

And they have the cutest stuff.
And the nicest people.
Sooo polite omg.

The queue for the luggage check was held up by some passengers for like 30 mins & I can’t even be angry with them because they were being so damn polite & nice!
And cute.
I mean.. Japanese! Such nice genes to have.

And I bought this funny mask to use on the flight later because the dry cold air is seriously getting to me.
So cute! Such weird invention!


Can’t wait to land in SG & get all my stuff & luggages into the cab & head home.
So tired I swear.

Yet dreading to get home because I’m the type who has to unpack before I sleep.
If I don’t, I can’t sleep.




I actually saw the real Statue of Liberty today! After so many movies & cartoons.
But it was closed. But still.


At my front porch playing with the left over snow in my new boots after sending Jess away in the cab :D

So fun & nice. I’ll never forget that moment.




Right by Macy’s!

Oh my I’m so excited.
It was so amazing I really wanna cry when I came out of the train station today.

It’s my first snow! At 24!
And it’s right in NYC! How awesome & what a memorable first snow :)

Mad happy.
But I’m really sick. Running a temperature now & was stuck in the wet snow for hours shopping & grabbing all the last minute souvenirs.

It was so cold! Both my feet were cold & numbed despite wearing boots already.

It was 0 deg c & really so cold.
I wasn’t prepared for that at all.

That’s right in front of my apartment!
It was really really beautiful!
And there’s a frozen scarecrow from the neighbor which is just too cute already.

I hope it’ll be much more beautiful tomorrow morning.
Can’t wait!

It’s like Christmas came early for me!
Mad happy.



This is the second last day of my stay in USA, and I have, inevitably, reluctantly, came face to face with the huge bugging issue of, buying the damn souvenirs.

I mean, c’mon. This is technically a business trip. It is.
But yet I feel so so so obligated to buy souvenirs for everybody.
Like literally everybody.

The last time I travelled was Jan 2011. So it’s been a really long time, and within these 22 months, many many people have travelled & came back with all sorts of souvenirs for me.

I have co-workers buying me souvenirs from Bangkok, girlfriends buying me from like Korea & Bangkok & what not. Sister buying from Bangkok & Hong Kong. Other friends buying from god knows where.

I’m like….. Whyyy.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate their gesture, but i mean, this goes on & on. It’s like a vicious cycle.

So this time I’m in USA, which obviously require even better souvenirs.

I sort of classify the quality of the souvenirs according to the distance traveled.
I don’t know why.

So it’s like:

Bangkok / 3 hours journey / coin pouches / sanitary pads pouches / bracelets

Korea / (?) 7 hours journey / beauty products / make ups

And then I am like

USA / bloody 24 hours journey / crowns / VS Lingerie

I can’t be buying cheap items isn’t it?

And I started to count the number of souvenirs I have to buy (in relations to the number of souvenirs I’ve received):

Bosses – 3 (it is a business trip & they paid for my tickets!)

Office girls – 3

Office guys – 4

Girlfriends – 4 + 2

Cousins – idk. 4

Family – mom & sis

Am I missing anybody out?
Thank god for no boyfriend-related-people like siblings or something.

It’s a total of 22 souvenirs to buy.
Plus a general food related souvenirs for the entire office.

There’s really no point in buying cheap useless “I ❤ NY” items like magnets or what not.
I’d rather not buy.

So I’m left with at least USD$5 & above items for friends & even higher amount for bosses.

How much am I gonna spend!
I can really buy a lot more stuff for myself!
I’m selfish like that.
And honestly how often do we actually use those souvenirs that we received.

Oh god.
And the more people know about your trip, the more people you need to buy souvenirs for.

So I’ve uploaded like so many damn pictures of my damn trip on FB/Instagram/twitter/blog that you have to be socially retarded to not know about my trip.



Point of entry is to tell all my friends that I hate buying souvenirs, I’m really lousy at buying them, and I’m really really broke.
Please be prepared to receive useless items like lipgloss or magnets or mugs from me which, is not very uniquely USA.
But hey we’ve got VS in SG too, and really, we have everything in SG.
I can buy you stupid magnets of the Statue of Liberty which is really, the only thing that we don’t have in SG (though we got MERLION which is much cooler. It is isn’t it?)

And hey, I survived hurricane, snow storm, & floods!
The best thing is that I’m back home safely!
If you love me, that’s all you’ll be asking for, really :D

So, don’t complain.





Such fun training.
Such high times!

It’s like beer in between whenever we can.
And the local beer is awesome & huge.

But heading but to NYC later AND OMG IT’S SNOWING!!!!
Can’t bloody wait to get my ass out of Baltimore now & see the snowing.

But it’s really really cold. Like 3 deg C.
And I’ve fallen sick, definitely too much fun that’s why. Really bad. So I really shouldn’t be out in the snow.
But oh well! Like I care about my health.
I’m gonna go get snowed on!

Two more days before I head back home & I’ve already got work piling up.
I’m a little homesick so it’s fine.


Central Park / American Museum of Natural History





So happy I finally went to Central Park after watching so many of Friends!

It was so fun, and seriously, one major BUCKET LIST CHECKED!

Central Park!

And man.. The museum rocks.
I’d never imagine the dinosaurs were actually alive.

So much fun.
Early train to catch tomorrow to Baltimore & it’s work again for two days.
Seriously forgot that that was the main purpose of my trip.

And first time taking train. Whaha.


Rockefeller Center / NY Public Library / Grand Central Terminal / St Patrick’s Cathedral






I love NYC.
Did so much traveling today & went to so many buildings.

But I’m so tired. My feet are so sore from the walking.
One more day of traveling to Central Park tomorrow! Yay.
After so many episode of Friends I’m finally going Central Park :D

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