Ahhh I love my family.
Kinda. Most of them anyway.

Thank god for CNY, or there’ll hardly be a chance for us to do these once-a-year-gathering isn’t it.

And I love my outfit for today.


Anyways, I think I’ve come to an end of my CNY 2013.
There shouldn’t be anymore visitings for this year anymore.

Ahh it’s so hard to get back to life.
Post-CNY blues. Where you can’t eat all you want anymore, and can’t put work (and all of other life’s stress) on hold anymore.


Thankfully, it’s another PH tomorrow.
Happy resting people.

Lets finish all the pineapple tarts before we decide to get back to dieting.




Done with my first day of this lunar new year.
Time flies!

It’s the same every year actually.
Visit my eldest uncle house and then movie with family.

It was fun when I was young, everybody loves me, and we would go to the playground & have so much fun under the sun.
Then we would go for ice cream treat, at the mama shop.

But now, it’s like :/
Not fun anymore please.
I don’t know how did the adults come to a conclusion that they’re qualified to judge the young ones, about their looks & figure blah blah.

Thank god all I got were compliments this year.
Most said I’ve lost weight (yay!!), and also that I look so much prettier like I did something to my face (yayyyy!).

But still, I feel like why are they allowed to judge us? For the past 10 years it’s been criticism.

In life you should learn that no compliments, don’t comment.

Adopt that everybody!

I’m so much happier this CNY!
I drove my family around like a boss, and everyone is totally impressed that I own a car. I may be the youngest in my entire family to own a car of my own. #proudmoment!


But I was having a bad hair day la.
And bad bad eyelash day. Zzz.

Never mind that.

Oh and now that I’m no longer the little ones, I feel so damn old.
The entire house is filled with little kids, big kids. All manage to make me feel like an old aunty.

Seriously, no joke.

Well some did asked me about my “boyfriend status”, which to their disappointment (& my gratefulness) is single.
But I did manage to convince them that I’m still pretty darn young, and the shotguned-full-of-tattoos-and-totally-fugly-young-but-now-look-old-couple manage to work their only purpose in life (FYI, it’s to remind the seniors that no, getting marry young is a big mistake) (and fffyi, their son is looking exactly like a mini ah beng. No, not the cute kind, in fact the first thing I said to my sister when I saw him was “I can totally see where his future is going.” Tsk tsk tsk).

So, pictures time!



Definitely happy this year.
Last year, I remember crying at night because of a disagreement with my sister about my ex boyfriend.


So, happy snake year, HUAT AH!



I really hope it’ll be a better year for the dragons.

Happy visiting!

Daddy is gonna be really grumpy & naggy tomorrow because he has to wait for 3 women, which will most probably take like 2-3hrs.

He is not gonna be patient.
And he can’t zoom off again with his bike like the rest of the year because mom is gonna make him take my car.

Ummm not sure if its a good idea.

I hope everybody will drive safe tomorrow.
And hope I will too!

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