I’m not even gonna put whatever shitty “Warning! Disturbing images” because they are human for goodness’ sake. They are human and they’ve been abused, they’ve been attacked, they’ve suffered enough.
They don’t need a warning label to hurt them even more.

How can this be happening?
This world needs to come to an end soon.


Cure for Monday blues, anyone?




“Just shut up & dance.”




Heartthrobs of the weekend:

Number one:
Hyun Bin


Renewed love for him after appearing in local magazine.
And I went on (stupidly) to watch his last drama – Secret Garden.
Brought me to cloud nine with him. Omg. To die for.

I know I said before my only kpop fever is Choi Siwon, but guess what? Change of plans, it’s Hyun Bin.

Number two:
Multiple heartthrobs from Saving General Yang

Bad movie. Bad bad ending.
But mad awesome casting.

Oh man. Was in distress for a little while post movie after *spoiler alert* ALL MY EYECANDIES DIED.
Fucking shit.

What kinda movie is this?!
Oh fine all died of heroism but still, EKIN CHENG SHOULD NEVER DIE.

Never ever.


Can I just tell you how much I enjoy watching guys getting scolded or nagged at by the girlfriend/wife in public.

Super love it.

I’ll just stand at a corner & watch how he looks down at his shoes, looking so apologetic & scared.

I hope they still visit the grave of their testicles. Offer some fresh flower at least.

I’ve concluded that men are divided into two categories:-

1) The henpecked
2) The cheater

I can’t even decide which is better.
You’re either a henpecked or a cheater.

If you’re not a henpecked, then you’re definitely a cheater.
If you’re not a cheater, you’re definitely a henpecked.

No there’s no in between.
God bless the men of our generation.
They either don’t have testicles, or have testicles that deserve to get chopped off.

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