Status: Beautiful day but ugly me.

Awesome day out at town. Did everything that I missed for the past 2 months. I played I ate I singed.

But I got depressed when I went home & removed my make up. My face is getting more horrible everyday. Hate it. I wish I could just stay at home tomorrow & let my face rest while hiding in my room. But no such luxury. Need to go buy my office-wear shoes & also meet the recruitment agent to finish off the document work.

Getting a bit sian that work starts on Thursday. Ahhh. Why do we have to work. But thankfully I got my weekends off :) That’s so awesome. Can’t wait to just laze at home.

Today my horoscope reads:

It’s time to let go of old feelings you no longer have a use for. Those feelings might include regret over a path not taken, anger at someone who betrayed you, sadness over someone who let you down. While you’re at it, Libra, let go of self-doubt, guilt over a poor choice or an error in judgment, and jealousy of someone who you think is better than you at something. When you finally shed all of these useless emotions, then you – the dazzling, enchanting, interesting YOU – will be free to reach for a dream that is waiting for the real you to make an appearance.

It’s so true that it’s kind of creepy. Seriously. So damn bloody true.

I hope this new job will give me a good positive energy. I do need some of that. I feel like I’m soaking in a pool of murky water. I wanna clear that all out.

AND. Lao niang me has decided [finally in my entire 23 years of life] TO GO ON A DIET.

See, I told you, I’ll do it when I know it’s time to do so. So don’t force me to go on a diet. It’s MY body.

Positive that it’s time. Big fat time. Really gained too much weight during my stay at Style. Horrible. Ate like at least 2 meals a day. Really horrible. Ate like a pig. But well, guess that’s my only enjoyment cus I’ve been so busy working my ass off.

Haven’t really got a plan yet though. Well first is of course to eat less. Which can be the hardest because I really love to eat.

Hope everything goes well. Other than physical issue, I also do have another huge issue to deal with: Financial. Oh the usuals, really broke. In debts. & I can’t sleep well when I’m in debt. I can’t eat well I can’t do anything because I’m in debt. That’s just sad. And need to buy all these awful-looking office wear just for new job. Sigh. I guess that’s where all my pimples are coming from.

Money is indeed the root of all problems huh.

Okay nighty night people.


Hari Raya!

Status: Tired. Sleepy.

Can’t believe I was in the middle of Geylang when it strikes 12 earlier on. Didn’t even make it to Chinatown during eve of Chinese new year yet happily went Geylang.

Truth is after work, me & my colleagues went over to the bazaar for a last-time get together before I leave :(

It was damn crowded. And when we separated to leave for home, I suddenly felt really lonely. Like a lone soul in this huge world.

Speaking of loneliness. I’m feeling it to the Max now that I’ve made Mr R damn mad. Well I don’t wanna talk about what happen. Just a tiny fight then turn into a big one.

Don’t you just hate it when you ask the person to “fuck off” when in the end you are the one who will need to crawl back to him? Ugh.

Everybody feel that it’s my fault. Everybody. Well I guess I’m too suspicious & too ego.

Finally going out tomorrow. Damn tired now. Slightly excited about Thursday now.

Good night peeps.



Turns out boss wants me to stay till tomorrow!!! NO WAY!! Now I’m so full of disappointment, anxiousness, anger!

I don’t wanna stay till tomorrow! I’ve huge plans tomorrow to hit the town! And I’ve struggled to work till today, surviving through all the boredom & not even taking a day of MC at all! Which is very very unlike me! Very upset. Very very upset. Felt like I got cheated.


I hope she’ll let me go by today or I might turn nasty. There’s no way that I’m gonna come back tomorrow! I’m starting work on Thursday & I bloody need a break! I haven’t had an off day since like don’t know when ok. My last off day I spent it going through interviews after interviews. Which wasn’t very relaxing at all ok.

I don’t care!

Last but not least

Status: Tired but my tummy can’t sleep.

Whooeeeewwww! Last day tomorrow!! Ahh finally. But I’m sure we’re gonna work late as it’s the Hari Raya eve & it’s gonna be so crowded. Ahhhh. Bored.

Anyway there’s talks of me going back for more fairs. Just to keep me in touch with the field.

I’m gonna sleep now. With my tummy full of beehoon. Suckssss.

You Not Cool.

Status: Second last day with Style Bridal. Boredom continues.

It’s getting so crowded that I feel irritated. Because when it’s crowded, I can’t sit & play my iPad anymore. And also, boss send her friend over to help. Which means I’m not the boss of the booth anymore. Ugh!


So here’s another entry that I wanna write for awhile now.

I’m totally okay with the whole “girls can survive without guys” thing. I do. And I sure can survive without a guy. But it’s another matter when it comes to your boyfriend.

I have girls telling me in a act-cool-and-mighty-strong tone that “I can dump my boyfriend anytime! I don’t need him in my life! I’m totally okay with it & I can live without him!”

Well I can, too. Everybody can. Nobody can’t live without anyone. That’s how it’s intended what. Nobody perish & die the minute their boyfriend walks out of their life. All of us can. But I don’t go around parading the fact that my boyfriend is useless in my life.

I remember distinctly during a trip to Bali, we had a girls talk though I wasn’t close to them. So we were talking about boyfriends & one of them actually said that she can totally live without him & can break up with him anytime & be totally fine.

I didn’t say anything. When they ask me, I said, well, I do hope that we will get marry someday.

What’s the point of being in a relationship if you actually don’t want/need it? I mean, I was really shock that girls can say that.

And then recently another friend of mine exclaimed the exact same thing.

Sorry but I don’t view them as heroines of our age. Instead, I find them being either a coward or a totally jerk.

She is totally being controlled by the boyfriend. The boyfriend is quite a jerk in my opinion, being real petty & real controlling. & he don’t have a great future. Complains a lot & behave like a child even though he is 4 years older.

Obviously she is not happy being in a relationship with him. She just don’t wanna leave him. The reason I can conclude is that she is so used to him. You know what? That means her a coward more than ever. So don’t act all heroine in front of us when actually she can’t live without him.

And guess what? The girl I went on a trip with, just got dumped by the boyfriend. They were together for like a long long time.

Well to me, I feel like giving her a “serve you right”. She is totally being so weak & emotional & to be honest, quite irritating on FB, posting like she is a total alcoholic now & that how he broke her heart blah blah blah. It’s really annoying me.

Hey, you were the one who said that you can totally live without him & you don’t need him in your life. What’s up with that now?

Isn’t it really serve you right?

If you are so “strong”, just walk out of it & be the “strong woman” you claim to be la! What’s up with being such a emo weak girl who just got dumped.

I feel sad for her & I did console her. But deep inside I can’t help but sneer at her.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, don’t do that. Don’t say things like “I can totally live without him & I don’t need him”.

If that’s true, then don’t even bother keeping him in your life now.

I will never say that. But that’s not to say that I’m a “I can’t live without him! I’ll die if he leave me!” kinda girl. I want him in my life, I do. But if he does leave me, then so be it. I will survive. I will be sad. But I will not die. So don’t say things like that. You are gonna slap your own mouth.

I just can’t stand girls who say that. Seriously. Why try to act so strong when everybody knws it’s not true. Seriously, if that’s true, then obviously he is someone disposable in your live. Then why waste 4 years with him? You are either a coward who don’t dare to leave him & live without a guy, or that you actually do love him very much.

So next time before you think of saying something as silly as that, shut up. You will slap your own mouth someday.

And people who say that are the people who usually will crumble without their boyfriend & who is totally reliant on their boyfriend. Sorry to say that but that’s the most uncool thing to say, ever.

And the girl actually said “I can totally live without the bf. Can you?” I wasn’t offended. Instead, I just wanna shake me head & roll my eyes. Seriously? Seriously you think you are so strong? Seriously you think you are the only one who can live without the bf? WHO CAN’T?? Oh God.

Nobody need anybody else to live. But don’t disrespect your boyfriend & also put yourself down by saying such statement.

Okay that’s all I wanna say. Don’t act clever la ok? Whahaha.

Expired Products

Status: Total random thoughts

Been wanting to write about this for a long time already:

Dating Older Men

And I thought now would be the perfect time to write, since I’m stuck here in this old building, surrounded by old guys.

Well I’m not sick or desperate. I’m just giving you girls options. Listing out facts about it, pros & cons about it. So listen here, I’ve figure out that dating older guys has got more pros than cons!

*older guys refer to men 10 years older than us

Firstly, he WILL be rich. Because he will have a career. Any guy that do not have a career by 33, obviously can go to hell. Sorry to say that but it’s true! How can you survive your 30th birthday without having a career? Won’t you be so ashamed that you’d rather not live till 30? So by 33, he should have a career already, otherwise, he is not in this category.

And when he has a career, he should be rich. Because he don’t have a girlfriend, he should saved a lot already. Unless he spent all his savings on say, a Lamborghini, then he shall be excused. Or say, a condo, excused too. But other than that, it’s safe to say that he should be rich.

And next, he’ll love you to death!! You are his very own & very real SPEEDSTER! He don’t need a Ferrari when he’s got you! He’ll be showing off to all his old friends [who will be leading a boring life with a wife & kids & having the routinised once-a-month-sex] what a brilliant sexy speedster you are. You are sure to be pampered. He’ll give you anything you want [we’re thinking Chanel Prada & not sex-with-old-men].

And also, he’ll be mature. He’ll definitely be much more mature than any guys our age. If he is not, then it’s very sad that you’ve got yourself a childish 33 year old kid.

And you will always always always be cooler than him, always have a more fantastic social life than him. His life will be full of stupid meetings, dinner with old friends, company gathering, blah blah blah whereas your life will be full of parties etc! So you’ll always have the upper hand.

And he’ll wanna settle down fast. No more playing around, no more flirting around with stupid sluts, no more partying hard before entering the tomb, no more nonsense. He will wanna settle down, get married, have babies.

Ahhh. Life would be awesome. But it’s almost impossible to find 30-over guys who still look good. Most have receding hairline or like body-odour, or like well, just very not attractive.

So there will be pros & cons. Cons would mainly be being too traditional, conservative, & well, not handsome. They are mainly “the ones left on the shelf”. That’s sad.

I never wanna be the ones left on the shelf. But yet, sometimes, it’s not within your control.

Okay just me being really bored….

The Morry

Status: Drowsy in bed

Fighting to post this entry. Very tired. Yet would like to stay up & talk to everyone as this is the last of my social life.

Oh well. 4 more days to end of fair. Looking forward to my 2 days break before the start of my new job on 1st Sep. Millions of things to do in my mind, thousands of people I wanna meet. But I only have got 2 days. And one of the day I need to visit Mr R’s house cus it’s Hari Raya. Still deciding on what to do.

There are certain things in my life that I’m fighting to get over. Certain stubborn issue that don’t seem to back off. I’m at my wits’ end, thinking what can be done what can be done. But well, I guess time will help? I don’t know man. This is tougher than I thought & it’s affecting me a whole lot more than I expected. Boohoo.

Alright I need to sleep now.

Straight Line

Status: Bored. Again. TTM.

Here I am, 11am, sitting down at my booth. It’s been a really really stagnant week. I felt so stuck in this cob web & being really tangled up with all it’s negativities that I feel so drained. Don’t even have the energy for simple social event like a supper.

Really cock up. This week really sucks. What’s with my heavy menses that stained my leggings, & an entire 12 hrs with my severe gastric pain I thought I had a perforation in my gastric. Bad week. And also, the very damaging boredom I experience everyday. It’s really stagnant, stewing in it’s dirty murky filth. The more stagnant it is, the more bitter I get. So it’s been rather bitter in me. Sulking away thinking of all the bad thoughts, and forgetting all the good things that I do have in life. Feeling resentful towards everything. Everything.

Sometimes you think it’d be easy to just stand up, grab hold of your life & get it back to where it was. But it’s not as simple as that. I don’t have that energy to create a revolution in me now where I wanna emerge as the king of me & I have no energy to fight the dementors in me. They are really sucking up all my happy thoughts.

I just need to get out there. I can’t just be sitting here the entire day & then going back home & sleep. It’s a very very unhealthy [yet healthy] routine. It’s devil. Wicked.

Anyway I was listening to Adele’s “Someone Like You”, trying to see what’s all the fuss about. The title itself reminds me of King of Leon’s “Use Somebody” but anyway, turns out it’s a wrong choice as such sad song just adds on to my bitterness. The kind of melody that a suicide-risk would love.

Anyway, speaking of Adele, I was talking to a friend & she asked me who I listen to. Of course being the loyal fan that I am, I proudly proclaim The Killers & also that question caught me off-guard because there isn’t a specific genre that I listen to. When I’m at my rocker self, of course I would love all the MCR, The Killers, Matchbox 20 [I know they are really old but they are awesome. Rob Thomas rocks my panties] etc. While when I’m at my indie self, of course it would be the Scissors Sisters, Bjorn etc. And when I’m totally clubbing self, then it would be the major R&B songs up on the market now.

So I don’t limit myself to a specific genre or a specific group. And so it’s hard to answer her, what music do I listen to. And so she was totally thinking like The Killers sucks & she used to like them but has grown out of them blah blah blah & that now, she’s more grown up & ask me if I’ve ever heard of Adele. I wanted to say…

“I listen to Adele even before she’s famous!”

Guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t follow the crowd. Be true to yourself.


Just had lunch with boss. Boss’ treat. Curry fish head. Yummy but am worried about my gastric, shouldn’t be taking anything spicy or “drama”.

Okay enough ranting.

Bubble Tea


Bubble-teaing away at my TKC fair. Alone at the booth. I love being alone here cus it makes me the boss of my booth but I’m really bored & kinda piss that the rest are not coming down to join me & are enjoying their groupy time together back in the shop.

When you are at the end of a chapter, or should I say when I am at the end of a chapter, I get this incredible impatience to quickly get over it & start a new fresh one. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Now that I know my current chapter is ending, I can’t wait for the other one to start. The new fresh one. Can’t wait. So impatient that I wanna pull a little of my old tricks again. Old tricks like those that can get me out of the current situation. Because I have 7 more days. 7 continuous days without any off days. How is that gonna be okay?

Anyway, yesterday well spent lazing the ass out of me. Supposed to meet the girls for a supper, but I couldn’t. Got too depressed looking into the mirror seeing a sad pimpled small eyes stranger. Not forgetting, FAT.

I think I’m definitely at my worse physical state currently. I’m unbelievably fat, real major break out, & really bad fake eyelashes that look horribly on me.

I know I know I gotta take control, take control & just make everything back to normal. I’m trying okay. I bought new eyelashes, new contact lens, black colour which I hope will make my eyes bigger. But I’m helpless about the pimple & fat part.

Hopefully it’ll clear out when my menses come. Or when I have the money to go see doctor. I’m in debt. That’s the root to my negative energy. And the source of all my problems. Ugh.

And the fatty issue. It’s definitely due to my current job. There’s nothing to do except to eat. Seriously. That’s all I do. Eat, sit, grab customers, msg, eat, sit, grab customers, msg. See? How to not gain weight. Feeling really miserable as I wore my leggings today with flats. I look crazy. Like a fat minah. Omg.

SIGH. All I can say is, it’s been quite a bad month for me. Hope to get over the crazy soon.

True Blue

Status: …

Feeling a little blue. Yea. Most probably due to the impending menses, and also my bank, and also well, the fact that I’m leaving this job.

I’m so lazy. So lazy to start a new place again, get to know new people again, be all uncomfortable again.

And also I haven’t really found a new job yet. I’ve got offer but I’m not sure about it. Hate waiting for replies from companies. It’s a sickening feeling. Sickening sickening feeling.

They are having an interview today at my office. New girl who is said to look like me. Mmmm. Hate the feeling of being replaced :(
But also hope that she can start asap so I can leave without feeling guilty. For the first time I really hope that she’ll take over my job.

I think I’ve been so overwhelmed by all these emotional stress, the anxiety, the stress of having to make life-changing decisions, huge decisions, decisions that will define your entire future, that I’m feeling so tired. Exhausted in fact. I would go to sleep at 1am and wake up at 9.30am feeling tired. And I’ve got dark eye circles which is something that I don’t have major problem with.

Oh wow I’m just blabbering on & on. Must be boring you people.

I guess what I need is a good dinner, a good day at home lazing with nothing to do. Or a good dinner with my girls just talking about nonsense. I just need to get my mind off all these, & recharge & be good again.

Okay. Hope to get some time off soon.


Status: Shagged out by all thoughts & work

Whoa. It’s been hell of a month. I’ve never been so busy & yet so happy. Well, I wasn’t exactly happy, but at least I had the awesomeness in me, the “energy” in me, the aura in me. I’m just happier.

I could work till I forgot which day it is today, & be totally out of touch with the society, & not meet my friends for weeks. That’s very very unlike me because I’m a social butterfly [okay butterfly is too beautiful to be used here cus currently, I’m more like a bumble-bee with huge ass], and social life has always been my main focus. I don’t even mean clubbing, I mean going out, meeting friends, going dinner, or just simply facebooking. Gosh.

Strange thing is I’m not that affected at all. I was happy. I worked till 1AM last night, at my office! And came to work at 10+AM this morning! And not feel like complaining.

All good things come to an end. I woke up only when I saw my bank account. Fun is fun. Passion is passion. Interest is interest. But reality is reality.

I’m sad to say, I’ll be bidding this awesome job good bye soon & be enslaved to money forever.

I love this job. But it doesn’t matter because I can’t afford this fun. Like what Mr R said, I’m not born in a rich family & can do whatever I want. I have responsibilities, I have a family to support & I have my entire future ahead where money plays a huge part.

Money will decide where am I gonna live, what am I gonna wear, what am I gonna eat, which school is my children going, which restaurant do I dine in, which bag am I carrying, which country do I visit, which hotel do I have my wedding banquet, how beautiful I look ETC!

I’m not being superficial. I’m being realistic. This is the truth. It might not look important & seems totally superficial. Like money can’t buy me happiness or satisfaction in job. But a bag can make me happy, a comfortable life can make me happy, a high pay-check can make me love my job.

I don’t know if all these are true & if at the end of my life, I’m gonna regret leaving for money, but I know that if I continue, I’ll never see the end of this dark days where my bank account mounts up to a single-digit.

I love this job, honestly. But I can’t afford it. Honestly too. I love all my colleagues, even my boss. They are all very down to earth, humorous, & we click well. I’m so gonna miss them. Never have I ever had such good colleagues. I mean, I clicked with them so well in just such a short period! So good that we went supper, planned KTV sessions, & even club [didn’t happen, yet, but hopeful].

And Jerine actually told me how sad she is that I’m leaving because finally there’s someone who has the same frequency & the same character as her, & who can totally work well with each other. I couldn’t agree more. I’m gonna miss her too. She is really mature & really professional for her age. I wish her all the best. I’m sure she’s gonna be a fantastic planner.

But I won’t & I’ll never be :(

Oh well.

I’m gonna sleep now. The world shouldn’t be controlled by money. Shouldn’t. But it is. Atleast, mine is :(

[I’m sad & I’ve been back & forth, but I’m quite calm & settled already. I just hope I won’t cry. And just hope that I’ll get a job that’s totally worth my sacrifices. I know I’m gonna regret someday. Just hope not that soon]

Happy 9th August :)

Status: Just got home


Just got cheated by NDP. Very upset. Can’t believe we missed the fireworks! Happily went to Kallang river to wait for it, turns out, it’s over. FML! SO bimbo can! Can’t believe Mr R is part of this bimbo-moment too. Makes me less bimbo.

But still, I wanna wish my lovely home country a very HAPPY 46TH BIRTHDAY. And I wish that there will be lesser ignorant unappreciative Singaporean out there. This is home, truly, where I know I must be, where my dreams wait for me.

Sang the song every where I went today, on the bike, on the road walking in town, before eating, and totally proud that I can remember the entire lyrics! Well it’s been 12 years, guess everybody should know it by now. But it’s definitely the best National Day song by far :)


Heehee. That’s how patriotic I am! But I don’t have many red/white clothes. Mmmmmm.


Mommy went to NPD today (I don’t know how come she got the tickets), but she was saying how she felt like crying when she see Mr Lee KY during the NPD and how old n fragile he is now :(

I have one wish, and it’s to please let me see him once, in real life, before he dies. It would be my greatest honour to be able to shake his hand and tell him how he will always be our hero!

Alrighty then, Happy National Day!




OH! My birthday is coming!! Less than 2 months! Excited but don’t think I’ll be able to celebrate it as I’m sure I’ll be working as it’s a Monday :( And now that my off days are on Wednesday. But I’m still excited. Maybe I’ll take leave or something.

Anyway, Mr R accidentally spilled that he is gonna get my a watch. Though he knows that I too wanted a cat. So now I’m really considering what to get, a watch or a cat.

I would love a watch as my current watch is the one from ASOS and the previous watch from Adidas had kick-the-bucket. But also I’m not a very watch person and didn’t really want him to spend over $200 just to get a watch for me.

And I would really love a cat but I’m still considering about the commitment and my family. Because I can totally know that they don’t adore cats (they wanted to kill my neighbour’s cat who kept coming to our house) and that it’ll be difficult to take care and train the cat. And now that I’m so busy with work, I can’t actually take care of it full time. Yet I would love to have a cuddly cat around when I come home from work :(


Mmmm. Don’t know. I’ll let him decide.

Anyway, it’s not that easy to get a cat. Cus I wanted persian cat but he don’t want because he said persian cats have a fierce face and also their fur really drop like hell. But I love a persian cat :)

Binge Eating

Location: Bed

Oh yes I’m binge eating, everyday. I’m not stressed or pms or whatever, but I’m just binge eating. Very cruel. Well my photographer is the main reason cus he is eating non-stop too. Very upset. & I’m having a break out. So I’m looking so horrible & also so fat :(

It’s weekend tmr! Yay! But I’m working till 8pm & I’ve no plans at all after that.

I’ve just blocked someone on FB. I feel bad because she is very innocent. She didn’t do anything wrong that made me block her. Just that she is, well, I’m just not happy to see her on FB. So I was like, why should I have someone in my FB to piss me off everytime I see her status or photos? So I blocked her. Sorry but I’m very selfish about how I feel. I just wanna feel happy.

I realise I have a disease. A chronic disease. I’m chronically late! Everyday, every single event, every single meet up I have, I’m late. It’s like, it’s in my blood or something. I can never be on time! I’m so sick of it already, I swear I’m gonna quit that & I’m gonna make it on time without running or cabbing! Starting tomorrow!

Okay good night folks. Happy weekending!


Location: Home

Yup yup. Trimmed my hair today. Went all the way to Clementi to cut cus it’s only $1! Haha cus Mr R is a member there. Lol. My length $1! Freaking cheap la! That’s $37 cheaper than my previous haircut. Also did a treatment. Ahh feeling shiok & smelling nice. Can’t wash hair for 2 days though.

This time I really trim a lot ok. Much lighter now. Think I lost 2kgs cus of the hair.

So there goes my off day! & tmr I’ll be back to work. Feeling lazy. That’s the thing about life, when you are running, you don’t feel that tired, it’s when you stopped to take a break then you’ll feel extremely tired & lazy to start again.

But big plans tmr. I’ve got an interview & a meeting with the graphic designer. Other than that, I’m free.

I surrender. I already know how sucky it feels like having to wake up & think about what to wear to work. I’m running out of clothes already! Ahh. Seriously. I don’t know what to wear tmr already but I don’t wanna re-wear what I wore :( Need lots of new clothes & definitely a new wardrobe. My wardrobe is so messy now I don’t even know what clothes do I have.

Tmr will be my Monday blues day. & Mr R has flown to Milan :(


Location: HOME

Happy Nurses Day to me :)
Very glad that I still manage to receive a couple of wishes for this special day. Though most were forced by me to say it. I appreciate that. I miss being in the career where there’s a special day for it. None of the other careers have I think. Wish they would have a Wedding Planner’s Day too. But I don’t think wedding planners are that noble to deserve a day for appreciation.

Back to office today & got busy. Jerine’s gone & I have to take her seat in dealing with all the miscellaneous stuff!

So currently, we are looking for:

– Gowns designer
– Graphic designer
– web page designer
– Sales coordinator

Yay but tmr is gonna my “Friday” already so I’m glad. Haven’t been off in two weeks! Most probably just gonna stay at home & finish up my file as well as all the other miscellaneous stuff. I have a cheque in my bag that I haven’t even have time to go bank it in! And considering how poor I am now, you can imagine how busy I must have been to not be able to go bank in money!

Ahhh. I really need to party soon. Really. Or I’m gonna lose my head.

Oh guess what. I lost my tweezer, & I had to use my scissors to trim my brows!! Can you imagine!! Omg.

Today my sister talked to me. So maybe we’ll be good again soon. It’s the longest cold-war we’ve ever had. Few months!

Though I’m not that tired, I’m just gonna sleep. You can never have too much sleep. I miss watching movie, going on dates, going Playnation, going Orchard. Not that I don’t have no life now [unwilling to admit], I have a life for different focus. I can’t believe I’m actually fighting for a dream. Never thought that I would ever have a chance to immerse myself in such massive ambitious mission :)

I’m gonna sleep. I’m gonna sleep. Happy Nurses Day. We may not be considered a profession to the society, God knows what miracle we’ve been creating :)

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