Not so much.

Heavy alcohol-intoxicated weekend.
I’m not gonna lie about how much damage’s been done to my body.

I stopped puking yesterday afternoon only to start drinking later that evening.

Am I getting to old/weak for this?

But I love this weekend.
Full of surprises.

And god knows what kind shitty upcoming week is in for me.
I’m so dreading.
Was supposed to take my Monday off but was totally too packed to get a day off.
Just tomorrow itself I have like 4 hospitals to run to.
Sad case.

And dreading that meeting on Wednesday. Introducing new manager for my team.
And trip to KL on Friday for training.
Don’t think it’s an overnight thing.
Wished it is though. Don’t mind a night’s stay just me alone.

Anyways. This week is gonna be tiring. & I’m always gonna complain & be in foul mood. I JUST KNOW IT.


Kay, happy sunday & happy dreading Monday’s arrival everybirdy.


You know you’re enjoying way too much when you totally crashed your daily beauty routine.

Damn that.
Missed my 5 steps Pre-Sleep facial cream application for the past 2 nights.
And my face is in drought.
The late nights & too-much-alcohol is really reflecting on my face.

And also body lotion. Damn that!
Tried sneak an application yesterday afternoon only to wash it away when I took a bath as need to go out.

Dentist not gonna be happy about it.

Tonight I’ll be a good girl & do all the above.

Suddenly realise I’m pretty high maintenance at only 24.
What’s with the amount of daily beauty regime?
Can’t imagine what I’d be slapping on my self in 10 years’ time.
Some alien fluid that is supposed to help you turn back time for your skin?
Or some ill-advised drug that’s supposed to smoothen out that lines?

I don’t know. Didnt think about how high maintenance I am until I missed it for the past 2 nights.



1. It Only Happens While Drunk
Maybe you hang out sober, but you certainly don’t hook up unless some sort of alcohol is involved.

2. You Never Plan in Advance
You’ll randomly see each other at a party, or maybe text earlier in the day about plans that night.

3. You Only Do Pre-Hookup Things
A drink? Sure. A picnic in the park? Not gonna happen with a hookup.

4. You Don’t Call Each Other
You only text or email.

5. You Rarely Eat Breakfast Together
Hook-ups will get dressed in the morning, kiss one another on the cheek, and head out — MAYBE throw back a cup of coffee. If it’s more than a hookup, one of you will usually suggest breakfast…

6. You Don’t Go to Parties Together
Sure, you’ve been known to surreptitiously leave parties together, but you certainly don’t arrive as a couple. You never make plans to grab a bite or a drink beforehand: that’s date stuff.

7. You Don’t Text In Between
After hooking up with a date or someone who is interested in you, romantically, you can expect to get a follow-up email or text from them within within the first day or so after hooking up. With a hookup, you won’t hear anything until the next time you guys, well, hook up.


Hot & Cold

Let’s be honest, I’m a very opinionated person & there are a lot a lot of things that I’m strongly against, or that I strongly support.

And yes I do judge people according to their decision (especially those who support what I’m against. Teeheehee) & yes when I judge, I’m being judged too!

1) Opting for C-section!

I’m sorry! But I seriously feel that we should a deliver our babies the way that it’s intended to be! THROUGH THE VAGINAL!

Of course unless doing such way will post harm to mommy & baby. Or it’s a Emergency C-section.

C’mon we’re all women! That’s how our parents gave birth to us & that’s how we should do it too ;)

I seriously hope that I will never change my opinion about this. Heehee.

2) Trimming of Eyebrows

Yes I’m so bimbo.
But I think trimming of eyebrows are a form of basic manners.

Just like how my mom feels that putting on lipstick is a form of basic manners.
Mine is trimming of eyebrows.

I cannot cannot stand it.

3) PAP

Okay I’m very honest here I support PAP & I’m not “KIASI” or whatever.
I just seriously respect Mr Lee KY & appreciate what he did for Singapore, the very land that we are living in now.

I am seriously thankful that I’m born in Singapore.

That’s all I can think of today!
Check out again nxt time!

Friggin’ Friday


Woke up this morning feeling pleasantly bright because it’s friggin’ FRIDAY!

Although I did receive a bad news at work that I’m gonna have a new manager for my team which could mean losing control of my freedom/own-time-own-target & possibly my Saturdays :(

But okay to hell with that let’s cry on Monday.

Today is Friday & there’s no time to cry over anything.

On another note, beautiful thick natural double eyelids in the morning post-crying-before-sleep ;)

Okay gotta work hard today.
3 hospitals to run today.

I need..

Coffee, salad & my good comfy heels today.


Living in world of credits

I have a feeling that I don’t wanna receive my credit cards bills for this month.

It’s true they say credit cards are the roots to poverty.
But also true that they are the roots to all things fabulous & pretty faces.

Anyway have decided no shopping for this month. No zapping of anymore cards no memorizing of my card numbers, JUST NO.
No more nonsense.

This month I’ll be good & shall indulge in indirect feel-good activities like……
Can’t think of any yet but will come.
Perhaps another good book.

For my BFF ❤


Celebrating & rejoicing for our more than 10 years of awesome friendship.

BFF ❤❤❤

The thought of not being able to be there… Really makes my eyes tear instantly.
And then I’ll start crying like right now :(

Did you know that we met each other even before our secondary 1 class starts?

Our mommies complained to each other about the buying book queues & all in the canteen. They don’t know each other but they are both so aunty that they clicked.

I saw her in her Changkat Changi Primary school uniform & her brown chop-bob hair.
I thought she was an ah lian.

When school finally start, I saw that she was in my class.

When she told me over our random dinner, I started crying (I know I’m such a crybaby!) because I am so happy.
So happy.
It’s a kind of happiness that I didn’t think I’ll ever experience.
The kind of happiness that you feel from the most bottom of your heart.
Maybe the same kind of happiness when you see your daughter all grown up or something, I don’t know.

But I really felt so happy.

Even now as I’m typing this, elations are pouring out from my eyes.

Everybody said my reaction was so over the top but I didn’t think so. And even if it was, I couldn’t control it because it came from my heart.

We’ve been together, closely knitted, but also widely apart for 10 years.

She’s the kind of best friend that you’d hear people say as “Even if we don’t meet everyday, don’t talk everyday, but when we meet up, it feels like home.”

Our lives are separating, splitting, taking different paths, but I know everything is still right at where they were.

It’s true they say in life, you’ll only need a few true friends. The rest can come & go.

I grateful to say that I think at 24, I’ve found 2. And they are more than enough for me already.

Oh god I’m so emotional I need to stop crying everytime I think of it.




No it wasn’t Ladies’ night for me yesterday.
But felt a huge hangover this morning.
I’m thinking it’s more due to my mattress and I ought to invest in a good spring mattress that doesn’t allow me to wake up to aches every morning.

Oh I blame my oversleepings to the mattress too.

No quality sleep = No sleep = Not enough sleep = Oversleep


Okay Thursday! Work work work!

Oh visit dear Yuli yesterday at Glen E & oh my baby is too cute!
But poor baby went for circumcision yesterday! Poor thing must have felt really horrible & painful :(

Baby baby baby ooooh….

Just receive the news this afternoon that my dear friend Yuli has given birth to a healthy baby boy!!!


Oh my God!!
Praise god! Praise heaven! Praise the angels!!
(whahaha pun intended actually.)

Such a cutie pie & I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow!!!!
I don’t think they have decided a name for him yet.

Oh boy!

He’s gonna be sooo cute I tell you because he’s a mix of Russia & Japanese blood.

Fml I want a mix blood baby too!

So happy for the family!

Aku cha-kap Malayu

Don’t understand title never mind.
I understand can already.

As I was saying, was complaining to my current-shrewd-wife-best-buds Adrian about how disgusting the male-lead is (muthafucking ask the wife to sign divorce papers when she was hospitalized after a car accident! Bastard max!), was typing his name “Ruifan” when my iPhone auto-corrected to “Ridwan” which was an epic LOL moment.

It’s as if like I’m so in the Malay mode (everybody knows I’m gonna marry a Malay someday) that my iPhone is auto set to the malayu mode & typing of any chinese names is not allowed by the phone itself.

Okay let’s welcome Wednesday.

Was telling Adrian that I’m not gonna watch The Shrewd Wife tomorrow as its gonna get me so mad (I got so mad that I rage-dialed Adrian [“did you see that!! Did you see him asking her to sign the papers!!!”] when I merely saw the preview for tomorrow, imagine watching the scene itself.) and was telling him I’m gonna watch “Hangover” instead on Ch 5.

But he convinced me that I should watch because after this episode it’s gonna be uphill & the wife’s gonna plan her revenge (WHAHAHAHAHA!) so I should watch as its the climax.

So I’m very troubled because Hangover starts at 10PM too.

And then suddenly realise….


Omg I’m turning into Bridget Jones.

Omg I’m gonna be eaten by my cats when I die.

But yet still thinking about said sad problem!!

Okay gonna switch in between the 2 channels.
CASE CLOSED. *insert satisfied grin*

My next big problem is gonna be what color socks to wear tomorrow night.







Yes I spam.
But only good quality photos.

Thank you very much!

Please let me dream of him tonight.

Okay if wish is actually grantable then I’d rather it be please let me marry him. Tyvm!

Sense the sarcasm

You know how some people will take a picture of their face, trying to show their pretty face but caption it something else instead to show that they are not actually being vain & narcissistic?

Ya I hate that kind of people.


Love the polka-dots!



Saw this in and was totally freak out by it!

10 Nasty Habits That Can Turn Someone Off On The First Date!

1. Licking Your Fingers
I don’t care if you’re eating chicken wings in a barn, loudly licking your fingers (and then reaching that same hand back into a communal bowl!) is Life is not a Carl’s Junior commercial!

2. Cellphone Dependency
Not being able to put your cellphone down for more than 5 minutes at a time is a huge turn-off, especially when you’re supposed to be getting to know someone.

3. Burping
If it’s a genuine, uncontrollable bodily function, then just say “excuse me.” But if it’s at all forced or prolonged, save it for a few months in?

4. Picking Your Teeth
If you wouldn’t do it in front of the President, don’t do it in front of your date.

5. Cracking Your Fingers/Neck/etc.
You’re either not the type of person who is driven insane by the sound of knuckle cracking, or you are. Assume that your date is.

6. Asking a Question, and Not Listening to the Answer
“So, where’d you go to college?”, followed by burying their face in the menu, checking their cell, or wildly looking around the room for the waitress.

7. Tipping Poorly
If you’re paying for some or all of the bill, you can bet the other person will notice how much tip you leave. Coming off as cheap or ungenerous is not attractive.

8.Cleaning Your Nails
Once I was at an (admittedly casual) restaurant with a guy, and he took a toothpick and started cleaning his nails. I died a thousand deaths, and am now writing this post as a ghost to warn future daters against doing the same.

9. Grabbing Food Without Asking
Look, you can probably have a fry. Just ask first.

10. Saying It and Spraying It
Maybe spit is hard to control, but, like….try.

Freaking out because I’m guilty of 3 out of the 10!!

Well mainly, you should be able to guess, judging from my dirty character & my disgusting personality…
You should be able to guess which few.


Can’t help it!
When I need to burp, I need to burp!
When my fingers are dirtied by the delicious food, I need to lick them!

Too strict. Too strict already.

But truth is, I’ll be turn off too la if my date does the same ;)

Well, things that seriously turn me off (meaning no more second date) will be…

Cellphone dependency
Asking a question & not listening to the answer
Tipping poorly
Cleaning your nails

Seriously if his iPhone is so much more interesting than me, then go friggin’ date your iPhone please.

And cleaning your nail!? God how dirty are they? And you’re gonna touch me with those “cleanly cleaned nails”? Eww.

Okay I’m not really generous when it comes to tipping but I’d like to knw that the guy in dating is not stingy.
Doesn’t matter if I am stingy or not!

And also, from my own experience, being rude to the service staff.

Wrong choice dude.
You mean you think you’re higher class than the waiters & waitresses?
You’d better be a president or something.

Okay if the guy can’t take my burping & picking teeth & finger licking, he can forget about it too because I am very gaseous.


Sweet affair

I do have a sweet affair tomorrow morning.
Need to wake up damn early & travel to the other side of the red dot.
Not my kind of morning but okay, I’ll suck it up & just do it.

Let me be different.

I know they say you don’t need anyone or anything to change you or define who you are.
But maybe I do need this.

So please let it happen & let me be changed & defined.

Wish me luck ❤

(no I’m not going on a date)

Beach please.

I was in Vivocity today after work for a little window shopping & I got the urge to just buy a bikini off the rack, change into some tee & shorts, buy some cheap ass slippers, and just run off to Sentosa.


God I must be very stressed.

Ogling over those sexy fun bikinis on the racks just make me really wanna hit the beach!

Picture this:

Sitting on the sand, feeling the heat on every inch of your body, having sand in your hair, just lying there & sipping your cocktail, WOOHOO! Bloody hell. I want that.

I want to be able to go under the sun & not be cursing & swearing & worried that I haven’t slap enough sun-block!

That’s what i do everyday!
This whitening thing has totally taken me over & I’m all for the fair skin now.

I feel like I’ve got some disease that I can’t go under the sun.
But it’s just in fact, my fatal vainness.

I miss the sun the sea the sand!


I gotta think of something man.
I’m gonna hit that beach by hook or by crook.


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