I have become used to living by myself. And you would think that this is everything that I’ve wanted.

Do you know what’s laundry day?
It’s when you wash all your delicate underwear and having your new hot pink undies running color and getting your pure white undies pink.

And then sleeping alone every night on the huge bed and stacking pillows around you in case of zombie attacks.

Thank god for room service.


I have come to accept the fact that I’m gaining weight at an incredible speed due to all the free food that I’m being provided with by my very nice company.

I will accept this fact, and will not be in denial anymore.

This shall go on until November where I’ll be in full force diet.



LOL. This made me laugh.
Don’t we all just love Ramsey.

Happy Monday peeps.

Your Monday is so blue that it puts the blue cheese to shame.



Okay. That’s not even close. But my best attempt at 1am. Sorry Ramsey.






Baby please don’t run away. From my bed and start another day, stay instead. I feel the sun creeping up like tick tock, I’m trying to keep you in my head but if not. We’ll just keep running from tomorrow with our lips locked. You got me begging, baby please don’t go.




Welcome to my home for the next two weeks.
I’m not feeling very satisfied with the non-carpeted floor :/
I’m not pampered I just don’t like stepping on dirty and cold floor. I’m really not pampered.

I’ve been eating so much and I’m gonna eat much more now that everything is free!

Feeling rather stressed knowing that it’s gonna be an intensive two weeks packed with test every morning and a minimum of 90 passing mark.


Okay I’m all packed up and ready to go now. Just waiting for the car that’s taking me to the airport.

I cannot emphasize enough on how much I hate flying and how much I hate traveling. Ok maybe hate is too heavy for it but I do dislike it to a great extend.

I feel like I’m packed for like a 2 months trip. My luggage is definitely too full. I’m really kiasu when it comes to traveling.

I guess I’ll be blogging a lot for the next 2 weeks as I do rant more when I’m alone.

Next two months will be like a test for me to train up my independence again. The kind of intense independence that I used to have, before I got hooked to something else.

Sooo. Everything’s cool.
Take care peeps and see you in the sawadeecup world.


I just can’t stand adults having unrealistic dreams. This is not your lala land. And sad to say, in this world, only that handful get to have their elaborated dreams come true.

I’m not a pessimist. I’m a realist.
I am just a child forced into adulthood.
Just a human exposed to the cruel reality at a very young age.


I’ve became so fat that I’ve lost all interest in taking photos and that’s how my Instagram became a dead space.

Dead fat space smelling of my burps.

But fat cheeks filled with genuine bliss.
That’s right fatty suckas. I don’t care!


This weekend has been exhilarating!
Jam packed since Friday. I didn’t even have anytime to pause or even curl my hair. Can you believe it!

I’m so glad all the congresses are over already. But I’m glad this weekend happened. It’s busy, but fulfilling.

Unfortunately, my health isn’t agreeing to this lifestyle as much as I would like her to.
Down with serious almost chronic throat infection. It’s been 3 weeks & just not getting any better.
I might have to go to the doc tomorrow.

And of course the lack of slp break out.
And the overall unhealthy indicator – constipation.

Ughhhh. Don’t do this to me body. Don’t!


There has been so many new things happening in my life recently that I feel that I should have my own “New Girl” series.

I’m still getting used to the various new roles that I’ve recently been fitted into. Some are tough, some are rather pleasing.

But honestly, it has been a little too overwhelming that I feel like I’m literally splitting myself into tiny pieces, messed up, then trying to put everything back into one piece.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of “I can’t handle it anymore” vibe but of course I know better than to give up any role at this point of time. I can’t quit, I’m too ego to be able to want to quit. That’s kinda like a good thing right?



Okay this made me laugh.


I threw my hands in the air, I said show me something. He said, if you dare come a little closer. Round and around and around and around we go. Now tell me now you know.



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