The wind-up bird & the talking cat.

I may just get the wind-up bird.
My favorite character among all of Murakami’s books.

Because it always forget to my spring.






“‘For a while’ is a phrase whose length can’t be measured. At least by the person who’s waiting.”

South of the Border




“I’ll never get the key. I fall back against the seat, cover my face with my hands. I’m crying. All I can do is cry. The tears keep pouring out. Locked inside this little box, I can’t go anywhere. It’s the middle of the night. The men keep rocking the car back and forth. They’re going to turn it over.”

Sleep, Haruki Murakami

Click on passage for full story.
One of my favorite short stories by him.
I’ve been trying to dig out all his short stories online. I wished they were never ending.


ON SEEING THE 100% PERFECT GIRL ONE BEAUTIFUL APRIL MORNING – by Haruki Murakami One beautiful April…

Made my otherwise dull Wednesday.


Kafka On The Shore.

One of my favorite.

The talking cats & the raining sardines.
You need to read it to believe it.


But what seems like a reasonable distance to one person might feel too far for somebody else ― Haruki Murakami

City with 2 moons

Skyline of 1Q84.
I’m so missing this I might start all over again.

Air Chrysalis

The Little People & the Air Chrysalis.

I wanna read that actual book.
I hate it when authors write about a book within a book itself.

Like Shadow of the Wind, I was dying to read it, the book written by the fictional author Julian Carax. But of course, it’s fictional.

Now I’m dying to read Air Chrysalis itself. I know the storyline, but reading it would be different wouldn’t it.

And the image of the Little People weaving, gives me the creeps.


Life, as pictured by the weird man.
Umm. Have to agree. The pain of loss.

Little peeps

Totally got the urge to ask someone who has finished the book who are the Little People and what they want!
And where is Fukada & his wife??

I’m impatient like that. I’m always impatient. Patience is something that I forced into my character in recent years because I realise it is becoming important to survive.

Anyway, I have a strong feeling I’ll dream about the Little People tonight. Coming out from my mouth. It won’t be a nightmare but it’ll be a weird dream.

Hello Monday.
I wanna take the whole week off to cramp in bed & finish off the book. Is that too much to ask for?

I was in bed the entire weekend with it. I even skip a party for it (due to unforeseen over drinking on Friday night mainly).
My dad thought I was depressed again & forced my mom to come in for a pep talk & cooked dinner because I wasn’t eating since Saturday.

He is my godddddd.
This is why I waited till now to start this book because I know I’ll be completely sucked into it.

Hear, silence


Hangover much

Book hangover.

Seriously.. Why. Why didn’t he jump into the river..? Why did he let his shadow down..? Why did he want to live in his world. Why didn’t he return to the real world. Why does she exist in his consciousness? How can he choose to go to back without his shadow.

The truth is, I always want a happy ending but Haruki Murakami always always will not let his books end in the expected way :(

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