Such wise words, really compelling.
Yes indeed, trust your own wings.
Yes believe in the branch, but you must know that it doesn’t matter if it breaks or not, your wings will never let you fall.


There’s no logic to fairness.
Let’s just say, it’s like the diamond in the vast sky, if you’re lucky, you might find one, but most of the time, it doesn’t exist.

It’s never easy, but as you grow into adulthood, you stop questioning why. Because you know that not everything can be explained and not everything is reasonable.

If you really wanna give, then give without expecting anything back.
If you really expect something back, then do not give.

Fairness, is like karma, maybe it exist, maybe it doesn’t.


Words to live by.

Today, I set 6 roach bait in my car, that I think my future self will be very thankful for (fingers crossed).

And I also did some online shopping which I believe the future me (7 days later) will be very thankful for, but yet the further future me (month end) will not be too grateful about it.

Happy Friday night peeps.

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