Don’t know why but this song’s been stuck in my head since yesterday morning. Heard it over the radio and there, stuck.

Did not know that singer is actually Mike Posner, what a pleasant surprise :)


Staring at the bottom of your glass
Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last
But dreams come slow and they go so fast
You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you’ll understand why
Everything you touch surely dies



I’m so god damn disappointed and disgusted. This movie made Wolverine into such a weak and emotional guy!

Like what the shit? Met a japanese girl, and fell in love with her within what, 3 days? And because of that suddenly discover the will to live? Seriously Wolverine? Puppy-love much!

What the shit. I literally felt like walking out because I just can’t watch another minute of it. It just gets worst.

Opening up his own chest, digging into his own heart to retrieve the tiny creature that was infecting his body? Wow. Just wow.

The only thing that kept me going was his body and the fact that Hugh Jackman will always be Hugh Jackman.
But this movie indeed made me think twice about Wolverine being my number one favorite super hero.

If that chart was based on this movie, Wolverine could have easily made it to like the 10th position, even after Hawk Eye.

But I still love you Hugh Jackman.


I am in love.
Only Jay Chou can make a hokkien song sound so cool and nice.


Omg fml. I shouldn’t have started it, and I’m addicted.
I’ve been so stuck in Jay Chou’s past that I refuse to explore his new songs, and now, I’m totally addicted to his new songs.
He’s so talented!!


I was switching the radio stations in my car just yesterday and chanced upon this oh my, sweet endearing song that I haven’t heard of in a longggg time.

I missed it. And now I’m desperately trying to find this Fantasy album but guess what, it’s like sold out in a lot of CD shops.

How am I supposed to not do it illegally? Well except for the fact that I do not know how to burn a CD. Fineeeeeee.

I am always saying this, but chinese songs really do have a powerful emotional influence over you. They really do!

After listening to this song I just wanna immediately fall in love with the driver next to my car at the next traffic light.

But then after that a sad chinese song came on and it made me feel like whyyyy didddd I breakkk uppp withhhh myyyy bffffff, who is non-existent.

Seriously chinese songs are such emo shit, think twice before listening to them. I don’t understand how can people stand listening to them everyday, they must be living in dramatic, emotional roller-coaster everyday.


I was gonna watch Music & Lyrics after really missing Hugh Grant in his British accent, but couldn’t find it off Funshion.

So took a shot at this – Celeste & Jesse Forever.

Awesome movie. It is the kind that really sucks you into it. Quite an emotional movie, and Rashida Jones was really really hot, and real.

Know what I mean?
Like, Megan Fox is hot, but not the down to earth kinda hot. But Rashida Jones is.

Anyway, it’s great movie and everyone should catch it during one of the night.
Not a blockbuster obviously. Maybe if you’re looking for something light, like a weekday movie.

But be warned that you might get a little emotional after watching it. No doubts.

Jay Gatsby

I caught this movie last week, and man, it was a grave mistake.
It was the kind of movie that will stay in your mind for a long long time, reenacting the scenes over and over again, reminding you of the heartwrenching plot of the movie.

Thank god I’ve never had the chance to read the book itself.
Now that I’ve seen the movie, I don’t think I should read it. I could just imagine the book is gonna be ten times more sad than the movie.

Especially when the Jay is none other than my great great Leonardo.

And seriously, I think Tobey Macguire deserves a compliment for his role in the movie.
I didn’t even know that he was in the movie! (And Isla Fisher too. Bad bad marketing. Tsk tsk tsk. Or bad bad Leo for stealing all the limelight.)

He was so good in it I’ve never seen him in such intensity before. Even more than Spiderman, which I believe did not require much acting on his part, since being a superhero is more celebrated than the acting itself.

I love it. It has got so many layers, you’ll get lost in it. I wish it didn’t have to end.

And may I just comment on how perfect this song fits the movie. The mood and Lana Del Ray’s dyingggg singing.
Frankly speaking I used to dislike this song, it’s just too “sleepy”, but after the movie, oh man, all it does was remind me about the entire movie.


You’re gonna miss me by my hair, you’re gonna miss me everywhere, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.


I’ve never liked Paramore, always felt that they were too emo. All their songs have got too much hatred too much of negativities.

But damn, this one I like. Sweet.


Stuck with her voice in my head.
Mainly because I just bought her CD (Growth! Maturity! Alicia Keys! Although I also bought Ke$ha’s at the same time…….)
but also because she’s so awesomeeee.


In awe.
Such a holy cover.

I think it’s even better than the original version.


Is it okay that I always wanna be a Geisha after watching Memoirs of a Geisha?

It’s like, SO COOL.

They’re like the upper class of prostitute, but they don’t sell their body, but they sell their art.
They’re like entertainers, but the artistic, beautiful kind.

It’s totallyyyyyy ME.

I can totally be an awesome outstanding Geisha.


Guess who is coming for F1 2013?
Fuck yea, it’s The Killers.

Swear to god I’m not gonna miss F1 this time round.


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