Hot & Cold

Let’s be honest, I’m a very opinionated person & there are a lot a lot of things that I’m strongly against, or that I strongly support.

And yes I do judge people according to their decision (especially those who support what I’m against. Teeheehee) & yes when I judge, I’m being judged too!

1) Opting for C-section!

I’m sorry! But I seriously feel that we should a deliver our babies the way that it’s intended to be! THROUGH THE VAGINAL!

Of course unless doing such way will post harm to mommy & baby. Or it’s a Emergency C-section.

C’mon we’re all women! That’s how our parents gave birth to us & that’s how we should do it too ;)

I seriously hope that I will never change my opinion about this. Heehee.

2) Trimming of Eyebrows

Yes I’m so bimbo.
But I think trimming of eyebrows are a form of basic manners.

Just like how my mom feels that putting on lipstick is a form of basic manners.
Mine is trimming of eyebrows.

I cannot cannot stand it.

3) PAP

Okay I’m very honest here I support PAP & I’m not “KIASI” or whatever.
I just seriously respect Mr Lee KY & appreciate what he did for Singapore, the very land that we are living in now.

I am seriously thankful that I’m born in Singapore.

That’s all I can think of today!
Check out again nxt time!

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