Should always be breezy Friday.


Freaking TGIF!!!
Freaking long weekend for me!
Woots! Can’t wait :)

Have not finish my shopping yet & was forbid to go town for last minute bikini-shopping :(

Alright, sobs. Gonna look ugly in old bikinis. Sobs.

So excited about driving lesson!
I proudly believe that I’m gonna be an awesome driver please.

Need to sleep as lesson is in the morning though its already 2.30am now. And still scrambling with @tootookueh :)

Oh yes my ASOS’s package’s here!!!
Freaking great start to my weekend or what!
Gonna collect it tomorrow. Apparently bulky item.

Bless my weekend please.


TGIF, but sleepy shit despite 8 hours of sleep.

Finally wash my hair & took 2 hrs to fix it.


Looking prettay goooood ehhhhh.

Heading to KKH now.
Seeing all the babies just makes me go Awwwww.. Can’t wait to have one. My uterus speaks to me every single time I see a cute ass baby.


Have you heard?

It’s freaking Friday.
Like finally.

Few places to run today & may even have to work tomorrow to deliver some consignment.

But! All will be fine! Because it’s Friday.

FYI, I’m hating my straight hair already.
It’s been what, 8 months with this straight hairstyle now & I’m sick of it already.


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