I’m not even gonna put whatever shitty “Warning! Disturbing images” because they are human for goodness’ sake. They are human and they’ve been abused, they’ve been attacked, they’ve suffered enough.
They don’t need a warning label to hurt them even more.

How can this be happening?
This world needs to come to an end soon.


There’re so many ugly truths in the world.
Such as,

• Guys saying that they don’t go for looks or body but just want a good wife material.
I didn’t know wife material meant Barbie-alike in their dictionary.

• It is very hard to find people who are genuinely & sincerely happy for your achievements.
It’s near impossible, I believe.
Human always always have this green corner of jealousy.
I’ll admit I have one. But I’m genuinely happy for my friends & family, which I think is more than enough.

Such as, I’m genuinely & sincerely happy for both of my BFF & my sister getting a house with their boyfriends, and they engagement (& engagement-to-do).

I swear by God that I do not even harbor a tiny little percentage of jealousy.
I thought I would, too! But not at all.

So when I achieve something, I really hope people would feel genuinely happy for me too. And not harbor any kind of jealousy.
It’s just heartbreaking.


• Money is very personal.
Money & family/friends/husband will never ever mix well.
Try proving me wrong, seriously.

• Boot-lickers always win.
ALWAYS. Number one rule.

Well it’s the same as letting the doctors squeeze your boobies for a 100% sales achievement.
It’s about integrity. Is either you have it, or you don’t.

If you don’t have any integrity, congratulations, you’re on the way to easy success.

If you have integrity, good for you, please work harder.

• Beauty is not only skin deep.
Maybe it’s the industry that I’m in.
Maybe it’s the entire society.
But it’s not.

Pretty girls, handsome guys, will always have an easier way.

• You can never find true love.
It is, as a matter of fact, right person at the right time.

• Destination of love is not marriage, marriage is a short term goal.

Long term goal, is death.

It is true, that’s where “till death do us apart” comes from, duh.

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