Off balancing

It’s Tuesday, and a gloomy one.
It sky looks like it’s gonna rain any time but yet, it is not.
I’m still in bed, still tore from yesterday’s work. I’ve been prone to give myself more stress than what it really is.
Just can’t wait for this weekend. Nothing special is happening but I’ve been working 7 days straight. And that’s when I really realize the importance of weekend!

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of a kindle.
I used to hate the idea of it – electronic book. It’s so unreal & insincere. If you wanna read a book you go to the library & you get one & you flip it open & you inhale the smell of the pages.
You don’t turn one some electronic shit.

Butttt. Oh well. Look at my schedule now. It’s almost impossible to fork out the time to go to the library.

And look at my bag now. It can’t contain a book anymore. It’s just different. And I really wanna continue reading because it really centers my life. Yes now I’m a little off balance.

Sooo, yes a kindle. Sounds like a good idea. Sorry I judged you too quick.

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