Your gold

You know, everybody just wanna get a piece of the much desired life of the rich & famous.

Is money & fame all that worth it?
Is being normal & leading a normal down to earth life that undesirable? Or even embarrassing?

I always believe the god gives, & the god takes.
While he is giving you with the golds, he is taking something equivalent to the value of gold from you.
You may not see it but one day, you’ll realise it.

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  1. You’re right about God; he’s the tax collector. Strange, you just crossed my mind – another night of insomnia blues with a recurring nightmare that refused to end until I told a jackass bully he’s a comedian and booked him a performance at a comedy club. He was still an an asshole but a funny one. Then the monsters returned, I woke up (just now) and went to the bakery. Have a nice day.

    • Haha oh my what an epic nightmare you’ve got there! Now is my turn for insomniac nightmares. If I see your jackass comedian, I’ll be sure to kick his ass on your behalf! Enjoy your bread!


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