It’s 4 o’clock in the morning.
And I just can’t sleep.
It can’t be the jet-lag because Genting & Singapore doesn’t have any time difference the last time I check.

It could just be me then.
Or perhaps the guilt of the lack of blogging that’s been eating my sleep subconsciously :/

But I have nothing new on the menu, except that I got busier because business has been BAD.
It always seems like you’re only busy when business is good.
But when business is good, it’s the good kinda busy. Like running around with aims & purposes.

But when business is bad, it’s the bad kinda busy. Like running around headlessly searching for something that you’re missing but you can’t find it because you have no idea what’s missing.

Anyway, although I’ve been busy, I took time out last weekend for a short trip to Genting, where the booze & the money is at.

It’s like the Las Vegas of Asia, no?
Well not exactly big fancy casinos. Big yes, fancy no.

But we partied continuously for the two nights that we were there & the next thing you know you’re down with severe sore throat & flu. That’s what aging is all about huh. It never fails to pop up unnecessary to remind you.

But I do realise the charm of gambling. I never did. But now I do, after witnessing the amount of money doubling within seconds. The all or nothing adrenaline rush. Just wow. And most of the times people are so optimistic. There’s almost no pessimistic individual around in the casino.
Everybody’s so sure that there’re gonna win, and even if they don’t, they will “the next round”. It’s just so interesting.

I’m never the type to believe in overnight millionaires. That’s why I’ve never bought the lottery or what have you. I’ve never believe my luck and also, I have this super pessimistic logic that if the god give you something, he will take something away from you and at the moment, I’m loving everything & everybody in my life (I’ve taken the initiative to remove all those that I don’t love from my life, I hope god don’t mind that) so I’m not looking for something to be taken away from me.

Anyhow, I had fun this weekend. More than I thought I would!
So now I’m nursing the aftermath.
And I’m working this weekend! See what I mean by I’m lifelessly busy?

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  1. Insomnia! Welcome to my world.

    • Haha oh nooo I hate that..! But actually I ended up being energetic whole day despite the miserable insomnia!


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