Ben, Jesse, Andy & Justin

I’m now watching The Golden Globe on Fox and it really made me turn into silly fan gal again.

And it made me realize how my taste has changed.

These are the guys that I’ve fallen in love with in 2013:

Ben Affleck!
He is my current number one okay.
And it’s not because of anything else but this super underrated RUNNER RUNNER (starring Justin T & Ben Affleck). He’s just so damn suave in that movie! Being the bad big boss behind all the evil plans.

I’m totally in love with him, and definitely no issue of him as BATMAN.
Christian is out.


Jesse Eisenberg AND/OR Andy Samberg

Hahaha I know this is hilarious but I kinda mixed them up. They look so alike!
I fell in love with Andy Samberg in Celeste & Jesse Forever – also another super underrated movie about this couple which really left a deep mark in my heart. And I totally fall for him in that.

And then here comes Jesse Eisenberg. Both bergs. And both look so much alike. But I’m guess I’m just kinda into their laid-back look and not being like the big shot star.

Andd of course Justin Timberlake

Because of his 20/20. I often forgot that he sings.
And for him, I was on the national radio (for less than one minute).
And to further prove my love, I recently hopped into HMV for his FUTURE. SEX. LOVE SOUND which will keep me company whenever I’m in basement carpark & can’t receive signal from FM.

So yes. These 3/4 men have made it to my list.
The god gives, and the god takes.

Christian Bale (blame American Hustle), Hugh Jackman (blame Wolverine & Les Mis). I have no regrets.

So as you can see, I’m no longer that kinda “mainstream follower” you see. Im liking the black sheep now.

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