HELLO 2014

So, here goes 2013.
Man it was extraordinarily fast. Like super sonic.
I had a hell of fun in 2013. Truly been a great year. I think despite all the horrible zodiac/horoscope prediction, 2013 turned out to be working in my flavor.

Here’s the resolution I made in 2012:

1) I wanna be financially stable

2) Achieve targeted weight of 45-46kgs

3) Pick up a hobby

4) Go for a trip myself

5) Get a tattoo!

6) Have better control of my temper


8) Hit all my sales targets

I did get a tattoo, I did go for many trips by myself (more than enough, I’m so done), I did have better control of my temper (or so I think) but the rest all kinda went down the drain.

I realised that 2013 has been a too “me” kinda year. I was almost locked up with myself.
I loved that, it’s a lot of self discovery & stuff but I think a year of that is more than enough.
So starting this year, I’m gonna be a much more people-person.

1) Start saving up

I would say 26 is a pretty good age to start having a saving. 16 would be better but better late than never.

2) Spend more time with my loved ones

I vowed to have parents day at least twice a month.

3) Be nice to everybody

Hypocrite has become a social norm because it’s less of being fake but more of being respectful to others.

It is also to accept everyone as they are & not have so much personal judgmental input from yours truly.

It’s about respecting others & their choices in life. It’s not about being a bitch.

And also, maturity.

4) Again, sobriety

Need to emphasize the importance of this because being 26 & still puking/flat out is NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Plus, I’ll be drinking a lot for work this year & I need to get a good control of situation in such occasion.

5) Fight for my career

It’s a dog eat dog world out there & only hard work & smart working is gonna pull you through. Start being an adult & get serious. Focus; no more distraction.

6) More active lifestyle & more lipsticks

Weird resolution but I do think I can’t continue this sedentary lifestyle & also, lipstick makes me feel good about myself but like it’s high maintenance, so…

Cheers to a great 2014!
Ultimately, the rule is to sing “Come what may” at your loudest voice & embrace whatever that comes your way.

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