Life is totally a bitch.

Just when you thought you’re gonna look good for the festive season because anti-dog-meat diet is going on pretty well and you might have just lost 2kgs, you get a break out, all over your face, and you realise it’s better to be fat than to have visible flaws.


Again, I’m blaming the country. It has got to be the horrible haze, dirty tap water (so hard for me to accept that only Singapore’s tap water is drinkable), dirty oily food etc.

I could feel the dirt just underneath my skin, really to pop into yet another nasty pimple.

BUT, lucky me, this is the last day that I’ll be here. Catching a 8am flight tomorrow morning at Pudong airport and expected to arrive in Singapore by 3 in the afternoon. (that is only if the haze doesn’t cause any flights delay or *gasp* cancellation!)

I’m soooo done here.
I nearly had to amputate my feet because it was 0 degrees out there.

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  1. oh dear, the sacrifices you make for Singapore! Someone should give you a medal and a pony.

    • Hahaha I totally agree! Everybody should be at the airport ready to applaud me when I land…! Haha

    • Hahaha yes thank you very much.. A medal and make a statue of me to commemorate my sacrifices please!

      • Let’s start small with something like a commemorative coin! Or your favourite bartender can name a drink after you: The Candyslinger; like a Singsling but with 50/50 Gin-Spiced Rum+2cl of Hotshot Schnapps; Absinthe+lemon rimmed glass with fresh mint+cherries.. Sweet to medium dry and trippy . No, I just made it up, just for you.

      • Wow that’s sounds delicious! You knw what, I’m gonna take that recipe down, and I’m gonna order it during new year! Hahah

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