Oh yes!
3 more days till I’m back to sunny island.

And I’m gonna announce, I’m never coming back to china ever again.

Ever since I chance upon the dog meat soup, I’ve been nauseating & rejecting any form of meat. I’ve been unable to eat any form of meat served during my meals, all just because all of the meat just freaking smell like dog meat.

I just can’t accept it.

And I hate the doubts & suspicion I have when I’m served with any food. Even bread, you’ll doubt the realness of flour or butter.

Seriously, I’m gonna be vegetarian soon. This is how nauseating I feel towards dog meat soup.

I just, don’t wanna be back here ever again. 3 weeks is enough.

I’m coming back soon!!!

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  1. You’re too funny, always make me laugh. What did you expect. At least it’s a viable option if you want to lose weight without going on a diet: spend a week or two in China. Be good. Cheers.

    • Haha at least somebody is enjoying my torments! Lol. It’s crazy here, I can never survive! And actually according to them, winter is the best season to eat dog because dog meat can keep you warm. Omg! What kinda theory!!

      • Stop, you’re making me sick. Dog meat for staying warm!!! They need central heating asap. Run Candee, run.

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